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  1. This heavy combo is a chunking setup - wait/weight and bait if you will, not made to be a G-Loomis and long cast rig.
  2. If it engages and works fine after the initial 1 1.5 turn of the handle I would leave it as is, those older Ambassadors had that feature built in so the gear won't engage on a hard cast. I have several old Swede made 7001's, 2501's and 2601's and they all do this.
  3. Incredible, south Jersey buoy was reading colder water than the gulf of Maine
  4. The fishing has sucked for a decade and it's getting worse(I live in Longport) between the extra sand and sewage this is typical for AC - clueless politicos whonjave been running AC for too long have no idea how to fix a problem like this.
  5. Tried the Lucas oil, it's ok no better or worse than any other reel lube. Speed lube seems to be the best - same stuff and company that makes Corrosion X, none of my reels got any rust after using for 10+ years
  6. Does he have "Find my iPhone app"?
  7. Seems like your the only one who really cares and is getting upset about his boat caught world record. Not sure why you took it so personal?
  8. They sound like a clueless bunch of idiots, real pros they didn't even think to bring pliers?
  9. Park in a casino garage/lot and walk to the jetty/beach, never leave your car unattended in AC, I have had my car broken into a half dozen times in the 35 years I worked in this shythole, only parked on the street when I was running late. Bring a buddy to watch your back as well.
  10. Dickheads?! They have plenty of stuff you don't want. Didn't think they were still in business...
  11. Not just fishing gear, it's everything. Never realized how much stuff comes from China, I was looking for skateboard wheels for the kid - usually $15 are now being sold on fleabay for $100 or more. Maybe we should start making things in this country again?
  12. I agree with jjd, hand tied rigs are best, cheaper and you decide the style. Every self respecting Kingfisher should have a well stocked tackle box/containers with hooks such as Gami sizes 6-12, leader material - I use 10,15 and 20lb floro and mono. Bait is easy - I have every flavor of Fishbites they make, bloodworm seems to be the best, you'll also need a small sharp scissor to cut the fish bites. Don't forget to forget to bring these to the beach. Tie a simple hi lo rig or fishfinder rig, my favorite is the cut dropper loop rig and the Fish finder rig. When I need to blast the bait out I'll go fishfinder. You can also try a fluke rig while fishing for Kings, Fluke hang in the surf and will hammer a gulp/Fishbite treat.
  13. Would not be going with a 4000 or 5000 reel - you need something more substantial for chunking. Conventional is the best reel type for chunking, no slicing your finger while casting heavy weight with braid. Get a decent convench reel and a meat stick, convench Casting is easier than you think, nothing worsen than seeing a Googan "chunking" with a 5' fresh water rod jammed in the rocks - these guys never catch anything anyway.
  14. Catching bass at nite? I always thought was when they slept?
  15. Hopefully the the charters will open late September, let the fluke grow another year without the pressure