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  4. Friday Deven and I are hitting the road for Florida, so pretty soon we will be posting up pic's of Trout, Reds, Tarpon, Kings, etc..... I can't wait to hit the salt. Here is a mess of Trout Dev and I caught Thanksgiving day in Cook's Bayou, we never caught so many big trout in one day before! Each board is 4" on that table. How is the surf action back there, I wish I could make the Death March!!!!! I guess I can wait until next year. I hope you guys/gals actually catch fish at this years fling!!!!!
  5. Awesome Plugsl!!! Dev fished his frog for pike for the last time on Friday, now it will be thrown at big Florida Bass. Here is the only Pike caught all day long. It was about 24" and skinny as a rail, I guess it was holding out for a frog!.
  6. Sold to SeaSalt!
  7. That's a nasty looking mullet joe!
  8. I'm gonna be between Pensacola & Ft Walton, I was stationed in Panama City for 9 years, so I am pretty familiar with the Panhandle. But, any secrets you got I will gladly take! They have been hooking into several Tarpon every day so far off the Pensacola & Okaloosa Island piers, but only landing about 1 out of 10. And, August is the peak month for surf tarpon, I can't wait!!!
  9. I was doing some freshwater research on my area I will be living in Florida and found this... Striped bass will also be available during the cooler days of winter and early spring. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission fishery biologists anticipate good fishing for striped bass this year. A good place to fish for stripers in the winter and early spring is the delta area, downstream from Highway 87 to Blackwater Bay. Dawn and dusk are the prime times for striper fishing. In the lower, tidal section of the river, you should fish around points of land extending into the river. Live mullet or menhaden make good baits. Anglers should also try plugs that resemble shad or mullet, such as Bangolures and Yo-Zuri lures. Live shrimp or twister-tail type jigs are also appropriate baits in this area. Striped bass are available in the Yellow River as a result of long-term stocking efforts by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. I also found some pics of guys with 5 - 15 pounders, I am a happy boy!!! I should be there in about 2 weeks, my first priority after a house is going to be Tarpon in the surf!!! I am hoping to make it back to the West Coast for the 08 season to fish with my West Coast peoples!
  10. I've got a VS-55 that is like new spooled up with 30lb PP I would let go for $110 shipped. I have the box, reel bag, and all papers.
  11. I am heading to Florida and that is going to be my Cobia/King pier reel. I am just going to put it on my old school honey Fenwick, and buy a Taurus for my Rainshadow 1088.
  12. I guess I will just keep it.
  13. I saw so many big Pike it made me sick, the water is gin clear and the steel leaders were spooking the big ones. I might go back tomorrow and terrorize them again. We caught quite a few 20 - 30 inchers, I am still waiting for that 20 plus, I only have a few weeks left, then I'm Florida bound and will be chasing Tarpon in the surf!!!!!!!
  14. I can say from first hand knowledge Sporty's wood swims great!!! I was using a broken back brown trout all weekend lond for Pike, and the swimming action was awesome! I had so many big Pike follow the lure in to the boat, but the steel leader scared them away. The only thing they would hit was a bunny spinner without a wire leader. That plug swam awesome, at one point I was swimming it right below the surface and saw a huge wake right behind the plug. I was thinking that is a pretty big wake for just the plug, and when I got it close to the boat I saw a huge Pike following the plug. I did the figure 8 but he saw me and took off. The water was really clear and the fish were leader shy. The rangers found a 50" dead Pike floating by the shore that they froze to have mounted. I know it is only a matter of time before that brown trout gets a fatty! They have to stock big trout in the lake due to the big Pike eating all the 10 - 12 inchers. That plug swam killer and had more than a few big boys follow it to the boat just to tease me! Soon I will get that 20+ on that brown trout plug!!! Thanks again Sporty!!!