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  1. The jig you see in the picture is what I used the whole time. Had popping corks with me, but didn't see any reason to change things up. No creek outflows. Was fishing in 3-8ft of water drifting through weed beds and clear water. Fish were hanging on the weed edges. Just easy common-sense fishing
  2. Long Point Cabins closed for the season. Cabins suffered extensive damage and a breech cut from the Harbor ferry dock through the cabin area. Sorry you couldn't make it over there. Hopefully next year you get a chance. I'm just hoping to get another chance in October if I can get there and beaches are safe
  3. Amen Byron! A completely inappropriate comment for BM to make about people he doesn't know anything about them or the sense of community that they feel for each other on the barrier islands. What was he trying to accomplish, with that moronic statement? Trying to make them look stupid for staying? Like ya said Byron, it's all about access and pride in there communities.
  4. Labor Day weekend
  5. Monday decided to try a new location north of Avon. Got out on the water by 7am and was greeted by lightning about 20 mins in. So didn't get to where I wanted to get to but worked on area that should have had something in it but didn't. Rains came, got out of the water. Grabbed some breakfast and got a text at 830 that my room was ready in Buxton. So off to Buxton to unload some stuff and wait till storms clear. Took a good chunk of the day but finally made it out on the water by 1. And let me tell ya the bite was insane. Winds had lightened to 5-10 conditions for yaking were perfect. Had nonstop action with specs and pups until the sun went down with a few blues in the mix. Went back to the room and sat on the porch with some cold ones and a few cigars and called it a night. Got the evacuation order for visitors when I woke up beginning at noon. Was gonna take the yak out for a few hours but thought it would be best if I just left and got out of the way of the locals trying to prepare for Dorian.
  6. Made it down to Avon Sun Morning about 11am. Went to get 2 20 lbs bag of ice and beer and some grub to last me through Tuesday. Now off to soundside access ramp outside of Avon. Got yak set up, had a couple cold ones and time to fish. Went right to the spot I was 2 weeks prior and specs were still there. Little choppy as winds were out of the east blowing around 15mph but very doable. Finished with 8 specs, all keeper size. All released as I had no room till Monday and trout don't keep that well unless you eat them right away.
  7. 387 miles 1 way. Youngest is 19, sophmore in college, so nothing to hold me back. Wifey is ok with it as she knows it is my vice and sometimes, tags along. I have rotating days off and they have been falling on either sides of the holidays, so that usually gives me 3-4 days off in a row. Also was injured last year and out of action from early June last year till 2nd week of October. So making up for lost time
  8. May sound funny, but dont have much interest in them. To me, they are just ok eating. And below average fight.
  9. Depending on the weather, may make another run down this weekend. Sunday through Tuesday
  10. Was fishing depths of 3-10ft with weedy bottoms. When you would exit weed bottom to clean bottom was where the hits were. Exactly where a fish should be. Look for changes in depth and visible structure. Since you are staying in Rodanthe, hit up Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks. He will be more then happy to point ya in the right direction. 1 thing I do know about that area is that there is an island about 2.5 miles from land. Best of luck to ya and catchem up
  11. Final report from this past Saturday. Or should I say Spektacurday!. Finally got a slight reprieve in the winds as a front went through and shifted the winds to nne and much lighter at 8-14, so back in the yaks. Cloud cover most of the day. The bite was on all day with fish up to 28in and a few blues in the mix. 28in was released as chances are it was a female. Threw soft plastics, chicken scratch on a jighead, at them and had no reason to change as bite was nonstop all day. Never even got to use the pooping-cork Kept 3 for the table since it was my last day and our group was down to 4. Was feeling bad that it was the last day till I realized that next weekend is Labor Day and that I am off Tuesday after. So that gives me Sun-Tue of that week, what to doJust a little advise if you use soft plastics, go with the Zman products Very durable! Soundside water temps were in the mid 80's, water clarity for the week was very good.
  12. But they took the fried chicken off the menu Never tooo serious about summer fishing here. Now in the fall.... that's a whole different animal
  13. Sorry for lack of reports, but wind has blown me out the last couple of days so had to fish out front. All the usual suspects out front during the summer, pomps, sea mullet, small croakers and blues. And lots of beer. Did try to go out late Wed afternoon but could not keep yak where I needed to keep it. Was soaked by the time I made it back in from taking waves over the bow Went for a massage at Kuru Spa yesterday and out to dinner at Pangea. Despite the wind, weather has been sunny with no rain Winds are suppose to die down a little as the day goes on today. We shall see.
  14. I'll be back down in that time frame as well. Probably in Ocracoke or Portsmouth. Then late Oct for the running of the bulls.
  15. Was there Saturday and there was at least 2-3 ft of water on the road. More of the beach was opened then the 4th of July so that was a plus. Couldn't really fish as tstorms were relentless. Planned to sneak out Sun morning around 430ish only to be greeted by downpours and lightning.. Oh well, maybe I can get down 1 more time this year. Have fun on your trip