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  1. Who made the Blue and Yellow pencils?
  2. I'm heading that way tomorrow, what's the size of the tube, and does the front pouch has bucktail slots(picture of the inside front pouch), please?
  3. Please PM PayPal information. I’ll send the payment as soon as I get your PayPal Information. Thanks!
  4. Looking for Zeebaas ZX-20 or ZX-22 Bailed rotor and small(short) straight handle with knob color don't matter. If you have one collecting dust please post pictures and your asking price PayPal shipped.
  5. It’s already September guys…Please start a new September fishing reports.
  6. Payment sent...
  7. $35 shipped(PayPal), yes.
  8. $35 shipped, PayPal?
  9. Thanks, but it’s heavier than what I need right now.
  10. How heavy is the A40?
  11. I just went there and bought my 8’ ODM genesis rod from them Last July 5. I hope they’re still open.
  12. hahaha no harm in trying please PM or send your Paypal info. Thanks!
  13. any discount for small blemishes?