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  1. Do you have this model? It's the older Ultracast with onboard bearings...
  2. Any meat stick will do, don't overthink it, your not buying a plugging setup. A Tsunami 11' 4-10oz or check out Ocean Master from Cablas/BPS cheap tough rods.
  3. I have that PMR side mag, I removed it though because you can't use your clicker with it - I found the PMR mags unnecessary though, as I said this reel is pretty tame - not sure why guys are saying this reel can be hard to manage, I find it to be one of the easier reels to cast. The only reason why I don't use it much is because of the right hand retrieve, I much prefer to crank with my left and fight the fish with my dominant right arm, the way a right handed fisherman is supposed to fish...
  4. I have a few of these reels, i use 60lb power pro and I couldn't backlash it if i wanted to, don't be afraid of using hi poundage braid, this really tames the reel down.
  5. Fish that reside south of Delaware do not count.
  6. I use Fireline original 30lb on my 7001's and 6501's, as easy to control as mono.
  7. The Akios are just overpriced Abus, I own several Penn MAG 525's and a bunch of Abus - my Swede made Abu 7001 is my favorite reel, long casts and plenty of drag.
  8. Would never buy a VR, get the real VS or buy another reel altogether.
  9. Thee is no such thing as a US Abu, they are either made in Sweden or China. The Ultracast 6500 has different parts than the Ultra Cast - Abu has an UltraCast model and an Ultra Cast. One model has the bearings on the spindle and they cannot be replaced/removed like the bearings that sit inside the spool.
  10. I use a scuba knife as well, sheath it to my leg, like the blunt tip of scuba knives when I'm skishing or wading the flats, less chance of stabbing yourself.
  11. Tony Maja trolling clip/lanyard
  12. Only stuff I use is Corrision X/Reel X oil and Cals drag/drag star grease.
  13. I wouldn't fish a boat that didn't allow braid, as long as you know what your doing - and offer to dive down and cut it from the prop!
  14. Shrimp gumbo,shrimp cakes, shrimp sandwich... I find Spearing too delicate to fish - they come off too easy on the cast, have had better luck using minnows, they tend to be more hearty overall. To avoid guthooks I find it imperative to use perfect circles, smaller the better.
  15. Invest in a good pair of kayak shoes, I get mine from Teva, been using them for years.