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  1. What brand is that? I got lucky I picked up some Stillwater mambo minnows at a tackle shop. Same colors as their smack it popper. I also recommend guides choice skinny minny and mucho minnow
  2. Lol that statement is literally anti American and sounds like the ideas of fascism. Your party can do the same thing! Do you remember 2016 trump had a great ground game that got him votes and the presidency. Now that he lost you want to change the rules everywhere or not count certain votes?Butt hurt it sounds and probably part racist too. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 I consider myself a libertarian conservative but that part of the Republican Party died with trumpism. It’s still dead and the decent Republicans are gone.
  3. Lol so basically your complaining that a mail in ballot got sent to my house and They didn’t ask for ID that upsets you? A ballot with my name and info on it is not good enough for you? Restored to pre COVID rules won’t change much. Everyone who is 18 and older should be able to vote. More people vote the better. If you don’t like that it’s simple math and the gop won’t have the votes. 29,000 voters registered in Wisconsin and voted on Election Day. Average age was 29 and they handed Biden Wisconsin. The younger people that will be able to vote in the future elections is what I would be worried about. Millions of new voters between 2016 and 2020 even more in the future. Biden also got 61% of white males that also helps.
  4. Lol none of that has happened. Biden does not want to defund the police. Also it’s up to the states how and who gets hired and paid. My buddy josh a local cop, gets $65 an hour to sit on the side on the road for construction and watches movies. He is complaining that it’s not $85 an hour like it used to be!! What are you playing these cops this for a $15 an job? stop child support? Lol That’s a new one! The future is not going to be kind to you.
  5. Got plenty, nah I just check in here to see what nonsense some members post on here. Would be banned on Twitter lol
  6. Who died that voted? And how did they change the outcome of the election? Trust me I am friends with several, I have to provide facts and info to them they instantly say fake news or media biased. He is still waiting on that civil war and “the storm” can’t change their minds on it either like a cult
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Pennsylvania_gubernatorial_election
  8. None of that is true, lebron James registering people to vote offends you? Stacy Abrams did in Georgia. True of the matter is more people voted for joe. FBI said no wrongdoing as did Barr and Wray. More conspiracy theories from the right. I want sources!!!!
  9. 73 million voted for a liar, idiot, and moron. Never heard a word from my one friend about politics his parents never voted and showed up to vote trumpy out!! Moron Example of trump went to Alamo tx to the see the Alamo. You can’t make this up. Marine one going in circles wanting to land to only find out the Alamo it’s in San Antonio tx. He went to west Texas when he found out haha. Plus they all died. Stupid people!
  10. Ok sure you want blow up people that don’t support your cause aka conspiracies it must suck to suck
  11. You need philly, something you won’t get! That’s why gop typically loses more people live in cities obviously. However, gop does have the legislature for now...
  12. It would probably blow up in your face like trumps court cases
  13. 2020 useful idiots? Are you like 65 that behaves like a 12 year old?
  14. It won’t because it worked. They just might count the ballots right away next time so there is no delay. PA GOP put that into place count the mail in votes last. I doubt Republicans gain control in PA including the governors office. Like the trump supporter in New Jersey said that NJ was going Red. I had to laugh at them. Tx and FL could flip blue because Abbott and desantis terrible governors. Chris Christie was disliked like that in NJ, that’s not good for the gop trying win back seats.
  15. You are an idiot that’s a problem. voltaire was correct when he said if you can convince people of absurdities then they will commit atrocities.