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  1. Offer $50 pickup for the 9’ without the reel. thanks
  2. I need rod for kayaking fishing. And tend to high stick. Need 1/2-2oz moderate or fast action with a fiberglass tip section.
  3. Sorry I change my mind. Think I need something slower action.
  4. I will take 3 & 4. Thanks
  5. Right now it’s hot. You can catch them just about any lure. White bucktail, cast master with a dressed hook, jig head with a plastic tail. Match the weight with the current that you are fishing at. Find the fish and you will limit in short order. Have fun.
  6. Ok I’ll take it. Pm for payment and shipping info. thanks
  7. After you collect more rods, the decision will be easier once you find out what you prefer. I also build my own rods. So I know what I like and make modification in factory builds as needed. Sometimes I also cut down my own custom build when I learn from outings or make necessary changes. i only have one season under my belt with this kayak fishing. So lots to learn and room for improvement. if I can fine tune a rod, I will do that.
  8. I cut the butt end of my kayak rod down to my elbow. I do that to my tog, black Seabass, and albie rods.
  9. I have a mojo yak 7’-6” MYS76MHF 3/8-1oz if interested. Like new condition. Where are you located. Not sure if I want to ship.
  10. What is the butt length to center of reel seat on the casting rod? What oz weight is this M would you rate it? Cost to send the rod to 01778? Thanks some pictures would be great.
  11. Less then scather bites. My observation is that water temperature needs to be 52 minimum for better bite.
  12. Went out Saturday. Hooked one fish but lost it just before I was able to get a look. So skunked.
  13. I have this 704 if you are interested. Not sure if this is the model you looking for. I built it with 6” cut from the butt end. Now it’s 6’-1” I also have a blank not built.
  14. Would like to offer $160 shipped. thanks for considering.
  15. Maybe we can close the deal at $160? thanks