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  1. This AM was an example in extremes. Caught my first sub-21" fish, a 19" one, and my first slot fish, 28", along with 7 others from 21 - 26". Now for today's "Popping for Bass in Skinny Water Lecture". Early in the season, when water temps are hovering at around 50°F, it is CRITICAL to fish in glassine water conditions. The calm water is key to your success for the following because it enables you to be one with The Force: Where I fish it is rare to find blitzing bass this time of year. Sometimes the only hint of a fish in my estuarine river is the slightest disturbance in the surface of the water, just like what happened this AM with the 28" fish. More often than not, the bass don't outright hit the popper. They will follow for long distances and unless you entice them properly, they will lose interest. Their follows are often total stealth, with no changes in current or swirls, just a pronounced bow wave of your popper! This is when YOU have to act to entice them. More often than not a quick pop followed by a DEAD STOP will get them, but this tactic is only useful with a popper that SINKS. If you try this with a floating popper, they usually just turn away. If they're still screwing with you, time for another POP and STOP, and again, and again... 6 of the fish I caught this AM, including the slot fish, were reluctant followers that had to be goaded into striking the popper. It's tough to properly work a popper in choppy water, and they're useless when they're popping from wave top to wave top. Those are days I stay home. Catch 'em up folks!! R7
  2. Nice sunset soiree this evening, 3 22" fish and 3 26" ones. I like the larger fish, BUT extremely concerned of the lack of smaller fish, I've yet to catch anything less than 21". That does not bode well for our future. We need a couple of good spawns and quick! I do hope this spring turns out very successful for both the Chesapeake & Hudson...
  3. Too pretty of an evening yesterday to sit on the couch and watch TV, so I headed out again and picked up a pair of fish to 26" making 5/22 the first double digit fish day of 2022. Also validated that my sacred, high tide spot was populated. The worst tide in 'da hood is the last two hours of the flood and 1st two hours of the ebb...
  4. Cut off the original tail hook and got the open ring siwash from a friend...
  5. I’m in a river, fishing over my oyster & clam beds.
  6. Fish finally settling into "normal" spots and habits. Got 8 this AM in 90 min and was an inch shy of bringing home dinner as they ranged from 21 - 27". Let the games begin!!!
  7. Morning fog bank over Millinocket Lake with Mt. Katahdin in the background...
  8. Hope this doesn't further restrict access for you Granite State anglers... HAMPTON, N.H. — There was a massive police presence at Hampton Beach today as the hot temperatures attracted crowds on Saturday. Hampton Police made 10 arrests while dispersing a large crowd that formed on the beach. The charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Police anticipate charges of 'riot' to be added for some suspects. According to police, the crowd was part of an event organized on social media. They say reports of fights in the group began just before 6:30 p.m. Law enforcement officers in riot gear and from several agencies joined Hampton Beach Police to move the crowd off the beach. The group moved to Ocean Boulevard where police say they blocked traffic for an hour while police worked to clear the road. Officers shouted warnings into the crowd to leave the area. There were no injuries or damage to property.
  9. Got on the board this AM with a single, 21" fish caught on a "Chartreuses Caboose", a customized Creek Chub Striper Strike. Fish very unaggressive, following plugs and not striking. At least it's a start!!
  10. ^^^ AND many swear that Moon Jellyfish are a good indicator of macks. Well, they're around, something I haven't seen a few years...
  11. Assuming that you're talking about skimmer clams, AKA sea clams, AKA Atlantic Surf Clams, AKA Spisula solidissima, make that $0.00 shucked or in the shell, as I dig my own. I've heard rumors that the price of these for bait has gone through the roof as of late. Also dig my own hard shell clams, AKA quahogs, AKA Cherrystones, Little Necks, Top Necks, Chowders, AKA Mercenaria mercenaria. Don't dig my own steamers, AKA soft shell clams, AKA Mya arenaria. Eat these fried and it's easier to buy than digging and then frying...
  12. Well but they were only in the mood to casually swirl or gently mouth any offering presented this AM.
  13. If you're referring to a "Tope", which is considered prized in the British Isles, we're talking about different species... Smooth Sandbar Shark, our little sand shark = Mustelus canis Dogfish = Spiny Dogfish = Squalus acanthias Tope = Galeorhinus galeus
  14. OK, will be vigilant in taking a few casts off the dock and hanging the squid lights off the boat on the higher tide nights. I thought I was seeing some squid on the sounder while motoring through the harbor last week and did hang the lights, but nothing showed up that evening, including any baitfish. Love me some grilled squid in garlic olive oil... Terns have been working over bait the last few days, but by their flight pattern, skimming low in very shallow water, has been indicative of nothing chasing the bait from below. We're loading the horses into the starting gate now...
  15. Better be aluminum!! Growing up in a land of sand, I was gung ho for a stainless prop, but upon moving to Maine my engine mechanic read me the riot act, "It's not IF you will hit a ledge, it's WHEN you do, so you'll want that prop to take the brunt of it instead of your drive train!!" I asked another mechanic who was doing some work on my boat in the water if he could do a prop swap and he immediately said, "ONLY if it's an aluminum prop!" When I told him that I had already been lectured on that he said, "You can't believe how many folks don't listen to it..."