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  1. The hat with light on brim is the best idea. Walmart has lots of choices: This one clips on your hat: Cyclops - The Tilt Hat Clip With 5 LED Lights A similar one: Berkley Clip On Hat Light A hat with built in light: Paramount Outdoors Realtree Camo 4-LED Cap Light Another one: Paramount Outdoors Blaze Orange 4-LED Cap Light photo:
  2. From the album Neck Lights?

  3. I bet you could make one out of wood, u-bolts, and PVC pretty easily.
  4. Title speaks for itself. Was thinking of difference from the canal to RI to maybe Old Lyme. What is the closest areas with striper action right about now? Thanks.
  5. I was at the beach with the kids yesterday, and saw a lot of birds out off Brewster. Is anybody having any luck there? Thanks.
  6. From the album Forum Attachments

  7. From the album Forum Attachments

  8. From the album Forum Attachments

  9. item 8335653541 (I hope that isn't against the rules. If so, just delete this entire post.)
  10. They are anti-RKBA!
  11. I bet that thing rides like a tru...wait a minute! Also look into getting your seat stuffed with more padding. Cheaper than suspension, and "closer to home" if you know what I mean.
  12. Go to jeeps unlimited forums and ask about mileage there. It is a Jeep. You need to live with it.
  13. Sounds great! Put up a picture. Where did you get them and how much? Thanks.
  14. I'd like the disks as well. How to get? Thanks.
  15. Odd, as I want mine to be steady and still as can be.