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  1. Seriously though, you suck at driving.
  2. Its cool, traffic laws don't really apply to you. You're elite, enlightened, and smarter than everyone else.
  3. I cant believe I miss the old patrick. He was immature amd moody, but at least he didnt pretend to be better than us. Honestly kid, the smug holier-than-thou stuff is really lame. And all you're doing is proving that, even after all these years, you still don't know ****.
  4. I hope you like tom of finland
  5. Darcy
  6. Shutup marcy
  7. Supposed biden video? Are you effing serious? Or do you just assume that if its not getting played on CNN it must not exist?
  8. Lol, no. You have a very poor understanding. One more time...
  9. oh lord is francis on that silly 'blue states support red states" nonsense again?
  10. You have this whole thing ass backwards. This is not about trying to "shut down" anti Trump or anti conservative speech, its about preventing publishers from blocking/deleting/banning speech that is critical of the left, which google, facebook, twitter, etc have been doing on a massive scale. You are framing an attempt to protect free speech as an attempt to limit it.
  11. .
  12. Shoulda christened the basement bathroom
  13. I think the boat is just to get you out of the house long enough for her to pack up her stuff.