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    I fish a lot and then fish some more. I am a beginner plug builder.
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    Helping others catch fish.
  1. I have casted my friend's 9' prevail and it's a great rod
  2. 2 Browns and 1 rainbow today. Holdovers. 3 fish in 4 casts. nothing in the half hour before or after LOL
  3. Good luck Okie
  4. Another option is the tica surge and it's a little cheaper. I have the dolphin and surge in 9' love them both
  5. Thanks Brian. I am trying to figure out new species to chase around here. I feel like the bass need a break and walleye are just too cool. I might have to try this weekend if they aren't blasting water through the dam. I also have some shiners left from ice fishing i would like to get rid of. Bonus fish i might catch in this river would be an atlantic salmon or sea run trout. I most likely won't catch anything though.
  6. maybe delete that post surf mad man. unless you truly are a mad man
  7. Hey guys. Was hoping someone would fill me in on when to start trying for shore Walleye in spring. I have a big reservoir wth walleye and a river that has some. The ones in the river are stocked upstream in the lake above the dam, but do come down. My friend got a nice one last spring trying for stripers on a mag darter and i got 1 of 3 small ones through the ice on this river a month back. I am hoping there's a shot of getting walleye in the river before the alewives and stripers run up there heavy. Any idea of water temp and what to toss would be appreciated.
  8. There's trout in there. And i recently found out it is illegal to use trout for bait here. I wanted to liveline some.
  9. A few springs back i had a rainbow trout in the fridge for a couple days. Forgot to clean it so i chunked it in the harbor. Fish picked it up and swam right at me. I reeled in all the slack trying to keep up with the fish then it decided to turn and pull. Fish felt pretty big. I spooled new line on that day with a tight drag to get the line on nice and forgot to set my drag before going fishing. Lucky the line broke because the rod felt like it was about to. Wish i saw that one.
  10. One of the things i enjoy about catfishing is the solitude. Only friends around. The river is a completely different place after the stripers leave. So peaceful.
  11. I mean Not right now but in the warmer months
  12. Can you generally find channel cats below a dam in fast water? Been fishing slower moving parts of the river.
  13. I will give