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  1. Payment sent. Thanks SOL!
  2. Offer $100 via PayPal shipped to PA19124.
  3. DaveC, I understand thanks for your time though!
  4. Respectfully offer $150 cash upon pick up.
  5. I am in Philadelphia, PA.
  6. Where in South Jersey is pick up?
  7. If you decided to split, I’ll take the last three books the guide to surf fishing (In Fisherman) for $15 shipped to 19124 via Pay pal.
  8. If possible, could you please take a picture of the back so we can determine based on the tag the specs, generations, year & model of the MacBook Pro? When you say wiped out, does it mean no OS currently installed(including drivers) or just the user data(like a factory restore) itself that was totally wiped out?
  9. Welcome from Philadelphia, PA.
  10. I am more after on snap on train since there’s a doubt if it will work or not, I think I’ll pass. Thanks for your time though!
  11. Are both trains working properly? If it does respectfully offer $50 shipped to 19124 via Paypal.
  12. Payment sent via Paypal. Thanks SOL!
  13. $25 shipped to 19124 via Paypal?
  14. Nice meeting you Mike. Thanks SOL.
  15. Well at least you’ve got your question answered and it only proved how good you are at servicing reels. Right from the start you already knew what will happen just needed a confirmation or evidence to justify your claims.