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  1. Any Luck with the pics? Forgot to respond the other day. Have a good one.
  2. Yeah sorry for odd question but didn't ask in different situation and met the guy to buy it and no reel seat...anyway pics would be great when you get a chance.
  3. Looks to be in good condition I'll keep it in mind
  4. Would consider 3/4-4 oz version possibly 10 footer as well.
  5. Possibly....How old?, condition, price?
  6. Long shot looking for odm nex1 11' 2-6 but would consider others. Tough part in RI MA Area.
  7. Z belt slim xl used one never submerged thought I lost old one but it turned up so selling newest one. $60 shipped
  8. St. Croix Premier 6'6" medium light 1pc in excellent condition light use. $90 picked up MA RI area.
  9. Surf strider, loaded jigsmiths (2), waverers (2). All new. $165 shipped paypal friend's and family.
  10. Can do that swap if your still interested.
  11. Interested just want to see if a swimmer pops up.
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