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  1. I am so terrified of picking wild mushrooms one mistaken identity and your screwed. I don't trust myself
  2. When I was about 14, so 1978 ? I was at back river fishing with friends. Some other kids about the same age, I believe I knew a few of them. Came from he direction of Gray Gables. They all laid their bikes on the tracks and went down to the water. A train came and ran over all the bikes. It was quite a scene.
  3. First rule,fisherman lie. Don't want to be lied to, don't ask. I will send you to the worst spot imaginable. Shellfishing also.
  4. Breaking tide this morning. Not one fish. Never saw even a break or splash. No people either though
  5. At about 0445 am just as it was getting light,I heard the exhale. I looked up just in time to see it going back down. It was headed west with the current. Maybe a pilot whale ? I'd hate to hook into that. I also watched a guy catch a big bird on the other side of the canal. What a pain that is.
  6. I'm thinking the marina is in onset , point independent or onset bay. Wareham has a few low lifes
  7. I recommend M&Ds in Wareham on Main st. Mike is very knowledgeable and his prices are very good.
  8. Never seen squid before. They kept swimming by and some jumped up on the rocks. Absolutely no fish though . Should have taken some squid
  9. Did that corgi eat scallops ?
  10. I did not rinse them . Gritty
  11. Do you rinse the scallops before you cook them ? Sometimes they can have a grit.
  12. Why did you return it ? Where did you buy it ?
  13. That frozen at sea crap has that tryptosodium something chemical in it. Nasty stuff. How about salt cod ?
  14. Last weekend there was a seal hanging out at the elks run. I'm not sure if he is still there but I can't imagine why he would leave
  15. I have a mackerel one. I love it !!!