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  1. My last post here and last time reading this crap! Some of you guys are anti science or logic. Like most of us Long Island surf fisherman I fish Montauk. The light house revettment project is an example of rising water levels, check old pics. The blue hotel is going to be in the ocean in a year or two. Have you noticed west coast weather patterns and fires yet. Stick with your knowledge about fishing and leave the science to the scientists. OUT!!!!!~!
  2. Can E-Bikes be used on Block Island and will ferries alow for transport.
  3. Great reel, enjoy it as is. Very close to a 146 penn squidder with a small mag already installed. Has the same squidder drags. Also has bearings not bushings. The parts you deleted aren't necessary for the reel to function properly and many an Abu user can learn from.
  4. Yes it is more than worth it! The sound of the surf, the salt air are all medicine for the mind and spirit. Take a walk and cast and in the beginning keep expectations low until you lock into what works for your area and most of all have fun. Check out the thong bikinis while fluking in the heat of the summer days. You never know one of the young ladies might find that interesting! Wow, lol
  5. Watched Long Islanders bitch about the view of the turbines disrupting the "serenity" of the Jones beach ocean front when the turbines were to be beyond 14 miles, which is beyond the line of site on a clear day! They don't bitch about the tankers and container ships sitting out there in full view waiting for commodity oil prices to rise before offloading. Counted eight full tankers anchored up at the height of the fuel oil purchase season.
  6. Yes, afraid to say it but I agree with the statement that "the end is near", if the regressive neanderthals still want what was 1952. How about profit and well being working in the same direction. What is the choice if they don't? We are years behind because of the conflict of profit vs reality! As fisherman we are watching species dry up first hand and we still have trouble admitting climate change exists. WTF!
  7. I love it, when turbines are put in all the people who opposed them go and fish around them, after stating how damaging it would be for the fishery???? Interesting when the little people tow the line of big oil! Lets face it what are the alternatives, let the planet burn or do something about it. I have Grandkids and care about the future. Risk vs Reward. Eff the politics!
  8. Might want to off load some in any case. The kitchen sink is MIA! LOL
  9. My guess a 200. The 250 has a steel spool. Your picture looks to be a plastic spool. Same diameter as squidder 140 with bushings and a different outer side plate (one single sideplate and one double on the handle side.
  10. Will be 70 next month. Kayak fishing since 1996. Pungo, OK Prowler and Hobie Revo. I like paddeling to much so the Revo is going on the block soon and is very over rated. Have been working out since I was 13 which helps. The new "barges" they are designing are two wide and two heavy for efficient use. I never want to stand up in a yak or use a yak wider then 32 inches, and keep the cup holders!
  11. On every party boat trip I have been on tangles occur. I could never be a mate, their patience level far exceeds mine. They must curse the day braid was invented. It says alot for 6 pack charters because everyone on the boat knows how to follow their line and are on the same page. Some people have never fished before and go out on a party boat and if the boat has mates that don't pay attention it turns into a Needless to say there are some excellent party boats with great Captains and mates. Use what you have and see how things go. Enjoy!
  12. Depends on the boat. If a salt water washdown of the deck on the way back to the dock is part of the game, I lock down the drag on my old reel and not worry about it. It also depends on what your fishing for, maybe fishing lighter line and outfit. Fluke vs Cod ex: Braid vs Mono. Also what kind of bottom/wrecks. It's not a fashion show, have fun.
  13. Sad to say Captain DeMaio passed away a number of years ago, along with his one time Mate Bob Maier, Captain of the Elizabeth. Maier's son in law is the Captain of Elizabeth 2 at west lake marina, also an ace. Getting back to the book, it is out of print, my copy says it was published by the LIF publishing Corp. Check with the Fisherman magazine folks. I have no IBSN # on the book. Captain John was a piece of work!!!! Great fisherman and a man of many talents. Was always amazed how he backed into the worst angled spot on the dock IFO near salivars. Miss those trips alot!
  14. Wishing him the best outcome and a good health.
  15. Better display this year. 25 bucks per car. Took the Grandsons and Wife and had a good time. They make a good effort to put on a good show, worthy of support.