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  1. Looks custom and is definately a cool piece. Any idea where the old fisherman lived? The location could shed some light on custom builders that were active in the area. A longshot, but maybe..
  2. Just apply some bunker oil to your hands and fish on....
  3. But they kill less fish than us C&R recs, lol.
  4. Many nights i have waited out a thunderstorm eager to hit the water as soon as the stormed passed and many nights the fishing has absolutely sucked after the storm. I think the bright flashes, loud bangs and drastic changes in wind direction and possibly barometric pressure turn the bass off. We were on block one night with only bikes and had to ride out a line of bad lightening storm in the public restrooms near the ferry, lol. The fishing sucked after they passed too. Later in the night i had a herd of deer jump out infront of me while hauling ass downhill on a mountain bike in waders and stull dont know how i missed them.. Started bringing the truck after that trip.... The point is fishing during a storm is definately not worth the risk. One could also argue that fishing after a storm is a waste of time.
  5. Tempting. Sounds like a sweet setup. Pocked up something similar last year, but nowhere near as nice. Free bump.
  6. And the demand for yellow tattoo darters just went up, lol.
  7. Smith are also worth a look. The chromapop lenses are nice.
  8. YES. If you plan to fiah the salt, get the glass lenses. The plastic can scratch due to salt reisdue from spray. This is especually true in saltier waters such as Florida or the Caribbean. I have a pair of plastics i use for freshwater, glass for salt...
  9. I see nothing wrong here. Gotta keep the boat seats dry and dont want the interior to fade in the sun. Carry on...
  10. Same here. Basically grew up on my fathers and grandfathers boats. Use to sleep overnights in the cabin but always come running out when the clicker was singing. By the time i was 10, i was riding my bike to the nearby harbor for blues almost every morning. When i got my license, i really started to target bass from shore with the expanded range of the car. Ohh, the good old days with no real responsibilities...
  11. I had a 2.5 oz swimmer that had some serious mojo. In addition to being one of the first out of the bag, I used to clip it on at the end of a long night of kayak fishing cast it out for that long, tired paddle back to the launch. Some strikes it drew while being trolled where epic and tested the strengh of the rod holder on my yak. I caught some nice bass on that swimmer and think i still have it
  12. 8 or 9 lbs. Congrats to you. Lifting a larger fish out of the water like that will either break your line or cut the sh*t out of your hand.
  13. The old pillow technique, lol. Learn something new every day on here.
  14. You can look for Nebes glass orbs and go to the weird animal zoo. Search block island glass orbs. Drinks at the Oar is worthwhile. Spring house is solid for a fancier meal. In terms of fishing, its a fishy place with lots of surcasting access. As Trey says, read the book....
  15. You should get to keep both reels for free to pay for all the field testing you have done on their behalf. Think about it, your experience was key in some of the gen 2 improvements. Now you have alredy discovered issues with gen 2 and solved them. You should be on the Visser testing team.