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  1. 1/0 2X are plenty strong, I've found anything beefier is unnecessary. Switching to anything heavier and it has the action of a hotdog
  2. Grab her a used Abu 45/4600 or 55/5600 they come in LH and RH retrieve and a decent 7 or 8' convench rods. A used Abu in good shape can be found for a good price, they are simple to use and maintain and will handle any fish you will run into.
  3. Have you tried a 716 or 714 torpedo handle? I use a 704 handle on my 710 and 712 models and they work great, just have to see if they fit, can be found for less than $10 on fleabay
  4. Some of these toll roads are total BS - iive in Margate, when my family bought the place in the 70's the bridge was 10 cents, it's now $2.25 the state should take over the road, no private Citizen should own a causeway in this country in this day and age. Layoff the toll takers and make the road free, our high taxes should be enough
  5. I think these goobers are watching too much shark week, you don't want to hurt the cute little sharks now. I don't know how they think they are going to enforce a ban. I'm going to continue sharking regardless, I've never seen a game Warden on the beach since I've been fishing it since 1976, if anyone asks I'm fluking, using 200 lb mono with a 6' 300lb leader, we have some tough fluke in these parts... I would never shark while shoobies are on the beach during daylight hours, fewer people around the better
  6. Im in Atlantic County, I've been using Fishbites for years, they are only effective when the water is warm but the last couple weeks it's been ridiculous - the water is so warm the FishBites melt within two casts. You have to constantly rebait, you cast and quickly bounce it back to shore before the stuff melts off the hook.
  7. Kingfish have finally returned, millions of sand crabs in the wash, been using Fishbites sand crab flavor
  8. Bazooka tubes, best rod transport you can buy. It’s a bit bulky and it will cost you to check it on the airline but worth it
  9. SOAC water temp this morning was 58 degrees, no fluke or Kingfish to be found. I’ll have to head up to Maine to find warmer water
  10. Try a 3/0 circle
  11. Was he on that Head boat where the guy in the wheelchair was thrown overboard, sacrificed to the fishing Gods?
  12. The old 7000’s will do just fine. I know guys who deep drop off the English coast for Conger eel using these reels for years and they have held up very well.
  13. Spider crab in garlic and oil washed down with a Gainesburger hamburger.
  14. Why would anyone waste their time reading those bogus tackle shop reports? Have you ever bought bait from one of these shops and have them Not tell you the fishing is great? The only time I would post a report is to lead people away from my hot spots. I hear they are catching 40lber’s off the surf in Holgate, 6oz bucktails are the ticket with a bacon teaser.
  15. Those 19” Stripers are rare as giant squid