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  1. Hello mike, where is the leak? Can you show me?crack bottom hull? double steering on the double? I am ok with $2750 pending inspection. I am concern with the leak and would like double steering on tandem.
  2. Hello mike, Would you be able to do $2500 for everything? If yes, I would come inspect it and take them with cash payment. I am in Mass so it would be a long drive for me. thanks for considering, young
  3. To take line off, I use a 3/8” threaded rod about 5” long. Secure an empty spool on the rod with a modified star thumb knob on both ends. Then Chuck it to the drill. Tape the line on the spool and use the drill to wind it out. I pinch line with a wet paper towel to level on the spool. I grinded the star knob to a bevel face. This helps center the spool on the shaft to eliminate wobble while spinning. The star knobs are also 3/8” thread through. left star knob is stock and right is modified.
  4. Personal preference. I like my foregrip about 8” with spiral cork under heat shrink. 19”-26” for rear grip depending on what the rod is used for and how long the rod is. the good thing about a two piece rod, is that it would be easier and less expensive if you don’t like the grip setup and want to change it.
  5. Ok please send pm for PayPal. thanks
  6. Offer $125 shipped to mass
  7. It’s my go to braid for fishing the canal. I use 30lb for jigging and plugging setups.
  8. Ok deal. Pm me for payment thanks
  9. Offer $420 shipped PayPal ready. thanks
  10. All yours jimmy. thanks
  11. Offer $150 shipped. PayPal ready. thanks
  12. I’ll take this. Thanks young
  13. Fished the Chu for the first time today. It’s a special place for sure. Started casting at 11:30am and quite at 5pm. Didn’t get a hit at all. Time flies when your learning a new place. Will be back for sure.