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  1. Pretty consistent squid population on the North Shore every summer too.
  2. From On the Water: Striped bass are overfished, the stock is declining, and if regulations aren’t changed, that decline is expected to continue. Those are the preliminary findings from the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment, which was discussed last week at a meeting of the Striped Bass Management Board. (Due to the partial government shutdown, the final assessment was not available for the meeting, however the results are not expected to change with the release of the final assessment.) Following review, the Board discussed the need for management measures to end overfishing and increase female spawning stock biomass. The Board decided to wait to take management action until it can formally review and approve the final assessment. In the interim, they tasked the Striped Bass Technical Committee to provide additional information on the extent of necessary action and to provide an example recreational bag and size limit combination that would achieve management goals. The Technical Committee will report back to the Board in May. Changes to striper regulations would most likely be enacted for the 2020 season. In 2015, managers predicted that stricter striped bass regulations would reverse the decline in the stock. However, it now appears that those regulation changes did not achieve the necessary decrease in striper mortality. In fact, they may have contributed to an increase in catch and release mortality (fish that recreational fishermen release which do not survive). Data provided to the board showed that the number of fish that died after being released by recreational anglers in 2017 exceeded the number they actually kept. Massachusetts is already addressing this issue and will be holding public hearings on regulations to reduce striper mortality, such as requiring circle hooks when bait fishing for striped bass.
  3. Don't get me wrong, very cool footage but I get dizzy easy!! Thank you for not including the retrieve!!
  4. I feel like I just watched the Blair Witch Project!! Someone pass the motion sickness medicine!
  5. I am all for the circle hook requirement as that is all I use with bait. I may drop a fish here or there because of it but so what that fish is swimming for another day. Just my 2 cents...
  6. This is very helpful, I must admit I didn't know the "fine print" in tagging just what I have read in On the Water. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Maybe the fish didn't particularly like having a tag stuck in it's belly...
  8. Well said A1!! Thank you for posting this.
  9. I looked at the Sharktivity website and the last ping off of Cape Cod was October 31st with a lot more pings down off of Delaware/Jersey.
  10. I have no sympathy for the Captain here, that is simply gross. He should lose his charter license.
  11. Awful all around. I found a quote from a friend of the deceased as pretty telling "they are in a better place now"