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  1. Gotta be better than the decline over the same period in the western sound, which basically turns hypoxic in the summer.
  2. I often find myself making long kayak paddles between spots and thought it would be cool to drag a minnow style swimmer behind the yak hoping for a stray bone or albie. Anybody have any recommendations for this? Was thinking a smaller 3 to 5 inch yozuri or smoothing simmiliar. I seem to recall some fluorescent orange swimmer that was killer for bones.
  3. I live in an adjacent Town. There is some good saltwater options from the mouth of the CT over to RI, but shore access is tough like most of CT. Perhaps most importantly, you can be in Soco RI in 50 minutes. The brackish section of the CT rivers is a couple miles west of Colchester and offers a spring run of bass and shad in addition to year round large and small mouth bass, pike and catfish. In regards to trout there are many put and take streams that get to warm in the summer to have significant holdover. The closest respectable trout rivers are about an hour nw. There are lots of ponds and small lakes nearby. PM me with any specific questions you have about the town or area. I spend a decent amount of time either in or traveling through Colch and could probably answer them.
  4. The best Daiwa is a Shimano. Sorry couldn't resist. Welcome to the forum. There are some Daiwa fans that will help you out. I personally prefer Shimano.
  5. Thanks everyone. Just ordered up some xrap 10s and crystal minnows.
  6. I was gonna ask what took a bite out of it.
  7. Thanks for the input everybody. I have dds, epoxys and snaxs that I use when casting. I often move locations that could be anywhere from 1/8 to a mile paddle. Figured might as well have something behind the yak for these moves. I am fishing eastern LIS and RI.
  8. Investing idea. I have some pins in Sardine.
  9. Easy there Fluffhead, I am talking about LI sound not shakedown street.
  10. Birds nest is really the best outcome to this schenario. Hook to the foot, broken rod and badly cut finger were all possible outcomes here.
  11. So you are using the mirage drive in reverse to peddle against the tarpon? Interesting concept. I always thought the reverse would be nice to back away from shore when plugging in an onshore wind. Fished a paddle yak for 20 years. Just got my first peddle drive 4onths ago and am blown away by the advantages. Can't believe a paddled for so long, lol.
  12. Bucket with a heavy duty garbage bag. You can add a seat if needed, but not really a sit there and read the news type of situation. They also make toilet seats that fit onto your trailer hitch.
  13. Looks like an atom striper super to me. Originally made with wood, then melted Styrofoam and finally plastic. Sometimes you move them fast and pop aggressively to get it popping. Once it's up on plane you can slow down.
  14. I can't think of any invasive that has-been stopped. Slowed down, maybe, but never stopped. This goes for plants and animals alike. I think the invasives are just too persistent to stop.
  15. I would look at some the st. Croix premeir casting rods.
  16. Glad you covered up the background so we can't steal your favorite rock, or kitchen chair, lol.
  17. Adam, Thanks for sharing those early ties. The big eye fly was tied to replicate young of the year big eye tuna right? I went down a similiar path when I was 12 and also got transfixed trying to tie epoxy flies that always sucked. If I ever find those early attempts I will post them up for others to get a chuckle at. I had a day at a famous rock wall in RI where the bass had bait pushed against the rocks at my feet. A 20 ft cast sealed the deal many times that morning. As others said, fishing structure can shorten the necessary casting distance to be effective, although longer casts up your chances in most scenarios.
  18. After being Simms loyal for many years, I think I have finally reached the conclusion that no waders are worth more than $200 cause the all Fn leak anyways. Hope Vista doesn't Fubar the rest of the product line.
  19. Just ordered the Daniellson 2Six. Can't wait to see it in person. Thanks for all your feedback.
  20. So I upgraded my 5 wt 9 ft fly rod recently and would like to upgrade the reel. Currwntly have a Lamson Liquid, but want to upgrade to something machined with smoother operation. Anybody have recommendations in the $300 price range? Prefer large arbor. Thx
  21. Manns Hard Worm.
  22. Sight fishing flat fish of any type takes some next level vision. Never seen/heard of that before. Good stuff.
  23. Thanks but not an Orvis or a Sage guy. Like to avoid the larger companies and support small businesses when possible.
  24. Is that the same species as the bridgeport ghost fish?
  25. Thank you. I am going to order up a 2six w spare spool, which can pull double duty on the Avante and an 8'6 or 8' 4wt dry fly rod that I can tell is in my future, lol. #gearaddict....