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  1. I heard the new and expensive ODM rods have boron material in the makeup of the rod
  2. thanks, i'm getting 300h with higher ratio. you made a good point in reeling faster from deeper water. that makes a lot of sense
  3. 10-12 oz over 125' max for fluke
  4. Jewjitzu; Are you referring to thr 300h model or the one with clicker
  5. I agree the OR fingerless gloves r great. Good value for money and they last forever.
  6. Thanks for the comparison. I'm considering this reel for deep water fluke and I liked the slower gear ratio. It's never simple
  7. sorry Scooby didn't chime in but somebody must have some opinions on this
  8. There is a Lexa 300 reel that has a clicker with 5.3 gear ratio and I'm trying to determine if its basically the same as the 300h reel without clicker. Anyone have any experience with these reels
  9. Going to end this thread and shut it down
  10. Lawrenceville between princeton and trenton
  11. Lowe 12" x 36" 45 lb Minn kota foot control electric motor 55 lb Minn kota transom mount electric motor 2 batteries Trailor $1200
  12. where r u located
  13. Are you using a weighted hook,lead head or just the hook
  14. Shiners r the only thing that catches lakers from what I've ever while fishing there
  15. I have a couple of tall standing speakers and a mid range speaker that would fit your needs. I can send pictures from my phone if u send me your info. $90 if your interested. i'm near Trenton area