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  1. I remember when Wood End to Long Point was open to ORVs. Used to drive and fish it a lot in the fall.
  2. Pardon a stupid question.....Where on these ORV maps is the "sand eel city" in the title of this thread? Is it a specific spot or is it a reference to the whole area in general? Thirty-plus years ago I often raked sand eels in several different spots but at least back then never heard this term used to refer to any actual spot.
  3. Yep. Back in the early 80s there were ORV closure meetings and protests in N Truro. I recall hearing an idea then about whether the deed of the beach land to the Park could be challenged because the closures were inconsistent with the reason for the deeding—maintaining public access.
  4. It’s close for sure. During the shorebird management plan process, not surprisingly some commenters wanted full closure to ORVs. The NPS specifically rejected that alternative as inconsistent with their mission for the park. Keeping the route closed most of the summer was considered a reasonable alternative.
  5. Here are CCNS's shorebird management plan documents. To get a feel for the evidence and theories they rely on: (1) in the first link, start at the bottom of pdf page 119 and read into page 120, and the studies cited there are then cited in full on pdf pages 142-43; (2) in the second link, see pdf pages 55, 57, and 264-65.
  6. Outer Cape specific: Miles of ORV access Seeing a buggy full of cows at the fish market Top Knot (if you know you know) Charlie Whitney’s tackle shop
  7. I'd say they don't work. The NPS has been restricting ORV access within the CCNS for over 30 years because of nesting birds.
  8. I'll take it (reel and spool). If you take Paypal, let me know where to send the money and I'll cover the Paypal fees. If you prefer another form of payment, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Looking for one of these. They were made around the mid to late 90s.
  10. This same thing could have been said about Race and backside access 30 years ago. Nothing's changed for the better of the fisherman.
  11. 1995 16' Hewes Bonefisher. I love the lappy design (now I just need to take a picture showing it).
  12. Sorry Tim. I'll take the rod. Please let me know how much the shipping is and whether you accept Paypal. I'll go read the rules now.