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  1. I see at least one every time I go now
  2. On the canal. If they lost something they know what it is
  3. The worst feeling has got to be getting home and realizing you’ve left your gear on the rocks. If you left something Monday I may have it. Describe the item and you get it back.
  4. Someone left a tackle box at the at the end of the marina Taylor’s point. Gone when they returned. They posted on a Bourne Facebook page looking for it.
  5. Heard one beached but nothing on the news
  6. Their are more around than just the bridges.
  7. I have some great boat rods and reals and old rods I’d love to sell. How much for a spot ?
  8. The seals are harming the piping plovers !!!!!
  9. The new hotel will be nice. I intend to stay a night there when it opens. Play tourist.
  10. Is like to see that video. I’ve seen them jump in for squid and minnows
  11. What would you do with an oyster that big ? Batter and fry ?????
  12. I got mine in Bourne. They were very nice about it.
  13. M&D has been my favorite bait and tackle for many years. Prices were great and Mike is very helpful and friendly. Hopefully whoever buys it is like him. I've wondered into Red Top numerous times over many years. I am always ignored. The day I saw an employee berate a customer to others in the shop after he left, was the last time I went in.