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  1. Thanks guys! I managed to get the bearing out.
  2. Hi guys! I went to replace the line roller bearing on my Saragosa 10000 but it will not come out. I removed the line roller washer and line roller collar but the bearing would not come out. I tried wiggling it out but with no luck. I am thinking of applying some kind of oil to loosen it up but read controversial opinions online. What wod you suggest for getting the bearing out? Thanks!
  3. Well, expect more company at your secluded spots this summer if commercial fishing is banned at the Canal. Most of those guys (at least the law abiding ones) will spend more time at spots other than the Canal or will be looking for new ones. Also, you are correct that the Internet has played a major role in parking spots getting overcrowded. On top of that, it has also contributed to making fishing much more popular in the recent years and more people getting into it as a hobby. So I absolutely agree with you that things are not going to get better down the road (no pun intended).
  4. Probably good for the fish but then you have a 100 boats waiting for them at the mouth on the east and west ends pounding 15 fish per boat. I hope it also reduces the crowds but I doubt it.
  5. B & A is open. I got 4 lakers this morning all on metal. I like walking and casting.
  6. And I hope you have baby hands so you can reach the bulb after the wheel is off, remove it, and replace it with a new one blindly. Practice with the old one before you try to install the new one. Otherwise, I would recommend removing the whole front bumper for an easy access.
  7. July 4th at 10am is the Buzzards Bay parade. Plan accordingly.
  8. Fished it this morning with metals. I got a rat laker and a salmon. Lost a laker on the way in as well. Also, a fish smashed my kastmaster in my feet but could not connect. I am still learning the Chu but so far I have been avoiding the skunk with metals.
  9. Fished both days, Saturday and Sunday. I was surprised that there was just me, my buddy, and only one other guy at one of the most popular spots for the opener. A few more people showed up later in the morning. I was targeting salmon with no luck and my buddy was after lakers bottom fishing with shiners. He got a couple and missed a few runs. People around got a few lakers also: all on bait and biggest I saw was 24". On Sunday, I fished the same spot still hoping for salmon while another buddy of mine walked around tossing metals for lakers. No salmon again so I know they are not in that area yet. My buddy got a small laker for his efforts but it was still nice for him since it was his first time at the Chu. Once he came back to my spot around noon i decided to make a few casts with a castmaster along him and believe it or not I got a laker in the least likely time of the day. Going to a different section next weekend in my pursuit of salmon.
  10. So 5:19am is an hour before sunrise, correct? I always thought it was 30mins before sunrise when you were allowed to enter.
  11. That's what i am doing tomorrow. I will call the stores from the rewards cards and hopefully one will get hold of the owner. If i don't get a response i plan on dropping them off at the Bourne police station next weekend.
  12. Hi guys! I found a lanyard at the East End of the Canal today that had a car key(i am not going to specify the make) and a key ring with a bunch of keys on it. It also had a bunch of rewards cards on it. If you lost one and can describe it in details let me know and i will get it back to you. I know that at least the car key costs a bunch to get replaced. Cheers, Denis
  13. Tuna jumped at the east end yesterday with a small striper/blue in its mouth. Also, i saw a video of a guy fighting what he said it was a thresher with 50lbs braid on VS200 last night. Not sure where he was but if you were referring to the same hookup it was from shore and he ended up losing the fish.
  14. Juvi bonito. Common this time of the year. Often mixed with macks.