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  1. This rod series had been updated to the TFX V2. Most of the blanks that were in the original TFX series are still in the new one.
  2. The competing companies don't but the store owners sure do, and in almost every retailer we go to, Lamiglas is the number one rod company sold in those stores. And we are getting there. It's been an uphill climb from where we were 4 years ago. We did hire someone this year to help me out but they just didn't work out, finding good help is pretty tough out here. I'm currently training up some of the young(er) guys in the building to help me out with a lot of the promotional stuff and shows out in the PNW, and also bringing someone on board in the Northeast to help out with sales and shows over there.
  3. Hey Carlos!!! Man I miss those nights at Demo! We had a solid crew down there. Thanks for the kind words, hope all is well my man!
  4. Pretty sure I have one in my show sample set on LI I could give to you at one of the shows for a fair price
  5. Those BL rods were awesome, I wish we didn't discontinue them. The CGBT blanks they were built on had really nice action to them and were also bulletproof. I brought back two of them in the new TFX V2 series - the CGBT841L and ML, but with the newer fiberglass material in it. Really want to add in the 841M and MH somewhere down the road.
  6. We should've upped the price by $100 just for saying nanoparticles
  7. The old TFX series has just been updated to the TFXV2 series. The TFXV7030C in the new series is the exact same blank that the TFX7030CT was built on. We made the model numbers a little less confusing in the new series also....the "T" at the end of the model number designated it as "Tog"...not trigger for some reason. In fact I think the models that didnt have a "T" at the end of them had triggers, if that made any sense. In the new series if it has a "T" at the the means it has a trigger. These rods are in stock and available on our website. More like MAJOR changes to the rod series which forced us to up the price $50. The old series had economy fuji guides, a cork handle, a basic gloss coating and and an older type of fiberglass. The new TFX V2 series has Fuji's new Corrosion Control K-Series guides, a carbon fiber composite handle, super thin matte black coating, and we replaced the old fiberglass with a new HYBRID composite material which is a fiberglass with nanoparticles in it.
  8. Truly appreciate the kind words man. It really blew my mind reading some of those comments.
  9. Couldn't believe some of the comments. Thank you man I will!!!
  10. Thanks so much man! We've really been working hard to better the customer service dept. here (yet another hat I wear) and make it easier for the guys on the east coast to get rods warrantied easier.
  11. Thanks Orlando, I appreciate it!
  12. Thank you. That's just a blank that we do not offer online...any 1 piece over 8' for that matter, you could call up and order it but you'd have to pay the outrageous shipping fee. If you want to wait until Striper Day I could bring the blank there for you?
  13. Tons of misinformation and assumptions in this thread. I guess I need to clear the air and shed some light on what is really going on at Lami. First off, just so you guys know, although surfcasting in the Northeast means a lot more to Lami, it is one of the smallest parts of our business. The Northeast territory in its entirety in terms of sales for Lamiglas is about 10X smaller than our salmon and steelhead market in the Pacific Northwest.....surfcasting does not make up the entire Northeast rod market, especially for us. Lamiglas is #1 in salmon and steelhead rods in the PNW, bigger than St.Croix, bigger than Shimano, bigger than Okuma, bigger than everybody. So its easy to see where a lot of our focus goes. Although the name Lamiglas is huge, we are actually still a pretty small, family run company, with limited resources. Lamiglas was at an all time low 4 years ago when Dick Posey passed away, there were multiple companies trying to come in and by Lamiglas, probably just to completely outsource overseas so it can turn into a huge profit center like most of the foreign brands all of you have grown to accept and follow these days. Tom Posey did not want to see that happen, and he damn sure didn't want to see his fathers legacy, and all of the 60 plus years it took for him to build Lamiglas just be thrown away, so he decided to take it over, for his father and his families name. It was a very tough first couple of years, and Lamiglas had to make some hard decisions and some sacrifices here and there, but I can assure you that Tom has got the ship sailing again and Lamiglas won't be going anywhere for another 70+ years. Now with that being said, I appreciate everybody taking shots at the marketing director, some even calling me out by name (BRIANBM) without having a clue as to what I do for Lamiglas. As I said Lamiglas is still a small company with limited resources. I am the sole person who does all of their Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media, Photography/Videography, Rod Development, Pro & Guide Team Management, National Promotion Events (I travel to 25 + shows a years all over the country), help out Tom big time internally creating policies and help run the company itself....and oh yeah, I am also the sole sales rep/manager for the ENTIRE east coast of the United States. Am I complaining one bit?? Heck no, I absolutely love my job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Do I wish I had 20 people working under me to help the workload across all of those departments that I run, yes of course I do, but I am doing everything that I possibly can to help out this company. Being a kid from Long Island who grew up surfcasting and fished Lami GSBs for years and years. Lamiglas was always my favorite rod company when I was a kid in New York, I never once thought in my life I would have the opportunity to do what I do now, having an office right next to the President and helping him run the company. 3 years now and still everyday it seems crazy to me. Yes I wish I could just focus on one department, like Marketing, and do it 100% to the best of my abilities, but being spread out so thin comes with compromises. Every body who is actually in the fishing industry that knows me, knows just what I do and how hard I work for Lamiglas, and how much I've helped them grow in the past 3 years...especially in the Northeast. When I got here, Lamiglas was doing 0 shows in the NE, the factory GSB rods had cork handles and huge old school guide layouts, as did the Insane Surf, the Ron Arras and Super Surf had K frames with a cone of flight layout and a size 50 stripper guide, and our inshore lineup was pretty much limited to the TriFlex series that hadn't been updated in about 15 years. Now we (and by we I mean ME) are displaying a booth at almost all of the shows in the NE every winter, releasing new inshore and surf rod series, completely transforming all of the existing NE lineup to catch up with times, built up a team of solid pro staffers, and I have everybody in the building opening their eyes and realizing that the Northeast market means much more to Lamiglas than the sales numbers show, as we have been involved in the surf market since day 1 with our 11' fiberglass surf rods, over 70 years ago! I'm pretty much like the GSB of the company.....I can't do any one thing perfect, but I can do everything pretty well. So I personally apologize to you all if the Lamiglas Marketing isn't up to your standards, I can really only do so much, and trust me, I am doing EVERYTHING I can. It's not a 9-5 job for me, when I'm not flying out of town twice a month to do shows or corporate meetings, I'm on the Lami social media pages all night when I get home from the office, out all weekend getting photo content for us, and go to sleep and waking up thinking about Lamiglas.
  14. No thanks Chewy. I’ve got that exact bag already!