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  1. More like 10 weeks for my haunts, but they can't pass quickly enough...
  2. Don't forget, Party/Charter Boats are counted in the Recreational numbers...
  3. Different set of circumstances. That followed a complete moratorium and there was little concern regarding the amount of recreational discards.
  4. IMHO RAISING the minimum size is absolutely the worst idea, especially since they're complaining about all the recreational discards...
  5. Started with them in 2013 in front of my poppers, but stopped in 2014 and haven’t had any regrets. Found that most bites on the teasers were mackerel.
  6. Search through the threads Grasshopper. All the necessary wisdom is here..,
  7. You slowly TROLL a tube & worm.
  8. Yeah hooks can rust into "inorganic chemicals.". So no plastic plugs, eh? Get a hold of your local Senator!!!!! This is a proposed bill, not a law.
  9. Found out something interesting this week in that the Maine Volunteer Angler Logbook (VAL) program does include those data in their yearly reports to ASFMC so it's probably important that as many of us as possible participate. They provide you with a logbook that you fill in and send to them in a pre-paid mailer they give you. After they copy your log so they can have the data, they'll the log back to you. You can also ask for an Excel version of the log like I did. I keep my log in Excel anyway so this would make things easier. Here's the comment from Mike Brown at DMR: Yes, we do use the Recreational Anglers Logbook data for the coastwide striped bass assessment. The logbook program is a very important and integral part of the data Maine provides for the assessment. The length data are used to calculate a number of statistics that are then combined with data from all other states that fish for striped bass. The length data are used to calculate age, spawning stock, numbers of discards, hooking mortality and number of fish lost to poaching. The dedicated anglers and DMR staff that manage the system do a great job making sure the data is accurate and that anglers stay engaged in the program. If you know of any additional anglers that would like to participate please let us know. We do require that they record all fishing activity and provide accurate data resulting from their fishing trips.
  10. Actually I found out today that they used 9% for the recreational mortality number. That means that recreational fishermen caught 38 million striped bass last year IF the numbers rec numbers here are close to correct!!!
  11. Great question, but the answer is probably buried in a pile of possibly valid or invalid assumptions. Heck, the bulk of the recreational landings data is extrapolated from volunteer log books and surveys. IMO the reliability of that source data is suspect at best, so the parts of the survey that depend on those data remain stand as sketchy. At least the com data is from tags and/or landing reports. Yes, "What about the poaching?", but that's a game that recs can, and do, play too...
  12. Actually I copied and pasted them from a PowerPoint presentation, not another website. The original source was the ASFMC webinar where I did screenshots and pasted.
  13. Weird, I just copied and pasted, but now I can't see them either, will save them and edit. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. I'll just show a few screenshots here of the Draft Stock Assessment, Quick Summary is the Female Spawning Stock Biomass is continuing to drop. * Recs kill 9X the amount that Coms do and Recs kill more fish through throwing back shorts than they do by actually keeping legal fish. Guess this slide takes the wind out of the Eliminate Commercial Fishing Cabal's sails... * Regulators are trying to figure WTF they need to do, and may use the smoke screen of "Draft" assessment to buy some time...
  15. Anybody get out on the Maine camps recently??? Also anyone know about the camps on the Great Salt Bay of the Damariscotta River??? Yeah, cabin fever hitting hard...