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  1. Cool, I have a rack with 6 rod holders and big enough for a medium sized cooler so i should be good with the single receiver. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hey guys, I am looking into getting a front receiver hitch for my 1997 F-350 and am wondering what my best option is. I have seen some rigs set up with racks that use twin receivers, what are the advantages? Are they more expensive to put on the truck? Thanks!
  3. my 97' F-350 Powerstroke
  4. Well shoot... i sent him an email but I guess I shouldn't expect much
  5. Is Dave T still restoring old Penns? I got a few I would love to get customized.
  6. Pan fried using pancake mix. Yum!
  7. it is a great all around reel. It is super light and very smooth. I have a smaller 1000 and have caught some decent sized fish on it.
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has tried out the 975 on a jigging rod? I know that the 975 is small and doesn't have much drag but I thought it might match up well on a lighter action jigging rod. I am going to use it for throwing and jigging bucktails. Any other rod suggestions? Thanks!
  9. I agree on the sahara. I picked up a 3000 last month and it is super smooth and very light for its class. I have it matched up on a shimano crucial rod.
  10. For sure, the scenery is half of the fun escpecially when you back back in the creeks away from the houses and docks.
  11. Yeah, they are moving up the creeks ths time of year.
  12. 1994 SeaRay Laguna 24
  13. Went fishing in the creeks around Oriental NC today. Fished all day with my dad and together we caught around 40 trout. Most of them were around 13 to 14 inches but we got four over 18, the largest being 20 inches and fat! We caught most of the fish on Mirrolures lures as the water temps started warming up. It was a great day on the water and will make for a tasty meal.
  14. For sure! There are some big trout in the creeks as well as numbers.