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  1. Yeah, I know how it feels. I also lived at least 2 hours away from NoMoCo one way. I also understand the locals frustrations of spots being burned and sorry to tell some anglers lack respect, considerations, and etiquettes to fellow anglers.
  2. The payment was sent via PayPal. Thanks SOL.
  3. Respectfully offer $100 for herring, green top and brown/gold/black (left bottom picture) shipped to 19124
  4. Any idea what ate the weights of Sparky and Tattoo?
  5. Size and weight on Danny please.
  6. Fished NoMoCo for Fluke tried the beach side but the wind was too strong (unfishable) so decided to fished the bay side instead and was rewarded with 3 shorts and one 18 inch keeper.
  7. Fish NoMoCo out front tons of small fluke and snapper which destroyed my gulp(I ran out) but was to able grab one 18.5”and 17” Fluke before my last two gulp got destroyed.
  8. Respectfully offers $50 shipped, PayPal ok?
  9. The payment was sent for both G-Loomis IMX 1084-2s and 1085-2s surf rods. Thanks, TimS ad SOL.
  10. Give me a couple of days to think about it. Please feel free to accept any offers from other buyers and for the meantime good luck with your sale. I will just used both rods as a back up.
  11. In case you decided to ship, I am interested in both IMX Surf rods and please do let me know the shipping cost for both rods.
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