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  1. DoucheBastard...no one hates the dog. They like dogs enough not to support the conditions the dog’s parents are kept in. Borrow some money to buy a clue. Apparently you’re a big supporter of keeping dogs in this condition. That says quite a bit about who you are. It has nothing to do with “papers”. It has to do with health testing and not having to tell your 10 year old kid that you can’t (or won’t) afford the vet bills that come with preventable genetic conditions and you’ll need to put their three year old dog to sleep. I seem to have discovered the reason most of the intelligent people that used to post on this site are gone and only the asshats remain. The owner has become one and attracted and kept those of the same ilk. Toodles. PS Tim, did Douglas mention how he crashed his sister’s bike and didn’t pay for that either? He’s a really quality individual much like yourself. His connection with the truth is interesting to say the least. *
  2. It would certainly cut into the miller market.
  3. You should have. That would have been a highly entertaining creative storytelling/conspiracy theory/cute puppy event
  4. Go drink another Miller Lite out of your shoe.
  5. A good place to start is the CHIC site. https://www.ofa.org/browse-by-breed It gives you all the appropriate health tests for your breed. If the breeder can’t document they’ve been done (some lie), run. Documentation is either the health testing form signed by the veterinarian or the link to the dog’s OFA page. This is one of my boys: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=1831278. Hip testing always has to be sent in to OFA because you are unable to get a rating otherwise. Most other tests are a pass/fail that can be documented on one of the OFA’s paper forms
  6. Is he an alternative medicine MD? That whack job COVID **** seems to have infiltrated that community badly.
  7. If you weren’t such a Nancy you would have figured out immediately that was a joke. I’m beginning to see why half the people that were here five years ago never post. This site has turned into a mausoleum...
  8. Mine are a little less homely. ;p
  9. Said person is a live-in assistant.
  10. That was 74 Million prior to his inciting an insurrection. He DOES NOT have the support of 74 M at this point in time. At least 1/3 of the Republicans I know washed their hands of him after January 6. That was reflected in the number of Republicans who voted for Impeachment the second time vs the number in the first vote. If the Republican party continues to entertain the Trump style BS, they will lose "hugely" in the next election.
  11. Thank you for posting exactly what I was about to. Alternate realities seem to exist....
  12. Thankfully, my O2 level has never dropped under 97. The scary thing about this is the blood clots and myocarditis. What they are finding is a lot of these seemingly unrelated health issues stemming from a COVID infection are due to the fact that the virus inflames the lining of the blood vessels which can cause clots or a aneurysm.
  13. I'd suggest she get an annual oscultation at the veterinary cardiologist....
  14. You are partially correct but again, I point to New Zealand and other similar countries. China is not the only one to blame.
  15. Just pray it's only a few days....It's been 56 days here...