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  1. 2nd if buyer backs out. PayPal ready.
  2. Is the Tranx 201HG still available for sale? If it does, I am still interested and my offer still stands.
  3. Respectfully offer $130 for the Tranx 201AHG shipped to 19124?
  4. No problem. Good luck with your sale.
  5. How much just for the reel if you decided to split and ship to 19124?
  6. No problem.
  7. Yeah it’s a long drive just let me know if you’re still interested.
  8. My son is looking to sell his 1999 Honda Accord(139,738 miles and counting, it is his daily car) since his currently in the process of getting a new Tacoma. If you’re interested I can let him know, but it’s in Philadelphia,PA.
  9. I’ll pass on $250.
  10. I can offer $225 and possibly meet up sometime since our schedule doesn’t work for today. When do you plan to travel again in Little Egg Harbor, NJ maybe we can arrange a meet up. I live in Philadelphia, PA rarely travels North Jersey.
  11. I will be in Belmar this afternoon, Will you take $200 pick up today in Belmar Marina.
  12. There’s another layer of protection that FB account offers in case you decided to use different PC, locations or network. It’s always safe to use this protection since it will text you a temporary access code straight to your phone every time you use different pc, network, locations or any device not recognizable by the Apps. Banks, Yahoo mail services, etc uses this features you just need to activate it. Even if you changed your passwords a couple of times if there’s a key logger malware exist in your device it will never be safe. Another layer of protection is also to use of VPN whenever you use an internet to hide your ip address and locations.
  13. Learning new skill is a must and Is part of growing. Learning to use conventional reels will be a great plus as an angler. Every reel has its own applications and it is on case to case basis. The more skills you got, the more flexible you will be, and the easier for you to adapt in changing situations.
  14. I still have all my Baitrunner B series 3500, 4500 and 6500. Built like a tank.
  15. Tuna Black Fish Fluke