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  1. This is very helpful, I must admit I didn't know the "fine print" in tagging just what I have read in On the Water. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Maybe the fish didn't particularly like having a tag stuck in it's belly...
  3. Well said A1!! Thank you for posting this.
  4. I looked at the Sharktivity website and the last ping off of Cape Cod was October 31st with a lot more pings down off of Delaware/Jersey.
  5. I have no sympathy for the Captain here, that is simply gross. He should lose his charter license.
  6. Awful all around. I found a quote from a friend of the deceased as pretty telling "they are in a better place now"
  7. With Minihane finally gone I can go back to listening to the morning show!! His shtick grew very old very fast. Toucher and Rich is simply awful except for when they are both on vacation!
  8. Just a few classics: Mary Carillo impersonation, "The Cardinal", "I'm Morgan Freeman and I built the Batmobile" and of course "Hey Ordway, you fat bastard!" Good stuff...
  9. Nope, very quiet on all fronts.
  10. Went yesterday afternoon in a couple of favorite North Shore spots, nothing...
  11. I gave up on the show a long time ago, Kirk is unbearable (just ask John Dennis!!). That being said from everything I've heard/read he suffers from some serious mental health problems and for that I am sorry. He contemplated killing himself not too long ago by throwing himself in front of a train. I'm not sure he is gone for good, WEEI keeps advertising the show (even this morning) as the Kirk and Callahan show.
  12. The difference in taste from farm raised shrimp vs. wild is simply amazing. My local fish store always has the wild shrimp, I will never eat farm raised shrimp again...
  13. Do you think this last Noreaster shut the shore fishing off for good or is anyone still having any luck out there?