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  1. I've been living in Colorado for the past couple of years and I'm planning a visit home next week. Fortunately, 40 years of surf fishing equipment resides at my nephew's house and I plan on hitting some spots in the back that have been good to me over the years What kind of Spring are you guys having? Are there any Weakies around?
  2. Stupid fishing again today. For a while, it was a fish on every cast. Glad to see we're having a Fall run of sorts, for a change.
  3. It's a guessing game. I was at the right place with the right tide and the right wind and the bait and fish showed up. So, yeah, it was pure luck. I've had many a trip over the past 40 years that I had to work 2 tides for 0-1 fish.
  4. I don't do it. If I'm on a pod of bunker on my kayak, I have one rod set up to snag another with an 8/0 Octopus. I've had good results with that method.
  5. Absoloute stupid fishing where I was today and I had the beach pretty much to myself until another guy showed up. Most of the fish were on shads until the sun started to set, then all fish came on swimmers.
  6. This needs to end up in court, because if Deal suceeds, it will set forth a blueprint for other shore towns. Municipalities on LBI have been fighting easements for years, and the state is putting monies into escrow to seize those properties as necessary just to complete beach replenishment projects. Previously, beach replenishment was withheld in towns that refused to provide beach access to the public. As much as I dislike beach replenishment, withholding it from towns that refuse access to the public is a pretty potent weapon: either open your taxpayer funded beaches to the publc, or lose them and the houses to to nature. It's also an El Nino year so expect plenty of costal storms.
  7. Or you can go to RI for a week; maybe do Block Island. I don't expect the fishing here to recover in my life time. When the Corps ramped up beach destruction, I got a kayak.But even that has limited utility now. I'm glad that I was able to fish when I did, but it is not worth expending the gas,time, or effort anymore.
  8. If you are a negative person when you aren't fishing, is it reasonable to expect to that you won't be a negative person when you are fishing? I used to be a fairly negative guy and I fished at times like it was my job. Now I view it's just one of the many hobbies that I have, and success or failure doesn't effect my day. I've caught a lot of fish over the years, and even had my fifty during an epic spring bunker run. People need to lighten up and realize that it's just fishing and not life.
  9. What are you doing for internet? What is the speed and cost?
  10. That's my issue. When they made WFN a subscription channel, I said screw it, I'm not paying extra for it when I'm stuck with a bunch of channels that I don't watch and will never watch. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what internet alone will cost me, since Verizon has it bundled with TV and phone. My current internet speed is 54mbps and I'd love to know what they would charge me for a stand alone service. I finally convinced the wife to give up the land line, so we'll be down to just cell phones and internet. A decent indoor antenna(with amplifier) will run me about $34.00. I figure $8.00 a month for either Hulu plus or Netflix. The savings should be substantial.
  11. How many people have done it with a streaming device, Netflix or Hulu plus subscription and a digital antennae? Every time I watch TV, Verizon wants to charge me a subscription fee for something that was formerly free, and there are a lot of channels that I will never watch. (plus the monthly fee for the cable boxes) I think its time to get rid of cable, but what are the pros and cons?
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  13. Get the Emergers. I got them when they first came out, and I'm om my seventh pair. The warranty is unbeatable.
  14. Three bass out of the yak last night and loads of spearing all over the place. I still haven't been able to find a weakfish.Also, there were more small crabs than I have ever seen.
  15. I've found them to be great off of jettys, in inlets, and in rough water. I use them in the same conditions that I would use a bottle plug, because they dig in. One tip; get a Mag Darter in mullet for the mullet run.