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  1. Thanks Charlie, I was unable to listen in. As far as NJ, "If the shoe fits, wear it!!" They are demons, must have some of that Pine Barrens Jersey Devil DNA in their own...
  2. Pretty sure it's all water temperature regulated, and as the more southern part of ME warms first, they get the fish first...
  3. Your original quote of Our harbor fund has the least expensive ocean access mooring fees of anywhere in the North east. In most cases, 1/3 of what it should be is what I disagreed with. I do agree that Wells' fees are very reasonable, especially for "Northern Massachusetts, I mean Southern Maine, but your data set of 5 quotes is far too small for your original sweeping statement. For the record, $35 up here gets you 2 years worth of mooring your boat, bring your own mooring, space at a dock to tie up your tender, gear and passenger loading/off loading space at a dock and parking. Barebones, yes, but won't bankrupt anyone.
  4. Have to respectfully disagree. According to this from the Wells Harbor Master, you aren't the cheapest in Maine, since my harbor's fee is only $35 a year, and not dependent on size... The harbor can moor 150 vessels with lengths up to 42 feet allowed. Vessels are placed on double point moorings or floats. A waiting list exists for a mooring. Fees are $250 base and $15 a foot including extensions.
  5. You want Joisey Shore in Maine?? May I recommend the hell hole that is Old Orchard Beach? Even has an amusement park and a boardwalk. Very popular with Canadians. I avoid the place like the plague.
  6. It's obvious that one of them is on a 2nd or 3rd handle.
  7. IMO, way too much effort and love. Those rake heads will outlive you without any additional care. Now older ones with non-stainless baskets will deteriorate over 20 - 30 years, but even if they're not stainless, the tines and frame will last more than one lifetime.
  8. Any rod I've received from TD has been flawless as well. You can literally club a person to death with their cardboard rod shipping tubes... And yes, if you were to face someone with a Saltwater Edge rod tube only armed with a TD rod tube, you'd lose, but it would be a Battle Royal!!
  9. I have to ask "WHY?" You're only going to rub the paint off with any sort of regular use.
  10. We did, and now that they are adults, and unencumbered by crushing student loan debt, they are thanking us from the bottom of their hearts. While their employed friends are unable to buy homes because their student loan payments are killing their credit rating and negating any possibility of building up a down payment, both children have nice homes of their own. Do you "have to pay for it"? No, but if you can swing it, it's one of the most thoughtful gifts you can provide your children with, be it Trade School, Junior College or University.
  11. Sheesh, should have realized that this thread would go off the rails quickly, my bad. I probably should have sat on my hands, but I just wanted the folks considering buying a second house up here were cognizant of this potential, additional fee to their investment. Regrettably, like anything else these days, it has ended up being a jihad of political diatribes. Personally, I look at the "fee" as a possible deterrent to help stem the COVID-fueled torrent of folks buying vacation homes up here. Yes, I moved "from away" to retire in Maine in 12 years ago, but I never felt that I had the right, nor need to "change" things. I felt I had the responsibility to respect and embrace the local culture. This new crop of PFAs doesn't seem to be as understanding when moving to rural areas. Besides complaining about poor cell phone service, no Uber, no GrubHub, no Waze, nearest Starbucks 40 miles away, etc., they whine about things like, "Should we put some speed bumps in?" referring to a country lane that leads to the local beach, just because they bought a house on that road during the winter and didn't realize that it gets busy during the summer. Other "gems" like this are people who buy houses near working fishing docks like a lobster Co-Op and complain about the early morning noise and smell, banding together and exhorting local governments to prevent early morning noise so they can get their beauty rest. The net result is hilarious and predictable, because most of the local selectmen are lobstermen working out of the "targeted" Co-Ops... Obviously "Citiots" need to be edumacated on the reality of living along a rural coastal area with a hard working marine tradition. It's extremely presumptuous to assume you can move somewhere and insist it changes to meet your own, personal requirements. The smart person moves and embraces the culture, both good and bad, of their selected location.
  12. True enough, but since gold is quite dense, it isn't going to be moving around much even laterally with traps and tunnels, only down. Have to wonder, what's more dense, gold or the mentality of folks hanging onto this thread in hopes of something actually happening... The "end" of the series of quite predictable. They'll be empty handed, but use all their "discoveries" to say the treasure must have been moved somewhere else. Then we'll see the Lagina brothers off to the US Southwest, hot on the trial of "El Dorado", the city of gold where the Templars must have moved the Oak Island treasure to. On the other hand, maybe they'll speculate that a band of Sasquatch got the treasure and moved it to the Pacific Northwest???
  13. Been out twice this week to close out the 2020/2021 Bivalve Season in style with the King Tide!! Yesterday's AM Low tide was a spectacular 1.8' BELOW MLW, allowing me access to areas I've never been able to easily stroll over. These new-found oyster beds were only in 2-4" of water so I was able to use one of those "grabbers" that one would use to get things off a high shelf, and I didn't even have to bend over. That's a good thing because I dug clams earlier in the week, and my back is still reminding me. I got my peck in 10 minutes! It takes longer than that to schlep to the grounds! Final tally was a dozen and 1/2 "Oysterzillas" for baking (Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Roccus) and 3 dozen for the raw bar. Already thinking about being out there again in October. Photo has a Titlest golf ball I found for perspective Here's a photo to show what "oystering" means in 'da hood. It's just like that old folk song that talks about "picking up pawpaws and put them in my pocket"...