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  1. Are there people who think the show is a documentary?
  2. We cant possibly be talking about the same animal. Sandfleas up here are mole crabs: No way you're eating those, right? Right?
  3. I know, but its Jase, and he's a little.....
  4. But they dont.
  5. Democrat votes.
  6. eggs, bacon... ....meatballs and sauce?
  7. good, and count your steps next time too
  8. looks like cheap jarred grated parm on top, so I betcha it's marinara.
  9. I think the length of the rod is totally irrelevant unless you're strapped-in, you'll never take advantge of the 12k's additional drag.... the 12k has a lower gear ratio, so line retrieve is about the same.... so......if you don't need the additional line capacity, why go witth the heavier, more expensive reel? even if a rod is going to be dead-sticked, you're still gonna notice the extra half pound of weight hanging off it when casting, carrying it, fighting a fish. what practical benefits do you get out of the larger reel?
  10. wtf is livermush? what was the waitresses's name? How much did it cost (+tax)? What did you leave as a tip, and why? How many miles from where you are staying? And.....any photos of the parking lot? if you're gonna do this, you're gonna have to do it right.
  11. Wait.....sandfleas?
  12. Like, two snaps and a twist hated it.
  13. @Terry Mac hated it
  14. Ha ha Sucker