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  1. Item 1: Wide as in diameter = 69mm filter thread 58mm Item 2: Wide as in diameter = 89mm filter thread is 67mm
  2. Lense size item 1: length 2.76” weight 0.44lb Item 2: length 5.63” weight 2.31lb
  3. Reduced item1: $125 shipped item2: $850 shipped
  4. The shutter count is 14,353. There is a lot of life left. Canon gives 100,000 count. The camera was year 2009, but I bought a 60D in 2013. Therefore the XSi was in storage not used much after that.
  5. Item 2: canon lens 70-300mm F 4-5.6L IS $900 PayPal please or pick up Boston to canal area
  6. Item 1: For sale is an excellent condition canon rebel XSi. $150 includes kit lens 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS. 4gb memory card, 3 batteries, charger book and original box
  7. What is the tip diameter? Can you measure it with a caliper?
  8. I offer $20 for the case shipped. thanks
  9. Can you describe the action of this rod? Moderate to fast action? What is it compared? Lamiglas 1201?
  10. I believe 120 (120/12) = 10’ and 1 = 1 piece. therefore 110 = 9.17’ and 1= 1 piece. which is the same. The rod you have is factory copy /made of John Skinner version. Lamiglas re-label to match the length of the rod.
  11. I would pair it with a reel around 10-15oz. The lower end would be better. Something like the VR50, Sustain 5000 Stradic 5000 size would be nice.
  12. There are Mola Mola, whale, dolphin, seal, blue fin tuna, sail fish and other that swim in the canal. If your main target is Striper, don’t worry about getting spooled. It doesn’t happen often. Hehe
  13. Keeping contact with your jig all the time, learn your location (the floor where the hole, mussel beds, known hang up location) and staying focus 100% of the time is what will keep you from loosing jigs. The weight of the jig is not what cause more hang up. The weight of the jig is to match the current speed for proper sink ratio. Another word, getting the jig down to the strike zone as fast as possible without dragging the bottom but also keeping it in the strike zone as long as possible. This is a balancing act with selecting the proper weight. This is accomplished with experience and practice. That’s why being 100% focus is and understatement at times. If the jig is dragging the bottom, it’s too heavy. If the jig is not falling into the hole, it’s too light. You have to stay focus all the time. You have to have a mental note of what the jig is doing down on the floor. The only way to have a mental note is staying focus and keeping contact with the jig 100% of the time. The second you loose contact with the jig, the potential for hang up increases.
  14. I also fish 3-4 times a week. For me, I would have minimium of 10 bucktail for each size and color that I throw most for a sigle season. Now is the perfect time to tie up all the various color that is needed for the season. The most used for me is 4.8oz, 5oz and 5.2oz. The 4 oz only get used when the tide dies down or during half moon periods. Some me times I don’t loose jigs for a month, but on a bad night I could loose up to 6 jigs.