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  1. Since the Expride rods r primarily fresh water rods u might not get much feedback on them. I read that a few people use them in salt for fluke and even blackfish. I have a light spin rod and to conventionals in the Expride series that I use for freshwater bass fishing and like them very much
  2. Thanks for info
  3. Does anyone know how low the water is and if the ramp is useable
  4. You got it hobby. will take this to pm
  5. A custom rod to your specs can't be beat. Especially at that price point, you won't regret it
  6. Number 2 out of your 3 choices
  7. The info I posted about the handle breaking when the handle was changed for lefties came from Giglios B&T. I should have mentioned that in my original post since its not just hearsay
  8. It's my understanding the handle snapping occured when the handle was reversed for lefty's and new replacement handles were sent to the shops that received the first shipments. I know I'll get heat for this but some of u guys wouldn't have anything to do if u couldn't find something to complain about on line.
  9. To the guys catching on Albie snax, any particular color working for u. I've tried them in various colors without success
  10. I didn't get much chance to go through a lot of weights since I only used the rod once fluking but I threw 2,3 4oz fishing deeper water and it handled those weights well. I wouldn't want to fish 4oz all day but u can. I just tried the 4 oz but actually fished 2 and 3 oz. I use a conventional for 4 oz bucktails and sinkers heavier than that. It's a very light weight rod in your hand and has a nice foregrip to jig with