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    Old Fart, semi-retired from Construction Management, sold boat and beating up the Brigantine sands.
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    Fishing, working, some adult beverages and annoying my wife
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  1. As I said before.....your site, your grief. Delete the posts... please Stonerod
  2. No point in arguing with you TimS, it's your site and your rules. I don't want to rip people off even for a buck, that's just my rule. Why don't you just delete my posts and end this silliness. Thanks to all those who purchased. Stonerod
  3. At times, logic must prevail.
  4. Can't edit the ones Tim S. has locked editing. Can't give exact shipping without zip codes and quantities. Since posting my items I've shipped to Mass and Cal...totally different shipping $ You want (2) that's $16 plus ($zipcode)...easy The sales I've made were simple once I had the Zip Are you interested?
  5. (4) Thumb guards for conventional reels- new $2 each - plus shipping
  6. (4) PENN and (1) Ambassaduer replacement handles - X to VG condition - $5 each + shipping
  7. PENN power handles - like new - $8 each + shipping
  8. I'm Sorry but all (6) were purchased by another member. Tim S. (Moderator) locked up my ability to edit the list of items, otherwise I would have deleted them. Again, I apologize but thanks for asking.
  9. Still a lot of stuff left....need to move it
  10. Price reduced $100 - p/u in Absecon, NJ
  11. Price reduced $60 - p/u in Absecon, NJ
  12. Sorry should have "quoted"
  13. Compton area, CA.....$70 and with packaging it's over 2-lbs.....ground $16.17....medium flat rate box $14.35 - $84.35........???
  14. I'm going to be away from computer for awhile, won't be able to respond immediately......going to PO at 3pm......let me know.
  15. did you want those 350's?