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  1. its like watching a moop prepare chicken cutlets
  2. do you know how hard it is to hold back the massive, obnoxious, jumping up and down laughing my ass off "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" that my wife's in store for? it's killing me, but I'm waiting until they actually arrest him. Hurry up Chicago PD, please.
  3. ^ take it to the assbaby noob!
  4. you'd almost think they were intentionally creating a system so wasteful, so inefficient that people just give up and say eff-it, let's go single-payer.
  5. Yes, but hte road isnt rough... Child of god is rough
  6. Book 1 of Islands in the stream was hemingways best, imo. Cormac mccarthy's the crossing Marquez's autumn of the patriarch
  7. There is like, totally a rise in this new class of crimes we just invented.
  8. You guys fight a lot
  9. Yeah, your avatar.
  10. Correct. and when a left winger is asked via PM to edit a post or change behavior, you don't know and when a righty is taken to task publicly, you do.
  11. Says the guy with a picture of Dexter in his avatar - a fictional serial killer who glorifies vigilante justice.
  12. Basically everything you say here is representative of why, as a group, liberals have a harder time complying with the rules in this forum than conservatives. You, in particular, are incapable of distinguishing between attacking the content of a post and attacking the poster, and on top of that you actually feel a moral obligation to attack a person whose opinion you disagree with. Content you don't like offends you, deeply - look at your choice of words: "disgusting" "hate mongers" "gross assaults". Differing opinions actually hurt your feelings, and you response is to fight back against the person whose words you don't like, not to challenge the accuracy of their statements or, god-forbid, actually try to actually understand why someone with a totally different view believes what they believe and maybe even entertain the idea that their views are equally valid. I don't know why I bothered to spend 4 minutes trying explain anything to you, since you've proven yourself over and over to be a worthless whiny piece of ****... maybe Tim's merciful loving nature is rubbing off on me just a little.
  13. allowing a social club to be co-ed, or making a social club be co-ed?
  14. Fornicated? If thats a sin why did He give me a wang?
  15. they didn't do a terrible job with Spain the first time.