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  1. Yang2020
  2. Damn looking for that rod in a 2 piece
  3. That 10 ft surf and jetty 2-4 is that a 2 piece?
  4. Cortland master braid has been pretty good to me for a 4x at 30#. Any thin line is going to fly in the right conditions. However, thinner line could mean lower breaking strength and crappy abrasion resistance. Check out the braid tests done by a member here. That should help you out.
  5. Hopefully, no split grips on these new rods. Any 10 footers that throw 3/4-4oz? Moderate fast action?
  6. Yes I agree with that. My first day ever surf fishing was in south cmc. Get to an area with some holes and big bass to 30# hi lo clam rig. It’s over when they buried every jetty. It’s flat for the $60,000 horse shoe crab blood trade.Natural cuts and structure are gone. Also, have out of staters that can’t swim or read on a beach that says drop!! So the cover the holes and that’s it.
  7. Lack of fish is the most likely culprit. beach replenishment hurt, parts of north and south jersey. not sure how the bite has been elsewhere. But fishing for anything other then blues has been slow. Hopefully, the fall run gets going soon.
  8. I am lucky that I am next to philly so when it comes to north and south jersey. I am lucky that it’s an 60-90 minutes to most spots from me, whether it’s north or south jersey. Fished obx in the northern areas, didn’t like it. Not much happening there. Hatteras would have been better. Nj is an awesome place to live and fish in my opinion.
  9. Plenty of options. You could get lucky in bst forum and find a higher end rod for that money. Tsunami airwave elite and odm dna are great rods off the rack. I paid $275 for a century s2 11 2-5oz on a Facebook marketplace. I am sure a cts or a century rod could be had in that range. Enjoy that combo
  10. I may want this pending pics to see it’s condition. Claiming first dibs
  11. I just picked one up used, and got a great deal.. I can’t believe how light it is. It was spooled with 15lb invisibraid which I am not a fan of. Line lay looks off, maybe a slight wobble but did not feel or see it when it was on my cts. The rod is a surf and jetty cb901-2 1/2-2.5 9 foot 2 piece aka baycaster on cts website. Anyway I will put this reel to the test I will let you know if any issues show up.
  12. Any tackle shops in New Jersey that carry black hole rods? Any demo days coming up in nj?
  13. Yep definitely pick that up if that’s what you are looking for. If you can, find one that you can cast or at least get the rod in your hand before purchase. Tight lines
  14. That’s the regular airwave, the elite 8’8 is around $159-180 new, if you can find it. Has different guides and stronger backbone. Not bad for $80 used.
  15. i picked up one of these rods as a backup. hard to find now brand new. i bought if for $80, it has like 10 inches cut off the bottom. i used it for fresh water fishing so far since, i use a cts cb901-2 9 foot 2 piece 3/8 -2.5oz for light jetty use for albies and schoolies. anyway the 8'8 airwave elite was sensitive enough to detect bites from white and yellow perch!! great rod!! i highly recommend the elite series. the saltx surf rod thats coming out, looks nice and hopefully that's just as good. but yeah get one if you can!!