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  1. We all have strong opinions about this. I am retired from FDNY, 68 years old and vaccinated. My Mother died from the virus in 2020. I have worked in the most challenging neighborhoods the city of New York has in relation to fire duty and exposure to disease. Worked in an Engine company as a LT. at the inception of EMS incorporation to the FDNY from the HHS. We were required to get Hep B shots (2). We encountered many abuses of the system! Amongst my Company we had an ER nurse and other highly motivated Firefighters who I greatly respected and tried my best to look out for. I would have great difficulty today working with guys who thought they were having their freedom impinged upon by getting a shot. We are public servants, not idealogues! The "have it your way" Burger King generation shouldn't apply in this case. If you don't give a flying eff about others you should'nt be on "MY" Job! Get a shot!
  2. No contest! Fish the 710 and treat it well. Vintage reel that will get it done. You will find smoother and faster reels but none will last as long or catch more fish. Time proven!
  3. Deeply sadened by Fred's passing. Loved his articles and how he presented himself. A true gentleman of the sport and I wish his family my condolences. What a shame, RIP Fred.
  4. WOW!! I remember Willy Young posting this and wondered about the impact on surf fishing , now it is upon us. Fisherman are very ingenious and I am sure will find a way to work around the constructions stated location. Things are certainly changing, and I hope work out for the best for all involved user groups. We can't lose the light house. RIP Willy Young
  5. JoeGBreezy, I like the way you think. It's not over yet! Yes it is less and less every year, and something needs to be done soon or else we will tell our grandkids we were able to catch fish from the shore "years ago". I hope I never see that day or have to utter those words.
  6. I agree with everything said here. I plug with conventional gear. I have two old honey lamiglass rods my Dad used years ago, and they as stated are slow action rods (parabolic), and are more forgiving casters with older heavier spooled conventionals (140, 200, 500 Penns, & 235, 229 Newells). The fiberglass honey rods also have wider load capacities. The only down fall of these slow action rods is if you really want to get aggressive with your cast, they kind of laugh at you, because they do most of the work, and you get nothing more for your efforts. One way to overcome the fast action rod not loading with a lighter offering, is increasing your line drop to almost down to the reel and use a pendulum cast. In the beginning don't overpower your cast until you get the hang of it. The fast action rods are better suited for reels with some sort of casting brakes or magnets, and as you age they take a toll on your shoulder joints. Righties will feel it in there left shoulders. All in all I find conventional pendulum casting is the easiest on my body. Good luck and you will find it more interesting fishing conventional when things are slow, and when fishing picks up you'll find fighting a fish has that symbiotic relationship of reel,rod and line working perfectly.
  7. My condolences to the Young family. The few times I met Willy he was a gentleman and always willing to help with a question. I consider him a "father of Long Island surfcasters", there are more, but none like him. Anyone have the particulars regarding his arrangements? RIP Willy.
  8. Charlie, Have a Great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. I will probably catch you when the New Years blitz happens, LOL Tuesdays are no good for me, Workout day, so I can avoid the Zippers being installed. Health care???? Ouch!
  9. Hi Charlie, You know my thoughts on a few things, and I still consider you a great guy and a friend. I can sympathize with you about the 4x4 issue at Demo, because like you I purchase this idiotic permit every year, which with increasing cost I will certainly reconsider my donation to the State in 2017. Being the loner that I am, I seek out areas that find me with few others around, and enjoy the long walks. At 63 they are getting, more challenging then they were five years ago, but I am not giving into it, even with less fish to be found. I think, and I could be wrong, you are trying to find value in a permit purchase that is no longer there. PS, When fishing gets tough everyone gets cranky, or starts directing their thoughts to their gear. It's not over, best of luck!
  10. Staktup, The last few weeks, the 704 needed to have the grease moved around so I gave it some work. Spinning is certainly easier. The Squidder will always be my gold standard. Have a great season!
  11. I find this entire topic funny. What person who likes to fish even entertains this idea? I have a 4x4 permit and wonder every year why I purchase the darn thing. Plenty of places to fish, we are surrounded by water, put some time in and learn. Fish don't park and wait to be caught.
  12. Tim, You have a great site here and good things come from it. Steve
  13. Mike, I called and left you a message. We will arrange a pickup hopefully this weekend. I will buzz you back. Sorry Bunufish, there was no water damage or sand on the camera, it is definitely Mike's.
  14. Found today 10/18/16 in parking lot of Jones beach West End 2. Spoke to you on the sand before you left and was parked near you in the lot. I have a white Tacoma PU. My cell # 516-567-0967. Let me now the color and type of vehicle you have for positive ID. Hope to get this returned to you soon.
  15. Kevin, Full moon tides and a wind from an Easterly direction will do that. Extreme high tide floats the weed and the current and wind flushes it out. Keep that in mind next time similar conditions exist and do something else. good luck!