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  1. Trillium was doing online orders and free delivery. Started because of pandemic. I’m not sure if they are still doing it
  2. Never had tree house. I have been to the trillium brewery. Crazy line to pick up beer. Music playing, get a beer to drink while you stand in line. It’s pretty awesome
  3. You can get great perspective looking at these places on google earth street view. The place in weweanic is the end of 7th ave. It’s a public way and public access with stairs. Good place to launch a kayak but not much else. Very shallow for a long way out.
  4. It’s a a restaurant/bar. You buy a house near it, there may be restaurant/bar activity.
  5. Call the Wareham harbor master. Nice guy. He will know the situation. There is a guy on one of the weweanic back streets that puts up no parking signs on a public water access. Been doing it for twenty years and he actually calls the cops when people park there
  6. I saw on another site his name is David Hickman, From Scituate. RIP
  7. That’s just wrong. It’s legal but if you want it you WILL pay tax on it. Or buy it illegally. Yeah. Free country.....
  8. I did the same thing to drink less. Now I eat a cookie every night and I don’t crave alcohol.
  9. I’m sure your right. I always thought they ate seaweed. However, I watched them thru binoculars for about an hour. Some were in deeper water and not going deep. They really looked like small dark fish. Although I can’t imagine what they might have been. And the way they were shaking them was strange. The seagull mugging were entertaining.
  10. I was there today it’s pretty amazing those birds. They were diving down and getting small dark fish shaking them like hell before eating them. Seagulls come and land on them and steal there fish. I would have bought honey if I’d seen it.
  11. I used to bring stuff to the Kendrick house in Wareham. Veterans home. Maybe you have one near you
  12. There’s a new one out ecotank ? Comes with tanks of printer ink and probably never needs to be refilled if you just use it at home
  13. What would you use a bushel of frozen green crabs for ? Lobster bait ?
  14. On Craigslist south coast free section. Frozen bushels of green crabs free.
  15. This Saturday, February 27th, veterans who are 55 or older and enrolled on a VA healthcare plan can receive the first dose of the Moderna vaccine between 10:00AM-1:00PM at 199 Federal Furnace Road in Plymouth. Distribution is on a first-come-first-served basis.