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  1. 4 more bass last night from shore in the Clinton area. Fished the incoming tide from from 7-10pm. Once again, bucktails seem to be the ticket.
  2. Clinton / Westbrook / Madison Area - - - Went out last night and the bite was pretty good! A Bucktail with a curly otter tail seemed to do the trick. 4 keepers in the 10-20 lb range and a handful of schoolies. Blues were no where to be found. Going out again tonight!
  3. LOTS of peanut bunker today along the CT shoreline between Madison / Old Saybrook. Snappers are good size but where is everything else? I pulled in a handful of snappers, a small sea robin & a seagull. Maybe larger fish will show up in October???
  4. G.Loomis Pro Blue 7'6. That rod is AMAZING.
  5. Don't think twice about a GSB1081L. I have the GSB91LS - It's built on the 1081L blank, just factory made. I think it's the best all around 9 foot surf rod I've ever used - I fish the CT shorelines throwing mostly 2oz and under. If you want to go heaver consider the GSB1081M.
  6. I have the opportunity to pick up a Penn Slammer 3 for a pretty good price. I've fished Shimano / VS forever. Maybe you guys can help. What are your thoughts about this reel? How does it fish compared to a Saragosa? Any pros / cons? Pairing this with my Lami 1081L --- Should I buy the 3500, 4500, 5500? I was thinking 4500. Thanks for the help!
  7. That is one bad ass set up! Such a great all round rod.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I was concerned about the weight as well. I have a VS100 that's working fine on it now. Ideally the 150 would be perfect, but I'm not complaining! It's a light set up that's a blast to fish! ZB better on a 10 footer?
  9. G.Loomis 7'6 ProBlue with a VS100. 20lb Sufix Braid. Enjoy!
  10. I've been out 3 times this to some of my usual spots (Westbrook, Clinton, Guilford area) that produce fish regularly and have been skunked every time! Has anyone noticed the bite has slowed down from shore?
  11. Hey guys, I have have the opportunity to pick up a Zeebaas ZX2-22 for a pretty good price. I've been fishing both VS and Shimano products for years. I have no experience with a Zeebaas. Can anyone give me feedback. Pros / Cons / thoughts. Would be pairing this with a Lami 1081L around the CT shoreline & some RI fishing.
  12. Thanks for the words! I tend to throw smaller stuff. 1-2 oz Bucktails w/ otter tails, Gibbs pencil poppers, the occasional eel and sp minnows. I hooked a few small blues today and the usual sea robins. I'm waiting for something to put this to the test.
  13. Well, I made the jump and bought the rod. I fished it for the last 3 hours and I LOVE IT. Thanks for the help guys.