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  1. The BC Critter Fly has officially one shepshead to it's credit now and probably hundreds of reds, like this guy here, from a quick walk in (no boat) trip a few evenings ago. BC
  2. Hey Guys, I came across this very cool youtube video this morning that was filmed here in St. Augustine (Northeast FL). It was done by Mike Pedico and is titled "Life of Fly". Great job of capturing the spirit of flood tide grass fishing and tying down here. Your comments welcomed. Please Watch and enjoy, BC
  3. Hey Guys, Great to hear from everyone. BD especially good to hear you respond. The sheepshead was the toughest fish on fly for me ever.....wishing you all the best my friend. Look forward to your posts. Oakman, will be fishing for Jacks this weekend in your old stomping grounds....all along the wall by the fort in St Augustine and then over to Guana River for some flood tide grass fishing for reds. BrianBM, Finally a sheepy showed some love to my BC Critter Fly pictured bottom left. At least a hundred sheepshead in the past have seen this fly......A stout weed guard is a must for the thick grass. My Pats are in town this week against the Jags looking forward to this one. GO SOX TOO, BC
  4. Flood Grass fishing down here in NE FL is just heating up. Got out today for a few hours and got a few nice reds and a sheepshead on fly. These sheepy can be super difficult to catch with the fly rod. I have cast to so many of these rascals only to get rejection. FINALLYYYYYYY BC
  5. Dick, your a very strong man and an inspiration to us all.... I admire your courage. You and your family are in my prayers, BC
  6. BD, You my friend and your way cool reports are the main reason I joined SOL. Like so many others I get to live vicariously through your words and amazing pics. I will be up in Kennebunkport, Maine in August Dick and plan on using one of my cherished Betsy's you tied that were sent to me by your close friend Stan. Will post a report and lots of pics after my trip. Hang in there Dick, You are an inspiration to us all, Scott
  7. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the PM's everyone.....A quick update on my situation in NE FL. Sandy and I along with our two dogs Shiloh and Sherman, have decided to hunker down at home. With the more westerly track Irma is taking, where we had plans to stay in GA looks like it will be worse than here at home. Rather than make the all day drive up to uncertainty we opted for the comfort of home and dealing with the 70 to 90mph wind and the major rainfall. Hopefully the Tornadoes wont be an issue...... In my area half are gone and half are staying. We are well supplied/equipped and always have my trusty Gheenoe as a last resort. BC
  8. Hey Guys, BC Checking in from Ponte Vedra Beach in NE FL where we are taking Irma very seriously. Water, gas, plywood etc has been sold out for days. This is one monster of a storm probably the biggest the US has ever seen. Just about all of FLA will be under mandatory evacuation...... I boarded the house up today and we are all stocked up. My wife Sandy and I along with Shiloh and Sherman (our precious doggies) are set to leave in the morning for a hotel in central GA. It's a four hour drive that will probably take us more like 12 hours now. Important papers/pictures are packed. We can't take much else but my fly rods and reels along with my guitar are coming with me. BC
  9. Sight fishing at it's best down here in NE FL BC
  10. Hook I .....We are very fortunate to have such a cool fly shop here in Jacksonville, FL. It's a great place to hang, and your always greeted by the shop dogs, very well stocked store that has an island flair to it. It's also a showcase of owner Vaughn Cochran's amazing art work. If that wasn't enough we now have the Tarpon Tap Room connected and right next door....great food and drink and hosts fly tying nights and local First Coast Fly Fishers meetings. Great bunch of guys that work there too, I fish with them and know them all well. BC
  11. Hook I, Both the Dupre and Waldner Spoons are on order and Black Fly Outfitters in Jacksonville should have them in stock any day now. Go to their website or call in order. For colors I like the Black Cherry/Gold Dupre and the Gold Waldner. BC
  12. Hey RJ, They are $6.99 ea and worth every penny. Capt Rich Waldner in Louisiana also makes a beautiful spoon fly that is a real work of art, suitable for framing, It's little heavier and damn near indestructible..... I have well over 30 Reds on one of his, the price $14.00 and can be hard to find. Black Fly Outfitter in Jacksonville, FL has both and will have plenty in stock for their way cool annual Flood Tide Festival coming up in a few weeks. BC
  13. Just had to get a few more Dupre Spoon Flies for the flood tides coming up next week down here in NE FL. These things slide through the grass and drive Reds nuts with the way they wobble. BC
  14. flyfishvt, Bring your rod. You may also want to hit the tip of Cranes Beach which you can see across from Sandy Point on the Refuge. BC
  15. You probably know Wicked- Fly but you can get another reel seat part from Nautilus for a few $. BC