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  1. Thank you for the offer. Very nice of you I think I’m all set this year. But I’d love to try your finished crop. Maybe I could trade you some cookies
  2. HFG. You were right about i49 seed company. Bought 10 seeds $110. 3 germinated and they look week. A friend bailed me out with free seeds
  3. I like the full it in option with harbors on either side. The filled in part a park and greenway
  4. What is the difference between this and One that goes over to hermaphradite . I had one plant last year that did something and gave seeds. I had weeded out all males
  5. Onset has a party boat. Never been but seems popular
  6. RI fishing show cancelled also
  7. So where do you get seeds? Now I’m worried I got crap seeds . this is my first year buying from them. Every other company was difficult as no credit cards.
  8. Just bought seeds on i49. Websight. Sent a check and seeds came in 2 weeks. Cbd dominant and some white widow. Been growing outside in my yard for a few years no experience and amazing results. Getting lbs more than I can use so I make butter and edibles. Great pastime in my retirement
  9. I can’t remember where I found this picture online. I see everett downing and Alcott Tobey. I think Ed Braley and a McNally are there. The first guy on the left might be a Perry
  10. Was lunch at the beach house after the seminar ? It was a hopping place back then.