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  1. Well here goes - partial list located in Absecon, NJ email: More to come including poles & misc tackle........a photo list is ready for emailing (5) PENN 350'S - Conventional and Casting - spiral bar leveline does not interfere with casting - Line Weight 30lb - Condition X to G - $25 to $35 each or (5) for $100 PENN 210 conventional level wind - Line Weight 20lb - Condition X to G - $20 to $35 each or (9) for $250 - Great boat reels for offshore wrecks, stripers and blues. PENN 10 Mag Tuned conventional casting level wind - Line Weight 15lb - condition X to VG - $25 to $35 each - Inshore bottom bouncing - great little reels Penn Squidder 140 conventional casting & trolling - Line Weight 20lb - like new condition - $40 - Bought to "mag" for the beach....never got to it Pinnacle Coastal CR30 conventional casting - Line Weight 12lb - condition VG - $20 - Centrifugal brake system like PENN 900 series PENN 920 conventional casting - Line Weight 10lb - condition G - $20 - good for back bays - smallest in the 900 series PENN 330 GTI conventional level wind - Line Weight 30lb - X condition - $40 - Trolling, heavy bottom, with box PENN 8500 SS heavy spinning reel - Line Weight 30lb - X condition - $70 - Ready for the beach....have matching 11'6" pole Shakespeare Alpha XT 600 heavy spinning - Line Weight 30lb - VG condition - $25 PENN 160 Beachmaster conventional casting - Line Weight 30lb - X condition - $30 PENN Peerless 109 conventional - Line Weight 15lb - G condition with box - $15 Diawa BW 2L left handed bait casting - Line Weight 12lb - VG condition with box - $15 - Mag controlled Diawa BW 2 bait casting - Line Weight 12lb - VG condition with box - $10 - Mag controlled Silstar Satellite 1 baitcasting - Line Weight 12lb - X condition w/box - $30 - Mag controlled Silstar Lexus 35 spinning - Line Weight 12lb - New condition w/box - $35 Daiwa 9300 C spin casting - Line Weight n10lb - VG condition - $5 - vintage kids reel Fintek Silver Spin SX1m spinning - Line Weight 8 - VG condition - $10 True Temper Blue Heron 727 spinning - Line Weight 12lb - G condition $10 - Vintage Shakespeare Xterra XT310 baitcasting - Line Weight 12lb - VG condition - $15 - mag controlled AbuGarcia Cardinal 3000S5 spinning - Line Weight 12lb - X condition - $20 Mitchell 630 LS spinning - Line Weight 8lb - X condition - $25 AbuGarcia Cardinal Platinum Max - Line Weight 8lb - VG condition - $10 (2) Eagle Claw Grander GR780 fly - Line Weight 20 - 1-new w/box $30 - 1-X condition $25 Martin 63-SS fly - Line Weight 10 - VG condition - $10 South Bend 1122A fly - Line Weight 7 - VG condition - $5 Ocean City Automatic #90 fly - Line capacity 80yds - VG condition w/box - $10 - vintage Lead weight molds - VG condition - (3) for $15 Lead weight molds 3/4 and 1 ounce - VG condition - (2) for $10 Delta 10" miter saw model 34-080 - X condition - new blade - $60
  2. I think I trust guys from this site, not Craigslist....don't mind giving out my info........still a concern though
  3. Does anyone buy used fishing tackle for resale? ...... or knows someone who does. I don't want a bunch of Craigslister's knowing my address and Ebay is going to take too long. Suggestions?
  4. Does anyone buy used fishing tackle for resale? ...... or knows someone who does. I don't want a bunch of Craigslister's knowing my address and Ebay is going to take too long. Suggestions?
  5. It's a shame that the "protected" Plovers don't eat Greenheads.....what do they do anyway, Plovers that is? Hell, I'd stand guard over the nests if they did. I was at the Home Depot on Rt 30 this afternoon are they were biting people at the Contractor's checkout.
  6. FishBucket doesn't mind the fly's..........he just ignores them. Kurt, time for you to chime in.
  7. I ran a boat out of Beach Haven in the 60's......the Stink Plant seemed to be line-of-demarcation.....on a good wind I would brave the trip to Mott's Creek....after an afternoon there I didn't feel the bites. Started traveling to Brigantine and Absecon in the 70's and watched everything get worse - traffic, bugs, fishing.....kept my boat in Absecon for a few years and Moved to Absecon in '07 and promptly sold my boat (WTF?)...wife and accountant told me to.....haven't really missed much. The crowds chase you out of the Cove and off the Inlet.....the Greenheads off the beach....can't wait for 55 degree nights!
  8. For $10 it just adds another venue. Thanks.
  9. robtf...... Thanks for the info. I don't fish "reports" but I do look for enjoyment so pier fishing sounds a little different for a change. For $10 it's worth a try.......I guess I can't tell you how I do though......I do understand "spot burning". I just met a friend over at Mosquito Landing to get my crab traps back.......he was covered in bites, black flies and greenheads....sat in our trucks and talked by cell phone. Need to invent a "bug bubble".
  10. TimS, You're right but I couldn't get out of my truck yesterday. Went to A/C by the Steel Pier and it was fish, but ok.
  11. Not exactly a large number of fishing piers in South I'll ask how's the fishing off the piers in South Jersey? I asked for an opinion about the pier - not a fishing report! Like access, parking, fish-ability or is it a Tourist Trap. *
  12. Greenheads chased me off Brigantine....... Any opinions about Ventnor Pier?
  13. SNAPS, Double #8 circles on 15# flouro. Double surgeons loop for weight, up 4" to a 3" dropper loop for hook and tiny float, up 6" for next dropper, up 8" for another surgeons for ez connect swivel. Blood worms. Back out yesterday for 6 more.
  14. New here.....hello all. Half dozen kingfish on Brig beach Sat...............way more than half dozen greenheads!