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  1. It depends on the wear of the line or loosing line from hang ups. So monitor your line and change as needed. Cut back when you see fraying in the line. For me, I change line about every 12 to 18 trips. Your miles may vary.
  2. Man that suck. I pickup stuff from him every year.
  3. If you can read the tag, take down the information and contact the attached phone number. You can leave the tag on the fish. If the tag is covered by algae growth and you are not able to read it, then remove the tag. It took awhile for me to clean the tag at home before I can read it.
  4. I have a Shimano Sustain FE 8000 with an extra 6000 FE spool that I could trade you. I could post picks if you are interested. We could meet up and check it out if you are interested. I work in north Billerica so I am close for meet up.
  5. Cool thanks. I understand what you are saying. It’s same as Bucktail jigging/ presentation but now it is in a slow down version with needle lure.
  6. I understand exactly what you are saying. It’s very similar with Bucktail. A Bucktail with same weight but different shape will effect the sink rate. So with that said what brand and weight do you recommend that will have a sink rate similar to a 3/4oz and 1 oz smiling bill Bucktail.
  7. Look at the algae growth on the picture. I was not able to see any information until I clean the tag. So no way to leave the tag on the fish on my situation.
  8. My boga is not certified, I pick up a 20lb dumbbell and read 20lb. I have to use my player to pull it off. The tag is scorred so once you pull quickly with a plier it will snap of at the scorred section. The tagged was covered with algae growth and I was not able to pull it off with my wet hands.
  9. I ponder about the weight lost but there could be simple explination. It might have been egg bearing or heavy feeding prior to tag and release. As you can see from my picture of the tagged fish, the stomach doesn’t appear to be stuffed.
  10. I was informed that the other section of the tagged embedded in the fish also contain the tag number. So if someone else catches the same fish and harvest it, that person can call in again and report the catch If they find the embedded tag. its cool that the tag can report the fish twice.
  11. The cool part of this is seeing the weight of the fish when it was first tagged and release at around 24lb and comparing to 20lb when I weight it on my boga. The second cool information is it only grew in length by only 0.75 inch.
  12. A couple of weeks later I received this in the mail.
  13. I caught a tagged fish 6/30/2018 around 3:30am at the ditch. I took a quick pic, length (38”) measurement and weight (20lb) and removed the tag. Revived and released the health fish. A day later I called in and reported the catch to attached phone number on the tag.
  14. I think I understand your explanation on the technique fishing the pencil like a Bucktail. I only have 1 super strike pencil. So if I want to get more pencil to cover the different depth and current sweep/tide movement, what weight pencil would you recommend to cover the general condition. what I mean by my question is, on the beach I generally use 1/2 once to 1once Bucktail with a curly tail when the conditions are perfect for learning. I can feel the Bucktail bounce of the sand or pause in the current while I manipulate the rod.