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  1. Pictures of the rod
  2. I have a CTS surf n jetty 2-4oz 1 piece rod that I would offer for straight up trade.the reel seat to butt end is 24”. It is a custom built with k guides. The rod was built by Lou Carouso according to the previous owner. I am in mass and can meet up.
  3. Ok no problem. I will not head down that direction so sell the rod to the next guy in line. Thanks.
  4. Ok can we split shipping cost? So make it $215 payapl? I think shipping is about $30.
  5. If you are in mass, we can work out pickup.
  6. I will take this ship for $200.
  7. What are those jigs?
  8. I tried with a loop knot too. Thanks. I will have to check out the you tube channel.
  9. I am fishing from the rocks. Are you throwing the 21gram from the rocks or from a boat?
  10. I have been trying for several trips. Found them every time, they were even breaking in front of me multiple occasions. I casted couple of feet away from them. They would not take my epoxy jig. Blind cast several hours too no luck. I tried slow retrieve and fast skipping it on top. But they would not commit. It seems that only the fly guy were lucky in getting them. The sea robins do like the epoxy jigs. Haha This funny fish business is way harder then any type of fishing that I have tried. Saw huge bait ball of anchovies and the predator fish pushed them to the rocks. So I switched to a 3/8 oz shrimp epoxy. Cast it out to them but no luck. I must be presenting the epoxy incorrectly. I have many colors in 3/8 and 5/8 oz. I tie direct with 14lb flouro Carbon. I guess I have much to learn.
  11. I am not familiar with this rod. What is the length of the top section? If the top section is 10’, I might be able to use it
  12. I was pumping back a fish. I pull back past 90 degrees and the line broke. The rod hit the rock behind me and shatter 8” off the top. Lesson learn. I will not pulll past 90 degree ever. It’s not necessary for me to do that. I didn’t fall back words and didn’t get hurt. But the sling shot effect happens so fast that I could not stop the rod from going backwards.
  13. This thread is going well and I would like to get more Allstar 1209 and hope that one of them would be similar to the one I broke. If you break a favorite rod and have tried to find the same exact rod, then you know why I am doing this. If anybody else wants to sell theirs, please post. But my funds are getting low. LOL. Thanks for looking.
  14. I am interested but you have to provide the total price.
  15. Ok sure. I’ll take it and pick it up at duxbury. Thanks