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  1. It's not me that I worry about when I'm in the fog on the boat it is the nitwits I see running around at 30 knots with no fog horn signals like it is bright and sunny...
  2. I love Toucher and Rich...when they are on vacation. God that show sucks and Zo is just horrible. That being said anything is better than Greg Hill, my ears are bleeding after 3 minutes of listening. The anti-Patriot rhetoric/contrarian opinions with Felger and Mazz is exhausting.
  3. I hope you had a new pair of shorts onboard, yikes...
  4. Nice fish, well done!!
  5. I am sure this has been brought up here before but what if the regulations were changed that it becomes illegal to keep a fish over a certain size (insert your suggestion on size here)? You are allowed to keep one fish between 28" and say 36". Would that help sustain the bass stock by allowing the bigger fish to spawn? I know everyone wants that trophy fish but just tossing it out there...
  6. Blue fish. Swam right into the trap apparently...and it stayed right there as bait!
  7. Riddler, I could not agree more. This was a totally politically motivated move by EEI. Pocahontas, err, sorry, Elizabeth Warren must be thrilled with this...
  8. The show went completely downhill starting when Meterparell and Dennis left. Minihane was brutal, could not listen once he became a mainstay. I enjoyed Callahan's right wing rants and how they pissed off the liberal left, pretty funny. Now there is WAY too much Wiggy on WEEI, he is just awful...
  9. Nice fish and nice release!!
  10. Got out yesterday late afternoon and there are still plenty of pogies around. Macks were a little more difficult to find but did find some bass, 30-35" range. Didn't slay it by any means but still a beautiful day on the water.
  11. Acres of pogies in multiple North Shore areas and big bass underneath them! Every bass was 40+ inches big with the biggest being 48". All released to swim another day.
  12. Nice fish, well done and good job on the C&R!!
  13. A few words of wisdom here, don't EVER mention a specific location, GPS coordinates, zip code, state, or even country in a post or the "spot burners" will blowtorch your face off!! Good luck out there.
  14. Nice fish! I was out fishing one day and having a tremendous day of catching. The wife was out for a jog and did not see a rock on the path she was on and went ass over tea kettle and got pretty badly banged up. She called to let me know and I mistakenly asked "do you need me to come home?" That did not go over well...