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  1. Thanks for the quick response trying to decide between this or different rod...
  2. Butt length?
  3. Is this available?
  4. If I left a stella I might quit fishing....
  5. Thanks for the advise I will do that...
  6. I stupidity left a shimano saragosa on the ground Friday night/ Saturday morning hoping someone here found it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Price $400.
  8. Your welcome I have a bad habit of buying plugs and forgetting them only to find them at a later date when I did an inventory of minnows plugs it was border line disturbing...
  9. Selling a Black hole surf rod Selling for a friend with medical issue won't be fishing any time soon. Both rods lightly used. Built by local builder who makes excellent purpose Built fishing rods. I fish several black hole rods best value per dollar spent in my opinion. Surf II Heavy 10' 3-10 2pc excellent canal jigging rod in my opinion the best dedicated jigging rod. $450 He also has a 2021 shimano spheros 10k available for $120. Picked up in wareham ma.
  10. Sold
  11. Ok all yours...
  12. Googoo new Habs jr never fished some storage marks Tattoo carried Guppy couple storage marks $107 shipped