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  1. Wont Shimano do the work? I know they stopped service on the 2000's but not sure about bigger sizes. Sportmens Den on 130 works on them as well in Bordentown, NJ
  2. I can't speak for others about dune issues but I can talk about my own issues. I moved to a waterfront home after saving and living well below my means for 25yrs just to have this chance at a beach front home in Port Monmouth. I had a dune which held during Irene and Sandy!!!! I have views from my 2nd and 3rd floors of the beach, water of course and from Staten Isle all the way to brooklyn. It's awesome!!! I see Sandy Hook, Earle, cruise ships etc. A dream come true for me and my wife. I've been asking for dune replenishment, beach replenshment because we lost 90% of what used to be here. This area I lived in was spared what so many others went through in my town and other towns. Thanks god for the Army Corp and what they did yrs ago. Now it's time to do it even better! I want a dune that is wider like it used to be. I want my beach to be much wider for safety but when I hear 22' high dune!!!. That means to me, my view and the $'s, big $'s spent to be here, will be lost. Unless, I raise my house? Looking at sand that high instead of my water view will decrease the value of my house even though I don't plan on moving. Will my taxes go down? No! I can't afford to raise my house, change/raise my decks, I have no room for additional stairs outside my house to get into the house even if it was raised? My lot is small, I have no driveway, no yard, an easment already in place with the town which prohibits me from using part of my property already? But if my Ins. goes up like I have heard, what choice will I have? Work 10 yrs longer? My wife too? I just want what is fair and safe. If something is done to lower my homes value due to no fault of my own - shouldn't we be helped? I don't agree with suing like that couple did for all of that $. But how about some assistance? Guidance? Help? Info? for people like me who had no damage yet will have to come up with a $100 thousand of $$$$ to get back what I bought the house in the first place for. Views...and quick access to go fishing and Yakking out in the bay!!! Fishing was one of my reasons, not my wifes! As for access...I have no problem now and won't. I got to know the people who came onto my little beach area. I've given bait, hot tea, lures and advice to many. C'mon down. No issue there for me. Others...well some have said they don't want the noise and trash left behind. Worried about theft? I doubt that personallly as I think it is just a selfish way to protect their privacy for a public space they had for yrs to themselves. If they won't give access, they should pay for it themsleves and no FEMA or Ins co should insure them. Just my .02. This work is done to protect all people. Not just the waterfront homes. People in my area over a mile inland were swamped. What a selfish person who can't see doing good the many outways their little kingdom? D.J.
  3. Try after your lure hits the water, don't rip it to get it started. Try to just tighten up so the line pulls the front of the lure forward and doesn't tangle? Slow at first then reel as usual. I've had more luck doing this. If you go to fast at first, I think the line gets pulled onto the front hook? Hope it makes sense to you... D.J.
  4. Hit NoMoCo last night in that little wind storm and managed 4 bass and lost an Albie just at dark. Missed a few more on my fav megabait but had action. Running out of Kuro Kin though... D.J.
  5. Finally got around to fishing again and got a few short bass and blues last night on top water before dark. Couldn't hook up in the dark but maybe tonight? NoMoCo and Jig Smith Spooks. Nice wind and tide with some bait around. D.J.
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