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  1. perhaps a stupid question but is the only difference between surfmachine and surfmachine elite is the use of graphene in manufacturing the blank? as stated in many threads for a company that dose such a good job building blanks they sure cut corners on the website and marketing materials.
  2. well in true I can't help myself or make up my own mind fashion I now own a ss1329 and a ra1269, I definitely enjoy both rods and think they have done well as a jigging (1329)and plugging do it all rod (1269) respectively. I have not nearly put the hours on them to be sure they are all that. my original plan was to go blackhole surf II heavy jig and odm jigster as plugging do it all rod but I was scared off my the jigsters 4-10 rating figured it would be to heavy for plugging but I have run into people who say it performs fine in that roll. we shall see I may own those yet as the tackle ho in me can't be contained.
  3. very kind of of you to do so. I suspect your initial opinion would be accurate but never hurts to inquire.
  4. have your friends commented how the 1328 and 1269 throw and work 2oz plugs.
  5. Not at this time, thanks for inquiring.
  6. I have and do own daiwa reels and like them but i do prefer my shimano's gonna pass on the saltigas, I have a 5000sw thanks for your interest.
  7. Thanks for the info, that 1269 sounds interesting dose it have a faster tip section, I know there is no perfect do it all rod but I tend to like any rod I'm going to use for jigging even if it's not a dedicated jigging rod to have that type tip section. Thanks.
  8. Any thoughts on how it throws its range? Thanks
  9. Ok I understand
  10. Hello do you have a price in mind for a local sale.
  11. Looking to trade one of my Collectable/high demand firearms for a excellent or like new zeebaas 25 or stella 14000. First- is a Belgium made Browning Challenger Second- one of my two winchester pre 1964 model 70 30-06 featherweight. Third- is a Smith & WESSON 28 Highway patrolman 357 6 inch Obviously all laws would need to be followed. From Massachusetts
  12. Not sure why lami dropped it would keep using it if didn't close it in jeep door. Will be nice to jig with a lighter more modern rod.
  13. Anyone have any real world experience with the new version of the 1329 or should I be looking at 1328, considering for canal jigs big shads and larger sebiles broke my 126mh bout time to go more modern design. Thanks