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  1. If plugger pass, I will take this. I can meet in MA.
  2. I end up ordering the size 4 and 5 belly runners. thanks for the help
  3. Another thing why I think it’s obsolete is because anglers work shop model calls out the 5.5m now vs the 6 couple years ago.
  4. So I just have to look else where? Cause Mud hole don’t seem to carry that anymore.
  5. Why is the BKBAG-6 obsolete? It seems to be replaced by the BKLAG-5.5M. I don't seem to like the higher foot.
  6. Must be smoked trout weekend. here are mine. First time also. Heart, liver and head included.
  7. Would you do $150 pick up for remaining 3 -1 piece rods?
  8. I purposely under fill the reels because it’s easier to dead crank up a 2lb weight. Also due to the fact we are not fish very deep.
  9. I end up getting 3 reels. PENN squall 20LWLH torium 16HGL With the high gear on the Torium, it requires about 6lb of force to dead crank a 2 lb weight. ocea Jigger 1501PG with the low gear on the Ocea jigger, it only requires about 3lb force to crank up 2 lb weight. Obviously I am impressed on the Ocea jigger. At the current situation, we most likely not going to be able to use the reels this year.
  10. Ok I’ll pm you for meet up.
  11. Would you mind meeting up so I can check out the rod. If i can use this, would you consider $100 cash for the rod? thanks.
  12. I mean the blank diameter. Sorry. I am trying to see if this is a heavy thick blank. If you have a scale can you weight the rod if you don’t mind. thanks
  13. What is the tip diameter? What would you rate this rod? 1-4oz, 2-6oz?
  14. I’ll take this. Paypal shipped thanks. Please pm for detail.