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  1. My son got his second Moderna on Saturday and my wife got her second Moderna on Sunday. My son felt ok, little headache and tired the next day but my wife did not feel great on Monday. 101 degree fever and a little fluey but it only lasted 24 hours. My other son gets his second tomorrow, progress!! Both sons' colleges are requiring the vaccine to return to campus in the fall so I'm glad we are getting this done!
  2. Lifting the outdoor mask requirement in Mass has been liberating (yes, baby steps). I don't think Gov. Baker is going to be peer pressured by the surrounding states to do something that the science does not support. I am fine with that too. At this point if we have to wait a little longer for things to return to "normal" so be it. 4 out of 5 of my house will be fully vaccinated this week (our 14 year old has to wait a little longer). And I am headed to the Sox game tomorrow night, yahoo, "normalcy"!!
  3. Well done, congrats!!
  4. Spent 9 days in Florida and it was amazing and a tad terrifying at times. It is the wild west down there and that took some getting used to. People are all set with masks even indoors. Went out to dinner every night except two and the restaurants/bars are packed. Happy to report that I have been tested twice since getting back and both came back negative. I am fully vaccinated but realize I can still get COVID so I wanted to be safe. Here's to masks coming off outside in Massachusetts tomorrow and other restrictions starting to lift! Feels like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Tim, I thought the thinking was if you already had it the antibodies should protect you for 90 days (not sure where they came up with that number). So if a doctor/nurse got it in say December/January or earlier don't you think they should still get vaccinated now? Maybe I'm off here...
  6. A couple of things. First and foremost I am praying that the Governor will lift the outdoor mask mandate, it is freaking ridiculous. The other thing is and this is just my observation, people are not getting tested like they did 4-5 months ago. Remember when we all saw the lines and lines of cars of people waiting to get tested, that is nonexistent now. Going to and coming from the airport there is a mass testing site on the way and there were a total of 3 cars there and this was not at random times. Going to was around 9:30am and going home was around 6pm. I'm no genius but if people aren't getting tested then the numbers are going to go down. That being said, I just got tested...
  7. Am I the only one who thinks scott's posts are nonsensical?? Asking for a friend...
  8. I am able to get tested at work regularly so I am going to test today and later in the week. I am fully vaccinated so that gives me some peace of mind but I will be laying low for a few days. The interesting part is that the regs. say that if you are fully vaccinated and are not displaying any symptoms after traveling you are good to go. Not sure I agree with that...
  9. I'm glad I read this AFTER getting back from 10 days in Florida! It will be a miracle if I don't have COVID after being in Florida. It is the wild west down there. If you are wearing a mask you are the exception. It was liberating/terrifying at the same time! Going to get tested this afternoon...
  10. And then there is this...
  11. x2 on a certain pier in Swampscott...
  12. Just to be clear, there were 6 reported cases, thankfully only 1 person passed away.
  13. Very cool, is that a website or an app?