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  1. Will these stand up with the lateral water movement and constant wave action.
  2. I use the Daiwa Lexa 300h for fluke and blackfish . Using it 3 years boat fishing and no bearing problems.
  3. No need for split ring in nose since your using clip of some sort to attach the lure. If your tying direct to the lure than the nose splitring would have some value/purpose
  4. As mentioned, Mag Darter is a must have.
  5. Wading jacket or drytop but always a surf belt to keep water out of waders
  6. Great story and good on you for releasing her. That will be a memory of a lifetime
  7. I know boat fish don't count but they r having a banner year. Montauk had a very good season from the beach this fall and the fish pushing south r taking the offshore route which seems to be happening more and more
  8. Fishing a drop shot rig will help u catch bass. As mentioned , the Senko fished in various ways such as wacky and Neko rig r good methods to get familiar with. Good luck, have fun and try to keep it simple
  9. I use a 7'6'' St Croix Legend with a 4000 Daiwa Back Bay. Perfect for late season schoolies
  10. The hands r probably the only body part that is the most difficult to keep warm and still be able to fish comfortably. Sealskinz gloves r waterproof and not to bulky which work for me
  11. The best part of their warranty is they don't care how the rod was broken. User error, factory problem, doorslam or dog chewing ,it doesn't matter. Everyone else pretty much wants to inspect the rod first to determine how or why it broke. Best warranty in the bussiness
  12. Many of the expensive plugs have great color schemes such as scales and fins which look cool/real. Not convinced the fish notice these details. I think throwing basic colors , light and dark, in the right conditions probably is just as effective. Good hardware and action is probably more likely to get a fish to strike than fancy paint jobs. Needless to say that some of the paint jobs look fantastic
  13. 20# suffix fishing north of Shark River inlet and 30 # south of inlet
  14. I don't think they r necessary on larger salt water outfits and I don't like them
  15. I hate to only buy one lure in case I loose it so I guess I'll have to order two