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  1. I am an hour away in North Jersey, I use them to see conditions as well!
  2. I live in NJ but daughter relocated to Chelsea MA, Are there any bluefish and Bass in Mystic River? Would love to be able to fish when she and my boss go out shopping!! Thanks in advance!!
  3. Nice job, young man! Just follow your dream!!
  4. Have a 6000 on my 10ft Lami!! Never get tired casting. I want the new 5000 for my 8ft and 9ft rods. Still no timeframe for shipping! Any thoughts??
  5. Hey MC55

    I cant seem to find your way to rig your set up for drifting sand fleas.  What size circle do you use? I am going to tie a bunch and try it out. I have always used plugs and soft plastic but want t try out your drifting. Thanks in advance and I always look forward to your reports!!

  6. Rangers usually give you till 1 hour after sunset, USUALLY!! I asked a couple times , when I see them, and that's their response.
  7. Hit RB shore Thursday sunset, nothing from 6-7:45, then from 8-9:30 landed 4, 1 30" and the others were just short, missed 6 more, fish just were not inhaling plugs, hit very light! Using wonderbread SP. 1st trip of season a success!
  8. I support catch and release
  9. Thanks for the info!! Have fun this season and stay safe!!
  10. Does anyone know who has the new Saragossa 5000 to buy?? Can't seem to find anywhere. Thanks in advance!!
  11. I have Saragossa 6000. Been using it for past 2 years. Use it on 10 ft Lamiglass, never had issue, want to get new 5000 model but no one has it in stock here in NJ.
  12. I have the old Saragosa 6000, Love it for beach fishing in NJ with my 10ft Lamiglass, looking to get the new 5000 model. Does anyone know where we can get it??
  13. Wednesday!! That's the day it all starts!!
  14. Wednesday!!!!! That's the day it all starts!! Gotta be there!!
  15. NoMoCo sunset thru 7pm last night, as soon as sun dipped, 3 cast 3 bass, 24 in, then nothing! Hydro Minnow! Water still warm! 3rd time out this fall.