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  1. After about two or three weeks of hitting an urban herring run, I need to get back to the relative peace and solitude of more natural spots out front. Something about urban fishing can get depressing after a while and is less relaxing for me.
  2. Fuel, spark, air.... Fuel is usually a good place to start.... Glad it worked out for you.
  3. Kastmaster while snapper fishing 35 year a ago in an estuary. Those 12 to 18" scoolies were a blast on a 5 ft ultralight with 4lb test. They made this kids day many times over.
  4. FACTS 1) Raritan anglers are allowed to target pre-spawn fish that are staging for their run up River. 2) 9% of those fish die due to C&R mortality 3) Other fish are intentionally harvested or poached. 4) Those fish never make it to the spawning grounds. Also, the same social media that you rely on for all you "facts" has all the evidence you need on fish mishandling.
  5. The number of breeders harvested or killed via mortality from being mishandled by clueless googans in Raritan Bay alone this year is both unbelievable and troubling...
  6. Again, localized hot spots existed in Block and the Cape immediately prior to the last stock collapse. It is in no way, shape or form representative of a healthy fishery. Keep killing fish though...
  7. Please post the 2023 YOY numbers you are basing this "opinion" on. Didn't know they were released yet and would be interested in seeing them.
  8. Neither. Hanging fish vertically by their jaw to weigh them damages organs and increases release mortality. If you need to get a weight, have a sling bag and weigh the fish horizontally from the bag. For me personally, a length is good enough.
  9. Sadly, this same story plays out species after species. There are too many commercial fisherman with too much technology. They deplete one stock, then the next. What will be next on the list?
  10. Thanks all! I will try switching it around so it is in between the separator and engine. I also have too much slack in the line (factory Yamin line), which may cause the orientation of the bulb to vary.
  11. Recently added a fuel water separator to my outboard fuel line. The primer bulb is located between the tank and the separator, which makes sense in my head anyways. Last fall, I was having trouble priming with a lower fuel level, which has me thinking about bulb placement. So, should the primer bulb be bloated between the tank and separator or between the separator and outboard. Ita a Yami F50 motor if that matter.... Thanks for your feedback.
  12. First off, I strongly feel that both guides and private anglers have the same rights to the fishing grounds. However on such a small flat (100 yards x 5 yards = 500 square yards), I would have followed first come, first served and moved onto another area. A second boat entering such a small flat could easily have spooked feedng fish and sent them packing for deep water. Now if you were a guide who had been on fish for two hours and somebody else rolled up and spooked the flat for hours, you'd be pissed too. If the flat is really 500 yards by 500 yards, I still probably would have moved on to someplace else or at the bare minimal fished behing the other guy by more than 300 yards. I wold not try to jump in front of his travel path... Hope this unbiased opinion is helpful.
  13. With the striper populations being what they are, i have spent way more time freshwater fishing the last three years.. Getting into fly fishing was a new and exciting challenge.
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