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  1. I just saw that one. The upside down boat reel is next level.
  2. If you are gonna use screw eyes, epoxying them in makes them much stronger. It's still an interesting plug design. I would fish it. Maybe that goatee will give it some mojo...
  3. Looks like a hand carved garage job to me. What makes you think it is through wired? Don't see a tail wrap or belly grommets. Looks cool though. Throw it at some bluefish.
  4. I used a 14' great Canadian powered by a trolling motor to fish stripers in a local harbor and LI sound for years. We fished extensively at night to avoid heavy boat traffic. Depending on your area, you will also want to consider wind and tide/current to make sure you can get back to the launch point. Anchoring is not an issue, but I recommend having a float at the end of the rope and a quick release should you need to drop anchor in a hurry. As with any small boat, practice self rescue and wear your PFD.
  5. Those were cool in 1985. Always thought they were more of a PIA than they were worth. Hated when the smaller clip closer to the eye came unhooked. IMHO there is one too many hinges, ie failure points. We should all be trying to minimize the amount of weak links in our leader system.
  6. Another vote for losing the split ring. I feel having a double pivot point (split ring and TA) you could actually be dampening the plugs action. Plus you are eliminating a common failure point as well.
  7. Yes, but literally 100s of restaurants, bars and delis package stores that people support.
  8. I want to know what Shoreline town in CT doesn't have a food vendor, ie restaurant, food truck or convenience store.... Was running through the coastal towns in my head and couldn't figure this one out...
  9. Thanks, I am well aware and always get the RI license. RI has both the two week tourist license ($11) and a season long license for non-residents ($200). I always thought the price was a bit disproportionate there, with the two week being a steal and the year being a bit steep. Wish there was something in the middle like a 6 month license for $100. Clams actually require management that is worth paying for through licensing.
  10. Looks sharp. Good luck with it.
  11. Hi all, I recently moved east of the CT River and am exploring the coast in that area. I would like to do some clamming and typically would head to RI for that. Does anybody have experience digging their own between the CT River and RI boarder? It seems like each town has their own license, and it could get costly buying multuples. Not looking for your secret spot, but just some guidance on which Town may have the best program and access. I also have a yak that I can use to move around, access beds, etc.
  12. Great day getting my blood/salt ratio back to equilibrium. Took about 20 cast with the flyrod, but no love.
  13. Sounds like the spool on the lamson was not fully engaged. Had this happen first time i changed a spool on a new lamson. When putting the spool on you should press it equally with your fingers from two opposite sides of the spool and pull into the frame. It should click into place. I like to hold the reel frame with my palms and use my fingers to press it into the frame. Hope this makes sense.
  14. 1 fish at 36" is in fact the only conservation measure that has been proven effecrive at rebuilding the stock, not overlooking the moratorium that preceded it of course. I always thought it was crazy for ASMFC to not adopt the proven method......