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  1. I own 3 pro blue rods. go with the 843 for fluke.
  2. Clinton / Westbrook / Madison --- Landed 5 good fish last night from shore. Two 35+ inch Bass around the 18 lb mark, the others were 12 inch schoolies. Not a bluefish in sight. The larger ones were caught on a Black Bucktail and SP minnow. Not a lot of bait. Saw what I thought were ablies off in the distance well out of casting range before the sun went down. Tight lines guys!
  3. I just put a Slammer 4500 on my GSB1081L and it's PERFECTLY matched. Don't go up to a 5500 / 6500. There is a DRASTIC weight increase. I spooled mine with 300 yards 20lb PP super slick and a good amount of dacron backing. There is no need to go up in size for any inshore species in the north east unless you're throwing 6+ oz plugs.
  4. You can also look at G.Loomis IMX surf rods. They have an 8'0 1-6oz, and 8'10 one piece 3/4 - 5oz, and more. They are super sensitive graphite blanks that are surprisingly powerful.
  5. Going tomorrow after 3:30 and most likely all day wednesday.
  6. There is some good structure and fast moving current in new spot I've been fishing from shore. I've had good luck with smaller bass up to 20lbs on lures. I'm determined to catch a cows with lures. No sand bars, fair amount of bunker around right now, BIG rocks just out of casting distance. If you're traveling though CT drop a message.
  7. I might need a longer rod for for that..... ....thats what she said.
  8. I'll bite--- Lami GSB1081L VS150 - 30LB Sufix Braid 1.5OZ Bucktail w/ Long Curly Otter Tail or Gibbs Pencil Popper CT Shoreline - Long Island Sound.
  9. One of my favorite rods is the Lami Ron Area (or Certified Pro) 1083-2. I purchased mine used for a fraction of the price. You can also look at a Lami GSB1081L
  10. Better yet --- before gettin it on with your girl... it doesn't end well for anyone.
  11. At a VERY reputable tackle shop in CT.
  12. I've used both the improved clinch / slim beauty with Sufix for years and very, very rarely do they fail. I'm wondering if I just got a bad spool....
  13. Improved Clinch & Polamar. For line to line I've been using a slim beauty.
  14. The guides are fine. That's what I thought as well. I took it out lat night with another reel that has Sufix on it. Not one break off.