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  1. I've never been disappointed fishing 3rd week of October
  2. That's what my buddy thought too till I got him over there. Tent cot was/is a game changer. Keeps ya off the ground. No need for a regular tent. And me personally, would rather make my own breakfast sandwich
  3. To hell with wandering in here. Wander across the inlet to paradise. Has cut my Ocracoke trips to maybe 1 a year.
  4. Arrived at the ferry in Atlantic and boarded about 9am and made the journey over to Paradise with my buddy who has never been there. As soon as we got there, I took him to the bait hole and after a couple throws we were good for the day with nice cob mullet. Headed south with the wind blowing sw at about 12-20 with off and on showers and some peaks of sun. Set up camp on the backside of the island with our Kamprite cot tents and set up our table and fired up the Weber little smokey and had a couple of burgers. Now onto the fishing. Set up on the southend and started chunking some mullet. Within 5 mins my buddy lands his 1st Portsmouth fish, a 19in Pup. The rest of the session we continued to land pup after pup with the biggest being 30in on chunks and jigging some plastics. Finished with 2 dozen with a couple blues in the mix. Came back that night to see if we could get a repeat of the afternoon. But the bigger predators had moved in. On my second cast got hit by a locomotive that bit me off at the hook on the leader material. And my buddy also tangled briefly with a toothy critter. We decided to call it a night since we were both exhausted from the 9 hour drive down and fishing all day, and had little interest in shark fishing. Woke up the next morning and my buddy fired up the little smokey and made a little makeshift pan out of foil and fried up the bacon and eggs for breakfast. While he was doing that, I did some jigging in the sound and caught a blue, a flounder, and a spanish mac. Threw the net and got us bait for the day. Back to the same spot. Winds same as Friday. Not as productive as the previous day but still managed a half dozen pups with some blues in the mix and sea mullet as well. Took the long drive up north showing him the damage that Dorian did and when we arrived up north my heart was crushed. We couldn't fish the inlet up north since they placed a barrier for the birds. Damn, shame too, since I was there 3 weeks prior and had a few bigger reds up here. And wanted to try for some cobia up there. Made the drive back to the campsite and fired up some Johnsonville Firecrackers. We did have a thunderstorm during the day and the tentcots were high and dry, so they past the test. Crashed hard again and missed the night session. Sucks getting old. Woke up Sunday with same breakfast except cooked up a pup rolled in bacon and cooked in bacon fat, YUMMMM! So good!. Now winds are blowing out of the west and flies are starting to get bad. No big deal, broke out the skin so soft, problem solved. Fished the south inlet with blues and rays in the mix. Went back to our spot where we were catching the pups, and only managed 3 as winds were shifting towards ene. Bright sunny skies. . Meant to try for some pompano, but had such good success with the pups, never got around to it. Couldn't fish the night as we had to rest up for the LONG drive home on Monday. Overall, a good trip, despite the bugs. But if you bring the right stuff to combat them they are simply just a nuisance. Thats it for now
  5. Thanks for the heads up, but we are actually thinking 1 of the 3 islands to the south. Most likely the 1 in the middle. Nice Hammer by the way
  6. Thanks for the report. Will be down within the next 2 weeks with my buddy, on the hunt for cobia. Remember this dayo
  7. And they have been all day today.
  8. Since you are talking labor day, I would fish mostly soundside. And if you have a kayak, you will have nonstop action on specs and puppy drum.
  9. I'll offer ya 135 for stradic 5000fi picked up
  10. If you still have this I can come up to 90$
  11. Delco. But over in Jersey fishing the river a lot
  12. 90 is the best I can do.
  13. Kurt, I can offer ya $90, if we can arrange a pick up.
  14. Some of you guys need to turn off the tv. I am a carrier for USPS and have no worries about catching the flu. I don't wear gloves and have no intentions on wearing gloves. In fact, just today delivered 4 packages from china and 1 from Italy and a ton of junk mail. I've been doing this job for over 20yrs and have seen all these plagues come and go. You only live once, and can't go through life worrying about getting sick. Just do normal things. You know, like wash your hands. Chill out!
  15. Good stuff Byron. That warmer water has been hanging around Ocracoke all winter. I'll be heading down thur night for the weekend. Was fishing Punta Cana last week for a couple hours on the beach till security shut us down telling us it was illegal to fish the beach in Cap Cana. Its a damn shame too. We had huge snook in the surf in excess of 40in a nice Jack, cuda, and had a 3 second hook up with a big tarpon that shot across the water at lightning speed. Hope ya rethink and stay another day.