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  1. Got my skunk last night. Only a single tap for 3.5hours. It was peaceful for sure. There were not much mosquito either. Haha
  2. Offer $100 cash pickup for the Spheros 5000. Can meet in Concord center.
  3. Rockport
  4. Thank you guys. Just scratching the surface with the setup. Have a long road ahead.
  5. Its a relief for me as I have been struggle with this camera for a couple of weeks since getting it.
  6. After doing the auto AF fine Tuning, it turns out that I do not need any micro adjustments with the Tamron lens. What might finally helped was setting the AF Area Mode to Wide. Now I am getting more consistence focus subjects.
  7. I think it needs to be at the max -20. @600mm @400mm @200mm
  8. I did a -15 to get this result. It is my first time ever doing a micro fine focus adjust. So I am not 100% sure I did it correctly. @ 600mm @ 400mm @ 200mm
  9. Thanks guys. Front focus is the word that I could not come up with. I will work on that tonight.