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  1. Patrick hid it.
  2. you both suck at math
  3. I think your confusing the Book of Revelation with Game of Thrones.
  4. yeah, all over each other in a gay nerd orgy.
  5. that might be worth looking into
  6. don't confuse forecasts with model output - nobody is honestly forecasting 100" of rain, even 50" would be kinda ridiculous, although not impossible if this things stalls for a couple days. I think a lot of weather geeks just get a kick out of seeing the models spit out historic or unprecedented things - like 93" of rain. Nobody buys it verbatim, but it does give you some sense of the catastrophic potential of this thing.
  7. what's your elevation above the edisto river?
  8. don't lump me in with those cube farm nobodys.
  9. this is the "how can I **** the most people" track:
  10. where is cottageville on this map, in relation to the 93 inches of rain spot? lol.
  11. patrick works at jo-ann fabrics?
  12. many employees and might may have legal claims An New York employer yeah, looks legit
  13. Tell him I said **** off.
  14. Good for you man! Getting off morphine can be tough, but its for the better.
  15. See Mitchell, its easy