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  1. My favorite bluefish recipe: Place wet plank of cedar on grill, place blue on cedar plank, cook 20 minutes, remove bluefish from grill and throw it in the garbage, season cedar plank and eat it. Seriously I have tried everything I can to get Blues to taste edible, haven't been able to stomach them at all.
  2. They make better fertilizer, I usually only keep a few a year, some for the garden and a few for mako bait.
  3. I hope you only park there during the day, Texas Ave in AC is the heroin hot spot, too many derelicts hang around there. The whole town is pretty much full of derelicts - do yourself a favor and drive South on Absecon island another 10 minutes or so...
  4. Looks like you got the squidder and surfmaster spools switched. A few years back I posted that Newel to Penn parts chart - i actually copied it from Sudsys post on another Striper forum that I'm not sure if it's even around anymore, it was Removed from her within an hour...
  5. No bluefish? Im AC(Atlantic county) and have crushed them the last few years. Last year's heaviest went 19.8, year before I broke the 20lb mark twice, they have been so big that I bought a couple heavy action setups - Abu Revo Toro Beast 2 on a heavy action 8'6 rod, my normal striper setups (Abu Ambus) just weren't cutting it. Look for the big bruisers to come thru the next 2 weeks. The bluefish bite was so good we had tackle owners closing shop and actually fishing.
  6. Maybe 80 on the mainland but here on the beach will be lucky to hit 65
  7. Fish caught on spinning reels only count for half a fish... Nice run of blues in the harba today, quite windy so had to cast a Roberts Ranga' Around 6-7lbs, seemed to be following bait, couldn't tell what, this was in NOAC by the way.
  8. Maybe try golf?
  9. Absolutely, I keep a rod with some old line on it, i fish my local jettys religiously, a number of boats have attempted to run over lines in my area - all on purpose - I'll cast 80lb powder pro out there, let the yuppie scum taking Daddy's boat back to the dock - if he is lucky - and let him pull some thread. Act like an asshat that's what you get
  10. Try to get some line wrapped in his props, let him get a siezed engine, that's always fun
  11. It's over. The googans have arrived in full force at the local jetty's, fishing 5 rods when they can't even handle one, crapping on the rocks - they don't even have the decency to crap on someone's lawn chair, they just do it put in the open, disgusting.
  12. There are some real monsters out past the 3 mile marker, that's where the bulk of stripers have been the last few years (last decade?) The bite off land is nothing like it used to be before all the beach replenishments. If your chasing stripers in South Jersey you need a boat to get consistent action. Working the beach is a fruitless labor of love.
  13. I would love to see a moratorium, would welcome it with open arms. Look how successful the last one was.
  14. An 8' rod is perfect for most of your plugging needs, no need to go 10' especially when your trying to toss half oz lures.
  15. Can't believe this is even a topic, if you can't go 3-4 hours without a drink.... The bigger problem is they banned smoking on the beach, now I have to find a way to keep all my vape crap free from the salt water environ.