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  1. Here is a link for the pool: https://tournament.f...62b&soc_trk=lnk Password is sol2017 If we can get more than 5 people then say $20 a bracket? If not then just for fun
  2. Here is a link for the pool: Password is sol2017 If we can get more than 5 people then say $20 a bracket? If not then just for fun
  3. Was hoping we would get 10, I know it's last minute but I will try and make a group sometime today so people can get the picks done, unless someone else wants to. Was thinking $20 each? I'm kind of going crazy this week with the show in Somerset this weekend but will figure out PayPal or something and how to pay up. Let me know who'd still be in
  4. Just figured I'd drop in and see if bringing it up extra early might mean there's enough time to actually make it happen. We had a good tradition going, be nice to revive it after two years without...
  5. Hey, guys, how ya been... I actually just dropped in after a long time to see if the old Brewroom NCAA pool was running. Sad to see it isn't unless people want to pull it together last minute... Interesting timing in life I guess
  6. Haven't been here in a long time, stopped in to see if the Brewroom NCAA tournament pool was going to make it back. I know Rob couldn't do it last year, I would have offered to but wife was having our son. Just didn't see anything, would be willing to help throw it together but it's pretty last minute. Anyone, Thoughts? Be a shame to see the tradition die off...
  7. Rob. you have done it for years, hopefully somebody will step up to do it this year cause it would be a shame for it to not happen but you deserve a break. I would volunteer to do it next year, I could set up the group this year but my wife is going to go into labor any day now so I would need someone else to collect the money. Yahoo does the rest for the most part as far as scoring. Anyone willing to act as treasurer and I'll set up the group and get it started?
  8. Hadn't seen anything up here yet but am not on very often so I could have missed it. We doing it again this year? I would say I would be willing to do it if Rob can't but my wife is due the 24th so I probably will barely get to fill out a bracket and check in April to see how i did... Would do whatever I can to help though and try to get a bigger turnout as well.
  9. It is just a chimney chase, not touching the flu pipe just going through the dead space between the chimney itself and the framing. Looks like I am going with good old black iron since there are no systems that don't require certification and they wont do certification for anyone but contractors. I had thought gastite was okay for DIY projects but upon further review they aren't.
  10. About to start our kitchen renovation and I need to reroute the gas line. I have no problem with access as everything existing is in the 1/2 basement, and the new line will run through the chimney chase and only through one or two stud bays. I don't want to be messing with a dozen fittings and black iron pipe to make it up but have not worked with the flexible lines before. I have been looking at the coated flexible aluminum, doing it seems to be no problem, don't need anything special for the connections, just wondering if anyone has used it and had any tips, pro's or con's.
  11. I am working on our coming son's future room and going with a nautical theme. I have a green channel marker that washed ashore, the back channel type that are just painted wood squares/triangles. I would like to make a matching red marker for the nursery but am above heading out with a My question is what wood they use. It is unsanded but I can't tell what it is. Any help for what they make them out of or of something that will have that same rough even grained texture/look?
  12. Just did a Werner wood one with no complaints. I had 2x6 framing and needed to add insulation before putting a floor down so I framed the opening in 2x10 and it more or less matched the height of the 2x4 sleepers over the joists and decking for a smooth transition. I also did a hinged door with 3/8 plywood and a 2x3 frame, the frame got the height okay to clear the folded stairs and set up a counterweight and a few layers of closed cell insulation board. I really noticed the air movement and smell of insulation before I capped the opening, now not a whiff.
  13. Check your PM's, sent it over but forgot to add my screen name.
  14. *** is wrong with Creighton? I'm not the only one to take them to the Elite 8 and they are getting smoked. I can't remember a team that wasn't some 16 seed playing a 1 seed that got blown out like this. Not a 3 playing a 6... 26 points? 20 at halftime?
  15. I'm cool with it. When I looked at the list on yahoo and didn't see Billy I was concerned... Just keep us updated so we can at least keep track of who's leading.