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  1. Did you get with the FL State Attorney General? I have done that is NJ, and for the most it works. I know this is minor to you situation but, During Sandy I ran my generators, swapping them after six hours a piece. They are Honda's so not a lot of racket. I had a small child that was sick and I had to have heat. The women in charge of the association said I couldn't run them it was against the rules. I told her tough ****, and ran them, I also new that when the governor declares a State of Emergency it release rules for secondary generation. So, she called the cops, they came and I told them that, and they agreed and went away. Just before Christmas the association sent me a fine/bill for twice my fees. because I breached the contract. I called and sent and called the AG. They said they would handle it, so I didn't pay the fee or the fine that month. I just paid the next months fees and they were told to send out an amendment to the condo rules.So, whats the lesson, always question and don't count on dumb peoples interpretation of laws or rules. I hope it works out someway for you.
  2. Racists!
  3. Do you even know what point you are trying to make?
  4. I do, they are robbing our children's future! Don't ask how because you know how.
  5. My believes entirely, but that is not whats been happening!
  6. Yes, our opinion is not required!
  7. Don't have too, they just make decisions. The Constitution gives it the power to check, if necessary, the actions of the President and Congress. And overturn those decisions. That is were the SCOTUS can effect a lot of policies. Supreme Court was not originally set up for this function. It was set up to hear arguments between two private citizens, not big corporations or even laws. But, that has changed over the centuries. Also, Trump has confirmed 84 lower federal judges which is significant!
  8. Does any of this politics matter? With two more years of his presidency, he could pick up two more seats on the Supreme Court; thus possibly 7-2, or at worse 6-3. And with the current environment lately, if you disagree you sue sue sue and possibly making it to the Supreme Court. So, for the next 20-30+ years it looks like the republicans (conservatives) hold the cards. And, it doesn't matter who is in office! My thoughts, I'm happy.
  9. I am 69 and have had back surgery, have a 2014 Outback and am in it for 4-6 hours at a time. I had a 2015 with the new chair and for some reason I wasn't as comfortable; my legs would rub on the sides, and I felt less stable. This is all just IMO!
  10. I think the 4000 is too big, I use a 2000 for the most. And the 7'6" rod would be good for a 16' yak, but I prefer the 6'6' to 7' IMO
  11. The fish don't care what you look like! Who cares what you look like if your catching fish, I use and abuse the peddles to control my drift speed from 1-2mph, preferably 1.5. In grass .5 if you can. It takes work to catch fish sometimes. But, remember where not in our living room. Plus, its a good reason to get a yak with peddle drive.
  12. Peddle!
  13. Work the channel, no grass!