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  1. Great idea, that wax worm would be slowly sinking without the weight which looks natural. I could see a small night crawler wacky rigged working as well. I'll try that choggieman.
  2. Thanks for the reply
  3. I need some tips for locating/catching cold water bluegill, I have been fishing by the dam of my favorite blue gill lake with a sabiki rig tipped with worms without any bites. I have been fishing it still and imparting a little action, I usually catch a lot of big bluegill by the dam suspending a small jig below a float in the summer. I would imagine the fish would be by the dam which is the deepest part of the lake, the lake has a light current since it connects to a river. I'm thinking about trying a slip bobber with a ice fishing jig so I could cover more water. This lake is in NJ so the water is cold.
  4. I hear guys using eels below floats as well
  5. Belmo, sounds interesting, i'll look into that rig.
  6. Thanks again, I'll be fishing at night so i'll bring some eels as well. I'm fishing next to a lighted bridge that attracts bait fish.
  7. Thanks, do you hook them in the mouth or back fin?
  8. Anyone know the best method to do this from shore? I'm guessing a fish finder rig. I do need to cast them a good distance so I don't know how durable they are.
  9. Thanks for sharing. pretty cool to see crabs and bluegill together. That crab was like Bruce Lee, lol, I'll definitely re position my camera towards the bait.
  10. Someone told me that oyster toad fish make that sound. The scratching sound is most likely the crab swinging at the camera. Not many crabs around, only caught two and they were both rock crabs.
  11. Thanks, i'm fairly new to this, I bet if I deploy the trap in the deeper parts of the pier I might get sharks on camera. There were a lot of sea bass around, caught 6 in half an hour, the last one got caught in my crab trap as seen towards the end of the video.
  12. I went crabbing in Ocean City and attached an action camera to my crab trap, got some great footage.
  13. This one didn't have hooks when I found it. i might get single hooks for it.
  14. Thanks, I love finding free lures.
  15. You guys know which lure this is? I know its a rapala but not sure which model. I never fish with jerkbaits, any tips on how to retrieve it for bass?