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  1. You can use what hunters are doing - an ozonics closet/tent put your gear in there to eliminate most of the smells but realize over time the ozone might start to break down rubber and other materials. This might not matter to you if you buy waders every few years
  2. This might end up like last year- the fall run didn’t start until winter or after Thanksgiving. Seems to start later every year, i remember when the run started in late August
  3. Cape May used to be the Montauk of South Jersey, that ended when all the jetty’s got buried. Used to fish the area heavy and seen a number of 60lbers caught, the local High Hookers all swore the the next world record would be caught there. These days you need a boat to get to the ridges and underwater highways that all migrating stripers must pass thru
  4. Whatever happened to the guy who caught the BFT on the beach on Seaside Heights about 10 years back? Was it a legal catch, was he allowed to keep it? I’m thinking of putting a fighting chair in the back of my pickup, I’ll kayak a bait way out and wait for the mother of all battles
  5. I learned years ago to use yellow from an old sharpie- my area has a decent sized kingfish area where they breed, have a nursery, etc and this draws in the stripers and Blues so yellow has always seemed to work good around here. Yellow is the official color of the Down Beach High Class Hooker Fishing Club
  6. All the terrorists left after Labor Day, nice and quiet now with a few stragglers taking up parking spots and littering from PA but the large group of “terrorists” are gone for the season
  7. I would go with an Abu Revo Beast - I have over a hundred Ambu’s but they are all in storage now- completely changed over to baitcasters - Revo Toro Beast with 30lb drag is great for Musky as well as any fishin in the salt
  8. A guy came to my local jetty a few weeks back, crowded Jetty and he decides to setup 4 rods to chunk. Whenever he turned his back he seemed to get mystery breakoffs, he couldn’t understand what was happening, after about 4 or 5 times I think he took the hint and went down to one rod and guess what? No more mysterious cut lines!
  9. That’s a Sputnik sinker - I’ve found they don’t work that great, I prefer a coin shape sinker, they tend to do best in moving water
  10. It’s a mental disorder nothing more than that
  11. The Seaside Heights beach in the early 80’s had mountains of them, disgusting
  12. NorthWorst winds are brutal, water dropped almost 5 degrees. Even a blind nut catches a fish once in a while sometimes
  13. I use a St Croix Mojo Surf conventional 10’ paired with a 13’ Fishing Concept Z. It’s a liteweight setup that will cast a mile, it’s sensitive enough to feel a King nibble and strong enough for anything big that wants to hit it.
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