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  1. I believe I have an old Garmin unit and transducer that you can have. It's no frills and may need a splice, but it worked when I pulled it off my boat. Toss me a PM if you're interested
  2. Not a successful trip on the boat unless I pick up at least one (often many more) bits of floating debris: Mylar balloons are especially prevalent.
  3. Maybe I'm off base, but wouldn't managing for abundance rather than max harvest do more to improve fishing for for the guys on shore ? Also regarding Scup regulations, I thought there was talk of upping the dailly limit to 50 fish... It's currently 30 for recs, and between 30 and 45 per day if you are on a for hire vessel. Really doesn't seem that restrictive to me.
  4. Hi Dan, I'd like to order: BB skinny: 2 - 1.5 oz, chrome, 1 white dressed, 1 plain hook 2 - 1 oz, chrome, 1 white dressed, 1 plain hook 2 - 3/4 oz, chrome, both plain hook BB fatties: 1 - 1 oz, chrome, white dressed 1 - 3/4 chrome, white dressed 1 - 1 oz, yellow back, dressed As an aside, any chance of doing gold finish instead of chrome ? Having trouble finding decent 1 oz gold diamond jigs, and I believe your skinny BB's would work as replacements. Thanks
  5. Email sent as well, and thanks again for the heads up.
  6. Thanks for the heads up
  7. Too funny, I was thinking of this very meme while reading this earlier.. Though in the case of fisheries management there would also be several guys in the burning house debating the right way to measure the flames, a few outside arguing about the cause of the fire, and one moron down the street saying that the fire was fake news since his house was fine. I'll be wetting a line next week for flounder, and thinking about all the good times I had fishing for them as a kid in the western sound. They are a good reminder that moratoriums and strict limits/seasons don't always result in a return to abundance.
  8. Charles, thanks for being a voice for us at those meetings.
  9. 1 fish @ 36 Rod and reel only Com/Rec No fishing for spawning fish, including C&R. Manage for abundance not max harvest Protect spawning habitat
  10. Look into a product called the "Yandina Trollbridge" . Allows you to charge with 12v in parallel then switches to series (24v) when the trolling motor needs power . I've been using one of their "combiners" for a few seasons..good product
  11. Besides the hook and line rec pressure, they are also (at least in Western Long Island Sound) aggressively targeted by commercial fish trap guys for the live market.
  12. closing this up for now
  13. Hey Beachbuster thanks for the interest. I am in the Bronx ( City Island) daily, not really interested in heading over the bridges and down the Turnpike at this time. That being said, I'll be boat shopping this spring so there's a fair chance I'll be down that way.
  14. 1 last weekend bump, before this goes elsewhere. Would consider trade on small higher end left handed star drag conventional Thanks for looking