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  1. wow, the state with the highest percentage of people over 65 had a higher rate of covid deaths than the state with one of the lowest? shocking.
  2. the economy didn't tank in 2020. it was tanked, on purpose.
  3. Look, I think he's a good player, and a very,very good fit for NY. I just don't get the second coming of Babe Ruth crap that's flying around, making this top-10 or top-15 player out to be a once-in-a-generation talent, and the idea that he's going to get $45-$50mil a year is nuts. He's not that good, at least by any metric I'm seeing.
  4. In his first 7 seasons Williams averaged 126 RBIs, 134 walks, and 32 home runs. His season batting average was .355 and his OBP was .488. His accumulated WAR was 62.6 In his first 7 seasons Juan Soto averaged 69 RBIs, 91 walks, and 23 home runs. His season batting average was .284 and his OBP was .421. His accumulated WAR was 28.0
  5. In his 7 seasons, Soto has only been in the top 10 in WAR once and has only hit 30 home runs twice. He's also well below average defensively. Like Joey, I really don't get it.
  6. I hope he tells the pig story again
  7. I'll see you tomorrow in the parking lot!
  8. well, if you dont like that person
  9. just out of curiousity......are people confusing casualties with deaths here, again?
  10. there have been at least a dozen conflicts in Africa alone in the last few decades with far higher civilian body counts.
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