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  1. SB59 for the win with your profile picture! I just stared at it so long I went cross eyed!!
  2. Headed to Florida on Saturday for a week. The only thing I am concerned about is sun, beach, fishing and cocktails. Not necessarily in that order...
  3. I wasn't always the biggest fan of his but this is just sad. I feel terribly for the guy and his family and am rooting for him to beat this disease.
  4. Don't forget about March 2017, 3 Nor'easters in 2 weeks, sorry to rain on the parade!
  5. So the bluefish regs. just changed after years of over fishing and all I see online is these charter boats with buckets and buckets of haddock. The stock can't be that plentiful, just waiting on those regs. to be changed...
  6. OTW

    That episode was incredibly boring, shut it off after about 15 minutes...
  7. I've only used circle hooks the past 5-6 seasons (mostly Eagle Claw) and while it took a little getting used to setting the hook, 9 times out of 10 the hook is set perfectly in the corner of the bass' mouth. A few dropped fish and a little hole in the side of the mouth is better than gut hooking a fish any day of the week!
  8. My parents stumbled upon Naples in the early 1990's when it was still a small, sparsely populated area and wintered there for many, many years. I cannot get over the construction and population growth since then! Good luck trying to get anywhere on Rt. 41, that being said, it is gorgeous and one of the nicest beaches I've ever seen. Also, I have terrific memories of being there with my father who passed 10 years ago. If I can afford to retire there it is high on my list.
  9. Thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge, it is greatly appreciated!!
  10. The most epic bluefish blitz I have ever encountered was at the old power plant in Salem. After a REALLY slow day fishing for bass we decided to stop by the power plant on the way in and throw a few casts. This was probably ten years ago it went on for over an hour and a half with non-stop action. Didn't matter what we threw at them it was a hit on every cast. We did not even bother keeping any just would release and cast again. What a blast!
  11. If you guys have any pictures of lures that have been successful with you would you mind sharing? I am clueless to fishing this area and want to at least have a shot at catching something with my boys. Thanks!
  12. I should max out at 3 yellow eyed demons sometime around 2023...they just don't show up north of Boston like they used to.
  13. Wow, that is amazing, thanks for sharing! I had never seen that.
  14. Apologies if this topic has already been discussed but I am going to be in Hutchinson Island in March with the family and would love to do some fishing with my boys from the beach. Is there anywhere to rent equipment or should I bring my own? What types of species should I target? Advice on lures? Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  15. Amen, thank you for remembering this important/somber day in our history. #RED (Remember Everyone Deployed)