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  1. I have a Quantom Smoke 40 in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. $85 shipped
  2. Is service and parts an issue with JDM reels
  3. Didn't want to mess up your thread but how do u like the tires

  4. I have a 2013 Xterra and can confirm its a great vehicle without problems. Good luck with the sale
  5. Respectfully will offer $20.00
  6. I also have a 14x48 with 70 maxxum bow mount that i use for fishing and agree it has plenty of power. The recommendation was for a 16' boat and 6 people ( I know some r children) and recreational use meaning more steady riding and perhaps pulling tube. Not trying to argue but i still think it would not be a overall practical solution
  7. Thats a pretty tall order for a boat to be propelled with just a electric motor considering 6 person capacity plus gear, lunch, etc. The above recommendation would work but I think the batteries would be depleted fairly quickly especially on a windy day.
  8. Shipping to expensive. I'm in central jersey near Trenton. Is that to far for u to travel
  9. Where r u located? I have one that might work for u
  10. I heard the new and expensive ODM rods have boron material in the makeup of the rod
  11. thanks, i'm getting 300h with higher ratio. you made a good point in reeling faster from deeper water. that makes a lot of sense
  12. 10-12 oz over 125' max for fluke
  13. Jewjitzu; Are you referring to thr 300h model or the one with clicker
  14. I agree the OR fingerless gloves r great. Good value for money and they last forever.
  15. Thanks for the comparison. I'm considering this reel for deep water fluke and I liked the slower gear ratio. It's never simple