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  1. I'll just show a few screenshots here of the Draft Stock Assessment, Quick Summary is the Female Spawning Stock Biomass is continuing to drop. * Recs kill 9X the amount that Coms do and Recs kill more fish through throwing back shorts than they do by actually keeping legal fish. Guess this slide takes the wind out of the Eliminate Commercial Fishing Cabal's sails... * Regulators are trying to figure WTF they need to do, and may use the smoke screen of "Draft" assessment to buy some time...
  2. Yeah hooks can rust into "inorganic chemicals.". So no plastic plugs, eh? Get a hold of your local Senator!!!!! This is a proposed bill, not a law.
  3. Found out something interesting this week in that the Maine Volunteer Angler Logbook (VAL) program does include those data in their yearly reports to ASFMC so it's probably important that as many of us as possible participate. They provide you with a logbook that you fill in and send to them in a pre-paid mailer they give you. After they copy your log so they can have the data, they'll the log back to you. You can also ask for an Excel version of the log like I did. I keep my log in Excel anyway so this would make things easier. Here's the comment from Mike Brown at DMR: Yes, we do use the Recreational Anglers Logbook data for the coastwide striped bass assessment. The logbook program is a very important and integral part of the data Maine provides for the assessment. The length data are used to calculate a number of statistics that are then combined with data from all other states that fish for striped bass. The length data are used to calculate age, spawning stock, numbers of discards, hooking mortality and number of fish lost to poaching. The dedicated anglers and DMR staff that manage the system do a great job making sure the data is accurate and that anglers stay engaged in the program. If you know of any additional anglers that would like to participate please let us know. We do require that they record all fishing activity and provide accurate data resulting from their fishing trips.
  4. Actually I found out today that they used 9% for the recreational mortality number. That means that recreational fishermen caught 38 million striped bass last year IF the numbers rec numbers here are close to correct!!!
  5. Great question, but the answer is probably buried in a pile of possibly valid or invalid assumptions. Heck, the bulk of the recreational landings data is extrapolated from volunteer log books and surveys. IMO the reliability of that source data is suspect at best, so the parts of the survey that depend on those data remain stand as sketchy. At least the com data is from tags and/or landing reports. Yes, "What about the poaching?", but that's a game that recs can, and do, play too...
  6. Actually I copied and pasted them from a PowerPoint presentation, not another website. The original source was the ASFMC webinar where I did screenshots and pasted.
  7. Weird, I just copied and pasted, but now I can't see them either, will save them and edit. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Anybody get out on the Maine camps recently??? Also anyone know about the camps on the Great Salt Bay of the Damariscotta River??? Yeah, cabin fever hitting hard...
  9. Just curious about your feelings??
  10. Still great news, at least the big breeders will be protected in the bay, especially if Maryland goes along with it. Now we just need NY to follow suit in the Hudson.
  11. What will happen to Pigzilla??? This is great news!!
  12. My bad, forgot SOL doesn't like commercial links, even for news stories. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa... Yes, they bought themselves a little time since the story first came out Auction postponed, giving developer more time to get $40 million Saco Island project approved By Gillian GrahamJanuary 10, 2019 A public auction of land on the east side of Saco Island has been postponed to give a developer more time to secure approvals for a $40 million mixed-use project. Joan Kurker, who holds a $350,000 mortgage on the parcel, to foreclose on the mortgage, according to documents filed in the York County Registry of Deeds. The planned sale cast doubt on the future of the ambitious project proposed by developer Bernie Saulnier of J&B Partners to transform the undeveloped site near Saco’s downtown. City officials were prepared to participate in the auction. Jon Flagg, the Portsmouth-based attorney for Kurker, said his client decided to postpone the sale until 3:30 p.m. March 15 to give Saulnier’s group more time to secure necessary project approvals. “I fully expect that ultimately the sale will be canceled,” Flagg said. “The borrowers are working diligently in the right direction and the lender is very pleased with that.” Saulnier has been working for more than a year on his plans to transform the nearly 6-acre parcel. The project, called The Waters, includes residential units, a 50-room boutique hotel, a restaurant and retail space, a 69-slip marina and a walking path along the river. The housing would be split among three buildings with a combined 87 apartment units and five townhouses. The project has not gone before the Saco Planning Board, and last summer ran into delays when the Saco River Corridor Commission, a quasi-state organization that works to protect the environment along the corridor, tabled the project application. City Administrator Kevin Sutherland said Thursday he was unaware the auction of land had been postponed. City officials describe the Saco Island East property as a gateway to the city and say its development could have a significant impact on the core of the downtown. The property is assessed at $379,000, according to city records. Saco Island – also known as Factory Island – sits in the Saco River between the downtowns of Biddeford and Saco. It links both cities’ historic mill districts, where developers in the last decade have transformed former textile factories into commercial and light industrial spaces and also housing.
  13. Highly unlikely. The numbers are nowhere near to those that triggered it originally. Not saying it isn't a bad idea, just saying it won't happen as a result of this stock survey.
  14. Rumor has it that in their "infinite wisdom", ASMFC will not recommend any reductions. Meanwhile in VA, here are results from the annual "Pigzilla Rockfish (Striper) Tournament". So sad they target the monsters and don't go for a C&R event. These are all HUGE fish with the Top 20 over 50 lbs!! Thanks to everyone who fish 2018 Pigzilla. Full leaderboard results. 1st Open wide 60lbs 11oz 2nd Aquatreatment 58lbs 3rd No regrets 57lbs 8oz 4th Daddy dog 56lbs 5oz 5th Allfloor up 55lbs 11oz 6th Breedlove 55lbs 10oz 7th Dewy 55lbs 10oz 8th Rob C 55lbs 2oz 9th Horse play 55lbs 10th Sho Nuf 54lbs 13oz 11th Play hard 54lbs 5oz 12th Top Dog 54lbs 2oz 13th Henry Vu 53lbs 5oz 14th Offshore Fabrications 53lbs 3oz 15th Kin lin 52lbs 10oz 16th Bruce Francis 52lbs 10oz 17th Fish Freaks 52lbs 10oz 18th Champ 52lbs 8oz 19th Ava Marie 52lbs 6oz 20th Scumline 50lbs 12oz 21st Dan The Mann 50lbs 5oz 22nd On the Rocks 48lbs 11oz 23rd Enforcer 48lbs 5oz 24th Gal-O-mine 46lbs 4oz 25th Jerry Harris 45lbs 26th Pappa John 45lbs 27th Don Jamie 44lb 28th Daniel mccoy 43lbs 14oz 29th Amazing Grace 41lbs 11oz 30th Wet Paint 41lbs Junior Angler 1st Fisher Zimmerman 57lbs 8oz 2nd Aaron Edwards 55lbs 10oz 3rd Anne King 55lbs 6oz 4th Gregory Lessard 54lbs 13oz 5th Matthew Breedlove 53lbs11oz
  15. Here's the official Summary and notification of a public hearing in a week in BBH. Bluefish notification is the same with a "Find/Replace". Still unsure how I feel about this since I really don't have a dog in this fight; I only drown mackerels/eels a few times a year. I always applauded Maine for taking an aggressive conservation stance, but felt cheated because ASMC never gave us credit in terms of increasing our allocations based on the lower mortality rate we should be credited with. At least now the State is taking a "we need to see a quid pro quo position" with ASMFC and I think that is laudable. CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Chapter 42 Striped Bass Method of Taking PROPOSED RULE NUMBER (leave blank; to be assigned by Secretary of State): BRIEF SUMMARY: This rule would remove the circle hook requirement for Atlantic striped bass. Due to their migratory behavior, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) governs interstate management for Atlantic striped bass. Consistent regulations across jurisdictions are recommended within the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Plan and a circle hook restriction is recommended within Amendment 6 of the Plan to reduce the mortality associated with hooking and releasing striped bass. Maine implemented a circle hook restriction in 2013 with the assumption that it be similarly implemented by the other Atlantic states. Other jurisdictions have not enacted this requirement and do not plan to implement a circle hook restriction. A circle hook restriction limited to Maine waters exclusively is not an effective management measure for a migratory fish species spanning from Maine to North Carolina along the Atlantic coast.
  16. Not sure how I feel. I did feel cheated that Maine never got any "credit" from the Feds for our aggressive conservation initiatives like this and the treble hook restriction, there was never any quid pro quo. On the other hand, the scarcity of enforcement of any marine recreational regulations here in Maine makes rules a moot point. Ten years on the water here, averaging over 100 hrs per year and I've only been "checked" once while fishing for pollock in the mouth of Damariscotta River. It was late April and the DMR person had just launched a new boat in South Bristol and he was wringing her out. He barreled over and saw that me and "The Admiral" were wearing PFDs. He said, "Good you're wearing life jackets. Is the boat registered?" "Sure, want to see her papers?" "Nah, I can tell you're legit." "Oh let me show you them, I've got them handy!!" "No thanks, have a nice day!" Marty, your "edumcation" point is very good. I'm still shocked that people think we're still in the 20-26" slot limit!! With the increase of pogies I always wondered how they would enforce the circle hook rule for people snagging pogies with a weighted treble and having a bass grab it before the person could get the snagged pogie into the boat?
  17. They all do in my harbor...
  18. I tie up, but what I'll usually do is NOT use their mooring lines. In complete disclosure, 99.9% of the time I'm tying up to neighborhood moorings which are "storm moorings", since their boats are tied up to their docks when I do this. To tie up, I secure a line to one of my bow cleats, run the free end of it through the eye on top of the ball and then secure the free end on my cleat. This way if an owner comes by I can untie myself without even going back up to the ball, and they can't accuse me of damaging their mooring lines.
  19. You don't even have to cut 'em if you can read the number and the ID, e.g. Hudson River Foundation or whomever,. Then you can measure the fish and report the tag to them and the tag lives on for another reporting.
  20. Ah, I had misread your statement, assuming there were more sensors beyond Blanc-Sablon. Besides the electronic tags, were there visual tags so people beyond the tracking buoys could identify and report fish from that area? Any verified returns from Maine? Based on the 800/400 meter data, the fish would have to enter the Gulf of Maine via the southern end of Nova Scotia and proceed northward along the cost of the Bay of Fundy, finally showing up in Lubec. A direct shot from souther Nova Scotia to the Maine cost would be a very interesting long shot....
  21. Thanks for sharing these data. I was pretty sure the Canadian fish were resident, but didn't have any verification...
  22. As a former NJ/NY surf rat that photo is precisely why I ROTFFLMFAO when I hear you OOB boys complain about spot burning and crowds. Crowds??? The Maine surf contingent don't know nothing about crowds, and they should thank their lucky stars that even the most crowded days we fish pale in comparison to scenes like that. As I've said many times, I'm happy to trade fish size for being all by my lonesome during a beautiful sunrise on my favorite spot with the fish biting. Oh, my bad I didn't edit it so it's a bit of a spot burn...
  23. You do realize that a huge rebound of stripers would have a deliterious effect on all its food sources which is why we need to shift from single species management to ecosystems management? Case in point, some folks think that the big uptick in stripers during the early 90s was the effective end of the inshore winter flounder fishery which was ragged up to that point and non-existent after. Stripers love flounder, as they do lobsters, so lots of big stripers, like big cod, would be dining on lobstahs and that would go over up here like a fart in church... One reason for the recent lobster boom up til this year was the significant decrease in GOM cod. It's all interconnected and very complex and there are no simple answers. Just saying...
  24. The Devil made me do it... Cabin fever setting in already so I'm reviving this old one for sh**s & giggles... After all the early season whining and gnashing of teeth, how was the fishing down at this not so secret spot this year??? How did the "boycott" go???