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  1. You dont match a reel to a rod. You choose a rod based on what you need it to do and you choose a reel based on what you need it to do. What weight range will you be casting? Lures and bait with the same rod usually means it will only cast one well or both poorly unless the bait and lead are on the light side or the lures are on the heavy side. No rod, for example, can cast both 1oz and 6oz well. You may be better off with 2 rods - one thats well-suited to each application, even if that means splitting up your money and buying less expensive/lower quality. What type of line will you be using and what size reel holds 300 yards of that line? As long as that line is suitable for both bait and lures (like 40 or 50# powerpro) theres no reason the reel cant be used for both. It wont care whether its attached to a light 9 foot rod one day and a heavy 11 foot bait rod the next day. Dont split up your reel money.
  2. Black hole suzuki!
  3. Figure that out first.
  4. Dear CnR, please die. Thank you.
  5. No, that's from the french ministry of the interior...over 1,000 acts of violence against catholic churches last year.
  6. The reason is missing???? The've been waging a war on Christianity for 11 hundred ****ing years.
  7. The quiet kinda freaks me out. I always wind up sleeping with a tv on, otherwise I keep waking up hearing kids crying or walking around. Silence is creepy when you're not used to it.
  8. Like chuds?
  9. beating off behind Petco?
  10. self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. chick looks 40, not 18...meth?
  11. I actually prefer the farm-raised stuff - it tends to be much fattier. I don't usually get as fancy with it though - just salt the skin overnight to dry it out, then skin side down in a little olive oil, finish in the oven for a few minutes.
  12. According to French officials, yes.
  13. That's really my only gripe here. There is no need to be threatening and swearing at people trying to buy paper towels. Its just trashy behavior.