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  1. This one didn't have hooks when I found it. i might get single hooks for it.
  2. Thanks, I love finding free lures.
  3. You guys know which lure this is? I know its a rapala but not sure which model. I never fish with jerkbaits, any tips on how to retrieve it for bass?
  4. Never looked at it that way, the bass definitely can take advantage of the warmer sunny days to feed up and warm up. I guess another reason bass come to shallower water during sunny days is because it warms up quicker.
  5. The thing with yellow perch and pickerel is that they are known for being active in the cold. In fact pickerel fishing is best in the winter. Bass however are known to have a slow metabolism in the winter.
  6. Thanks, so I guess these fish are kind of like bugs, when you get a warm day in winter they come out of hiding. I was fishing the sunny side of the lake and I read an article that said how bass go in the shallows during sunny days in the winter. The thing I like about fishing is that you always learn something new.
  7. Fished a lake in the pine barrens of New Jersey for 2 hours today and the fishing was unusually awesome. I caught my biggest pickerel ever, easily 7 pounds and 7 bass in the 1-2 pound range. The fish were caught on a slowly retrieved rooster tail and Johnson silver minnow. I call it unusual because I hear folks saying that bass don't bite in the winter but they were actively feeding.
  8. I was fishing a lake/river in New jersey this evening for pickerel and i ended up catching 7 bass in 2 hours. The bass were in the 1-2 pound range and they were hitting a slowly retrieved rooster tail and Johnson silver minnow. I always heard that bass don't actively feed in the cold, I was fishing the sunny side of the lake where there is vegetation and the water was 7 feet max. You guys have any knowledge of bass blitz in February?
  9. Pretty fish, do you fish the jig below a float or just bounce it off the bottom?
  10. Great yellow perch imitation. I'm sure the big pickerel make yellow perch a big part of their diet.
  11. Thanks.
  12. I'm was thinking about doing the same thing. Here is a excellent video I found about this.
  13. Which size kroc do you use? I found a good deal online but not sure which size to get.
  14. Awesome looks about 5 to 6 pounds.
  15. Nice fish, I only use lures with single hooks as well for these fish besides rooster tails, I crush the barbs on the hooks for a quick release. These fish are aggressive but fragile at the same time. I try to wet my hands before handling them or just unhook them in the water.