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  1. Better than the Rooskies!!!! Favorite scene from a great movie... Emergency, everybody to get from street!!
  2. My initial reaction until I realized there was an "Outback" kayak. Heck, I got my first Outback in 1998!!
  3. ROTFFLMFAO, but I do have a different perspective on the JS Lovefest in that I fish with John Skinner's older, and far wiser brother; he just doesn't pimp things like John, often using tackle that he buys at garage sales and pawn shops. Not saying that John isn't a great fisherman, he is, but I don't need to run out and buy the newest gear he's touting.
  4. Surprised no one else posted this here... NOAA has proposed the following for GOM Cod, but it's only for a 2 week season in Sept and again in April, 2019 with 1 fish 21" or greater. If the weather is as bad next spring as this one, I can kiss that spring season goodbye because I didn't get the boat in until May... Proposed regs vs. 2018 regs below from Federal Register. Outside of the GOM, the cod size limit proposal was a 2" drop from the current 23" to 21", and no change in the 10 fish per day bag limit and a year-long open season. Haddock remains with no regulation changes, which is no size limit (WTH do you fillet a < 18" haddock?) no bag limit and year-round fishing.
  5. Good news, but I'm still shutout with water temps at 43 °F, which is a good 14 °F below what means "stripah" in my hood.
  6. Catch 'em up!!
  7. I "think" I stayed at the "Historic" hotel you're talking about once in early spring and noted to myself what a great place for bass, especially on the bridge leading to the hotel. As I guest I would hope that the security guard may be a bit more laid back toward my fishing there... Regardless, IF you were on your kayak inside the marina I don't think they "own" that area, do they?
  8. SMFH!! So sad. Why did the cops even come down/talk to you? They had to know they were totally out of their jurisdiction. I've heard of boat-bound fishermen screamed at for fishing "too close" to people's docks and stealing "their" fish!!!!???
  9. My water temps are 10 °F less than needed for bass, which shouldn't arrive for at least 2 weeks now. Let's see who's correct, the calendar or the water temp...
  10. It's Twue, It's TWUE!!!
  11. Crap triple posting
  12. Had an optimal tidal condition at my dock today, but they haven't come to visit us folks well North of Portland. The casting practice was relaxing...
  14. Saw them back in the early 70s at the Fillmore East and then a couple of times 10 years ago in Chicago. Ian is comfortable with his age, and makes some great jokes about it. He pretends to try to do his one-legged hopping flute playing, and then goes, "No F-ing way!!", but the best is his speech before the intermission. "Well we've got to take a break. You may want to go out into the lobby get some refreshments and buy some souvenir T-shirts. If you're old like us, you'll want to find a bathroom."