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  1. Warm weather is messing with the muskie feedbag. Fish aren't where they should be and not chowing as much as they should be. That said I've picked a few over the last 2-3 weeks after my Aug 1st neck surgery.
  2. What'd you see RR? Toothy critter?
  3. Beastly, the Susq is a very large, wide (over a mile WIDE at some points), boulder. ledge invested, powerful river. Yet, average flow levels in the areas we all fish runs at 4'. That same water went up to 17'-19' three times between July 4th and labor day and never approached normal level or clarity. Average flows of 20,000 cfs went up to over 300,000 cfs several times in that period and I'm not bull ****ting you. I have a place and a dock on the river and track the river daily. The old timer owners in my area have told me they haven't seen this in 40-50 years they've owned there. This has nothing to do with "adjusting" or "leaving your comfort zone". You know your river and we know ours.
  4. How many "Big Drops" can you stand in one year RR?
  5. Hey Plugchucker, After hitting the surf and jetties hard from 2000-2010 I started back to doing a lot of FW fishing again and I find it a nice change of pace. I'm 90+ minutes away to the closest beaches, not necessarily the best beaches, so it was never easy for me to fish the surf a lot. You just need to match your gear to your FW target. Top water bass, pickerel, muskie fishing is a blast, so much so that sometimes that's all I bring. I still hit the sand and rocks 3-4 times each spring and fall but not like I used to. I'm actually ready to chase the stripers more this fall but we'll see...
  6. Thanks for the thoughts boys. I gotta hook up and fish with you guys when I recover
  7. Just my guess Derrick but I always thought it extended the buoyancy further back in the boat and helped keep the back end up a little to keep the jet motor up high. I only see it with jets.
  8. She's on the drop now. Unfortunately I just had cervical disc fusion surgery in my neck last week. No driving for 2 weeks and no fishing for at least 6-8 weeks in "my" boat. Can't risk the physical requirements to launch or pulling it out. I could strain my neck while the bone graphs are fusing. If I go 2 months this will be one of the longest I've ever gone without fishing in 40 years... Back to the drop. I think all the river fish, i.e., catfish, walleye, muskies and bass all go on a feeding binge after really high water. They've been taking cover in flooded areas, under banks and log piles from heavy flows for a few days. Wish I could be out there next week . Good luck all!
  9. I hear ya bigfish. I've fished from Black Rock up through Pottstown for 40 years so we both have a lot of history to reflect upon. That stretch of the Schuylkill river is forever altered and will never return to what it was. Funny that the PFBC would say no impact from flatheads. Our local PFBC biologist Mike Kauffman asks frequently on a few PA FW sites if anyone is catching flatheads above Pottstown/Reading. Want to know why? The bass fishing above Pottstown/Reading is still strong and very few flat heads are caught up there. The bass fishing from there through Philly has sucked since 2010.
  10. Sorry if my post came across that I meant Beastley was profiting. I meant the creators of the petition, guides, etc... pushing it. I like Beastley, we've always got along and I know he means well. No offense intended.
  11. Beastly, I respect you as an angler but I disagree. I agree with Matt. Anyone who fishes these rivers realizes that this invasive species of catfish has severley depleted bass and pan fish populations in every river it appears in. There is NO SHORTAGE of flat heads in the rivers I fish and they are taking over. I catch flat heads bass fishing, I catch flat heads walleye fishing and I catch flat heads muskie fishing... The flat head populations have exploded over the last 10-15 years with current regulations!!! These new regulations would only damage the small mouth and pan fish populations even more in our rivers. As far as the PFBC saying flat heads haven't impacted bass and pan fish, they've been wrong before. I know many stretches of the Susq and Schuylkill that are now barren of anything but catfish. Think about this single, tunnel vision, self serving, industry (AKA put more cash in my pocket) pushed legislation before signing a petition.
  12. Thanks TJ. Nice way to close out the spring. Water temps were 75/76 Sunday morning and 83 by the end of day Monday! Switching to smallie fishing for the summer. Picked up a 6wt fly rod and a few streamers and poppers. Ready to wade and hopefully catch some fish
  13. OK, deal muskies first but then SMB someday.
  14. Hey, RR it was a pleasure to finally meet you. Wish we could have talked more and would be honored to SMB fish with you sometime. Here's a Fathers Day gift I caught Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m.on a Dr Evil prop bait. I recognize that white bucket. I've been through 3 different humongous muskie bait boxes and they all suck. I like my white bucket
  15. Nice catch. Is that a TFO fly rod? Just bought a 6 wt two months ago but my local river has been flooded and dirty for 8 weeks... :/