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  1. In the musky world we call these DNR's, for Dive and Rise. You twicth it down hard and let it rise some, then repeat. They look like Bobbie Baits as far as the builder. Not the same as a spook.
  2. I use spooks for musky and only get to the surf 5-6 times a year now. Used to be 10-15 times.. Do you guys throw top water in the surf only when you see bait being pushed up or will you throw it blind? Thanks
  3. I like working spooks on a conventional reel as well but be sure its a High Speed/higher gear ratio reel. The amount of line uptake per revolution is what makes this method work, IMO.
  4. No matter how deep, shallow, clear or dirty always do boat side maneuvers. Not just when you see fish. Late slow follows happen often and many deep follows you'll never see. I've pulled up baits after 3 or 4 figure 8's or ovals only to see a fish near my boat as my next cast goes flying out. I've had fish shoot up from the deep and take my bait on the 3rd or 4th time around that I never saw. Even when fishing from banks or wading, fish will come in very late in clear water. Many days you only get one chance at a fish and having the patience and discipline to do this can make all the difference. I have guys I fish with who don't do this consistently and then ask me how I catch far more muskies than they do...
  5. A little late to the 2019 party but here are a few Susquehanna fish. Picked up 8 in the river last year but all my big fish came from lakes.
  6. I haven't been on SOL in a while, hope that you're all well. Nice river bass there TJ.
  7. Been a while since I visited SOL. Always catching up on the muskie conversations. One tool I didn't see or may have missed is a LARGE net with a thick coated bag. Not a bass net, Keeping the fishes head and gills submerged as long as possible while unhooking goes a long way to enhancing survival rate. I often see newbies without a net and if I'm close enough will motor over to help them whether in a boat or on shore. A large net and boots to stand in 1-2 feet of water while wading is so important to unhooking a fish. I've seen them bouncing around and up and down 2-3 feet in the air laying on rocks. PLEASE take care if our resources.
  8. I'm in agreement with Dace C and Mataliczombi. Barrel swivel with floro and single wire no barrel with gliders. I also agree that 999/1,000 muskie anglers do as well. As for the muskies rolling wow, I'd say 50% of the almost 200 I have over 30" rolled hard sometimes while in the water but mostly while in the net. To each their own as long as the knot holds and you're not breaking off so be it.
  9. Hello Dave C
  10. Most flourocarbon leaders have a barrel swivel that you can tie your braid to. No need for a knot between braid and floro and wouldn't recommend that. I'd be far more concerned with that knot slipping than a fish ever cutting 100-130 lb floro leader. Just want to be sure that you're not using monofilament line as your leader. Use flourocarbon leader, if not using a single wire for glide baits. Get a large rubber coated net, pliers and bolt cutters for your hooks. Tigers typically hit smaller baits than pure strain muskies in my experience but there are no absolutes. May in PA is typically a very strong month for tiger muskies. Should be similar in VA
  11. Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, I know Steve very well from fishing the river over the years and we've fished on my boat as well as off the banks together. He's very knowledgeable and always willing to help someone. Steve has caught far more muskies than I and he's taught me a lot.
  12. Afternoon, Just read your Muskie thread, love those fish.  My best is only about 33".  Been fishing Maine in the "Great North Woods" as they call it, at Baker lake.  Not sure if ya know the story of them up there, Canada kind of had an accident and they got introduce into the St. John.  I found a guide I plan on going with next year, Del Harrington of Muskie Connections, I talked to him once on the phone, sounds like a good guy.


       I didn't want to put this on the thread because I'd hate to see it get crowded up there : )  Probably wont happen but you never know.  Baker lake is 80 mi on dirt roads but I guess back in the day it got pretty busy there.  I think a lot of the fish there are stunted, just no food for the.  I've heard of some 40" fish but they are getting really scarce. It's cool fishing it because you are out in the middle of no where and usually see some moose around.

     Anyways just thought you might be interested in Maine. Oh and congrates on your 50+"




    1. Mike D

      Mike D

      Hey Scott,


      Thanks for the information. I've been to Maine once and its a beautiful state. I was there for work and managed to do some surf fishing for stripers around Popham Beach Park.  Caught quite a few 18"-22" on bucktails at the mouth of creek as the tide was dropping.  Walked out with the surf as it pulled out out about 100 yds or more and kept catching them.  Our tides go out 10' in NJ and that was an amazing sight for me.   No plans to get up there again but I'd like to.

  13. OK, I've struggled in Nov fishing lakes since the rivers been too high and caught ZERO muskies over the last 3 weeks. I normally fish the DE and Suquehanna from Nov- Feb. conditions permitting, but now I'm getting angry. Rivers may not be fishable from my boat for at least another 2 weeks and that's if we don't get poured on again. This is the worst rainy year I can ever remember. Seems like I fished the river once or twice since July 4th. Just venting
  14. Not about numbers but the largest FIVE Chain Pickerel as well as LMB of my life have all come while muskie fishing over the last 8 years. Everyone may not agree but big baits equal big fish IMO. I've got 7 pickerel between 24" and 27" all on 8"-10" muskie baits over the last 3-4 years. Just caught this one on a 10" twitch/jerk bait on Tuesday. Not sure how this guy was going to digest this...Hungry buggers And of course all of these are caught in cold water 35-45 degree water surface temps.
  15. Spectacular Day TJ! CONGRATULATIONS! I think a 3 fish day is worth repeating those pics.