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  1. Any recommendations for polarized prescription sunglasses for surf? Thanks!
  2. When do they start enforcing the overnight parking pass? Someone in the past said Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Only fish from beach now, as much as I can get down there, much more relaxing!! Mostly from SH to Mon B. Maybe we have spoken once or twice!!
  4. oooppps, sorry, it was stern, port side stern corner.
  5. Stopped the party boat scene 27 years ago, was a regular on boat in Pt Pleasant. would get to boat 5am, probably 1st one on boat from after the night trip. Put my boat pole in bow corner for my spot, go get breakfast and come back to find my pole moved far towards front. asked the person that was in my spot and he said "you don't own this spot" and wanted to fight ( he had too much to drink with his friends) I walked away and told the captain. Captain shrugged his shoulders and said "what do you want me to do?" Was not worth the aggravation. Got more focused to Beach for Stripers and blues. Have much more relaxing time over these past 27 years!! Even when i don't catch anything, have my cigar and relax!! Too many idiots on those party boats!!!
  6. never fished conventional
  7. Sorry if this is dumb question, does anyone make progressive prescription polarized sunglasses?
  8. Going Late afternoon into early evening, hopefully just before it gets really nasty!!
  9. Just looking for thoughts, what lures would you use for sunset into dark for fall?
  10. SS Poppers, wonderbread SP, Deadly Dick, TA Poppers, if fish are there, they all produce!! Always have a snag treble for snag and drop!!
  11. Hit SH 3am-7am. loads of bait. Albies and small blues all over. lots of fun!!
  12. I was told 10pm too last year. Long walk but usually worth the walk!
  13. When do they ticket your car in North Beach lot? Do they give you any leeway or is it sometime after dark?
  14. Which colors does everyone use for Fat Cow Eel strips on bucktails? Fishing all from the beach. Just looking for everyones opinions. Thanks
  15. Didn't ask! Figured he was letting me go out there, so I just said ok. Stay on their good side! I saw them write a fine for 2 guys that had short striper out at Tip also last year! I spoke to Ranger in parking lot another time and he said they give an hour or so after sundown if you don't have night pass. I just agree and say thanks!!