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  1. Is the Salt HD 8wt still available? Greg
  2. Thanks Penn Greg
  3. Thanks Mike! Greg
  4. My biggest question is on the gearing. Are we going to maintain the marine bronze gears and stainless steel pinon? Penn says CNC gears but has not mentioned the material being used. I wonder if they will now be brass like the Slammer III. Greg
  5. Congratulations Penn! On Slammer III winning the Best Salt Water Reel 2016 Greg
  6. Penn Torque II specs up on the Penn web site. Greg
  7. Looks like a winner! The best of the Spinfisher V and the Clash. I am impressed. Greg
  8. Thanks Byron Greg
  9. Hi All, My wife and I will be in Georgia visiting our daughter and grand daughter March 14-20. I have been thinking about surf casting the outer banks on our way back to Maine. Is it productive this time of year? Any suggestions on where to stay and a general area to look for fish in the surf. I am not looking for you to burn a spot. Thanks, Greg
  10. I would definatly do my 4500 myself. Maybe the 6500. Greg
  11. At least we have credible reports of stripers being caught in the Penobscot again. I have not be able to get out on a beach or spot this year. Hip surgery in September. I hope to be back at it next year. Greg
  12. Congratulations Penn for Clash earning the Best Saltwater Reel at ICAST 2015! Greg
  13. Thank you Mike! Greg
  14. Van Raymonds in Brewer. Jim is very knowledgable Greg
  15. I am excited over the new Clash series. I wonder if the new gears will fit in the SSV, that would be awsome. Greg