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  1. Hopefully the the charters will open late September, let the fluke grow another year without the pressure
  2. I finally found my ultimate plugging reel - I only use conventional so it took me over 10 years to find it - Abu Toro Beast(2019 30lb drag, 9.5oz) I'm using an 8' St Croix WildRiver rod buy I'll most likely go to an 8'6" model soon. This is the newer Beast that's narrower than the 2017 Beast which is also heavier, I can plug all night long with this setup, the reels were made for Muskie and lures weighing up to 16oz. My heavy chunking setup is a Swede made Abu 7001C5 fully upgraded - ceramic pawl dual levelwind, handle bearing, etc, lighter chunking setup is a MAG 525 with Tournament knobby mag plate from Pimp My Reel . Extra Heavy chunking setup is a US Penn 113 with SS gears and Accu Frame, this is a Lefthand wind reel which I like all my convench to be(still waiting for the MAG525 Lefthand cranker!) The Senator 113 is paired to an Ocean Master 12' rated to throw a brick and bait.
  3. What made you abandon conventional reels? I completely switched to conventional about 10 years ago, couldn't imagine using a spinner these days. It's a hell of a lot easier for me casting heavy weight using my thumb instead of slicing my finger. Why the dislike for convench?
  4. Someone needs to post the pic of the 500 guys on the Barnaget jetty, that was a classic
  5. Don't care what anyone else uses, I own about 200 reels and never once did any of them crap out after one use, that was a Quantum spinner. China and Korea does put out some decent products but I haven't been impressed at all with any of Okuma reels. All of my higher end Abu low profile baitcaaters are Korean and they are excellent.
  6. Their rods are decent but would not buy a reel - too many other good reels out there and no need to buy Korean crap. Bought a Quantum reel once, it broke down after the first day of use, never again.
  7. I always like to go a bit heavier than what is suggested, I don't think 50lb braid is overkill at all, it has the mono equivalent to 12lb diameter, line cap is highly over rated.
  8. Shimano Terez jigging rods, lite weight, sensitive and powerful.
  9. These reels are good for back ups for your backups or for the use of Noob/Goog friends to borrow. I have at least a dozennof both 704 and 706 - you don't need the line cap of the 706, the 704 will do, simply cut the bail off with a Dremel and make it bail less since they all eventually fail. Edit: you want to use Fireline original fused line on these reels, no other braid.
  10. Hoping this plague has a positive effect on the fish populations at least. I wouldn't mind a one year moratorium on all species, catch and release everything for one year.
  11. I live on Absecon Island, I haven't fished for a couple weeks, haven't seen anyone out and didn't want to ask the PD, sure they have other concerns but i think all the beaches will be closed.
  12. You want to fish those Fishbites when the water is warmer, they dissolve and give off scent. Fishbites are my primary bait for Summer Kingsfishing but haven't caught any White Perch in cooler water. Caught a number of Schoolies this am on bloodworms, dead low tide, they seem to be hitting on every tide
  13. I bought a couple of these years ago - one mint and the other needed work - forget about it, was harder than Chinese algebra putting that sucker back together. I'm a Penn guy too and can put any one of them back together blindfolded, with Mitchells, not so much...
  14. We can't keep one or two herring yet they allow these animals to haul them in by the ton? Yeah that makes sense...
  15. Are you selling them on this site?