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  1. Great, another day where I have **** to get done and half the companies I work with are closed. Just what I needed. if it was up to me we'd have one day a week off instead of two and everyone gets a full week in july and a full week in january, that's it. celebrate whatever you celebrate in one of those 2 weeks. enough with all the holidays. it's ****ing ridiculous.
  2. I think you might have posted in the wrong thread by accident. This one is about the current president, J. Robinette Biden. Please PM me if you'd like me to move your post to an appropriate thread about the former president
  3. anyone else scroll down expecting to see the back of Sammich's head?
  4. So, you're being dishonest. Got it. Thanks for admitting that
  5. That's what you see when you watch these videos, a stuttering problem? Really? Are you being honest?
  6. It's just annoying as hell. Someone could start a thread about oatmeal cookies and these guys would be whining about trump before we got halfway through the first page. And don't bother with the tu quoque "but Obama" stuff either. that was annoying too, and no justification for making every biden discussion about trump now. What do you think Dude? Without referencing Trump, can you comment on Biden's apparent lack of mental capacities? Does anything we're seeing from him now concern you?
  7. go eat a giant bag of dicks Frank
  8. yeah, we know. It took you thing long to realize it too?
  9. Zak, at least try to pretend that you understand what "on-topic" means, OK. This thread isn't about Trump. So if you want to talk about him go dredge up one of Maxx's threads, or start your own.
  10. At this point, if I were his handlers, I'd be more concerned about Putin simply beating the **** out of him and claiming "he fell"
  11. Counting ballots that way is totally legit though That's just because you people hate Asians now.
  12. prove it.