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  1. Just want to mention this again... Omega is now owned by a Canadian company that essentially plans to use our wild fish as feed for their farm raised Salmon.
  2. College in Western NC...First time away from salt water, some buddies turned me on to trout fishing with corn, spinners, and 'power bait' . That lasted about 1 season, on a whim we started fishing with some old eagle claw pack rods-caught 10x the trout on nymphs and wet flies ( bead headed caddis were a favorite)... Before I knew it I had traded my medalists and eagle claw gear for Islander, Sage, and Thomas & Thomas lol.
  3. First off thanks for all the suggestions, great information. Ended up finding a NOS 12 gauge Montefeltro Super 90, bonus was that it came with 21" and 26" barrels. Just got it home today and its a beauty.
  4. For the record, I post my comment in opposition to this proposal on 10/11/18 NOAA-NMFS-2018-0106-0042
  5. Thanks guys, my budget is pretty decent. I'll def look into Beretta/Benelli ..come to think of it I used a buddies loaner Stoeger M3000 on a few Pheasant hunts.. liked it well enough and believe it had the same or similar bolt assembly as a Benelli
  6. As per the title. Sold all my firearms when I moved back east, getting time to restock the safe. 1st acquisition will be a 12ga. I've shot and owned 870's, 1100's, and A-5's...But it's been almost 10years since I last gun shopped. Seeking suggestions for an autoloader that can do a bit of everything: Sporting Clays, upland hunting, and Home D-in that order.
  7. I think the echo chamber is spilling out of PG
  8. Commented, hopefully it counts for something.
  9. Thumbs up emoji etc. How are you liking the North Coast compared to the old Maritime ?
  10. Caught nearly every time I targeted them, although way more inconsistent than in seasons past. Finally broke DD w/ a 10.3 lb. Subjectively, it feels like another fishery slowly circling the drain in Long Island Sound.
  11. Watch out where the huskies go.....
  12. I'll take these
  13. Looks great Cheech ! Awesome classic yak.