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  1. bill "I've been told that dacron will deteriorate from moisture " yes you are correct but that was about 50 years ago today so called Dacron is made of polyester and will not rot the biggest advantage of Dacron is that its hollow in all classes and a loop can be easly formed which will flow freely through your rod's guides ps, I've been told some nice and not so nice things by a lot of people
  2. then you should be looking at building Tube Flies as they are ideal for saltwater applications but for some strange reason nobody thinks they are the nobodys are of course the people who have never used them !
  3. fly reel help you with the supplier sorry mate cannot do that because Brian would bust me
  4. ok, no debate from me its just not worth the agro, any more eg, no replies from me ! I fish with a Double overhead casting almost every day of the year and it seems I still don't know what the experts tell me, the ones that don't use a Double double out of balance impossible because its easy to fix and fixing this out of balance will also correct the lack of snap in the cast improved snap, improved distance cast to fix, just remove or drill the butt cap, add some lead, till you feel comfortable with the balance easy and please, don't say the rod is heavy as this call comes from the dears with their single handed rod God gave us two hands, so use two hands to cast or lift the rod easy, now trouble landing fish with a Double of any size I haven't found it so... guess I must be doing something wrong then ? examples, I fish with a Talon Trout Spey 5/6w 12 foot from my 8 foot Pram dinghy...... not a problem Ifish the Ocean rocks, the bricks with one of 7/8w 12foot, 9/10w 14foot and or 10/11w 15foot Double and still haven't had a problem in only about 10 years or so on reflection all the you cannot do this or that stems from the people using their 9 footers have fun and don't listen to anybody, (includes me) just enjoy the adventure of fly fishing as most people once thought the Earth was flat !
  5. wax removal etc why? use Google as there is another supplier of braided monofilament butt leader in the market place now in sizes 20/30/35 and 50lb x 100yards
  6. I regret to inform the contributors of this Forum that Max Garth, from Yanchep, Western Australia, passed away last night following complications from a medical procedure. Max was one of the finest and most interesting people that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His enquiring mind roamed from the science of fly fishing to the biology of fish to the creation of our Universe and beyond. I will greatly miss our long-winded weekly, and sometimes daily, telephone conversations. My thoughts are with his beloved wife Eileen, his daughters and family.
  7. Spinners as you call them have been around for decades Prop flies REALLY work for saltwater fish, non more so than our Tailor, what you call a Blue ! and produce strikes like you won't beleive in the dark, after the sun sets And the number of strikes you get while the fly is sinking, the prop is slowly turning, makes this form of fly exciting to use I've been using them for many years now and this may help those fly tiers about to build such a fly add a bead IN FRONT of the prop, and two behind build the flies body in a vertical form as this will stop the prop trying to rotate the fly and twist the leader AND Bass love the prop fly !
  8. Welcome AC, I am from the Gold Coast, Queensland
  9. to everybody THANK YOU FOR SHARING your skills, your work, your birds
  10. Simply beautiful AND Thanks for sharing
  11. Just find an old Video box its perfect cost nothing !
  12. sorry boys and girls I only read what was written by another poster MO "surfaced', ???? I have never left SOL and have sat and watched some amazing claims by some people AND along the way totally enjoyed, the photography and cooking threads "Comprehension was never your strong truck." Sir, sarcasm proves nothing and is far from helpful to anyone except to the writer who cannot debate a subject without this low class tool, always As you know nothing, nothing or almost nothing about me nor my past life your statement is not correct, far from it and ONLY flames the post/thread is this what you wish for, to FLAME to another poster for reasons known only to yourself and then run to Tim ? and now how about showing some casting on video of yourself on a beach where your casting is better than someone's instruction on the grass AND in this way explain what your trying to say in words via video as this thread is about casting a Double rod AND WE are ALL trying to learn something about our fly fishing/casting than can or could make our casting more enjoyable or 'better' thanks in advance
  13. MO "If great Casters like Henik and I" Then or now your in the same class of caster as Mr Henik, how about putting up more videos of your casting so that the World can see and learn for an expert in Doubles, like Mr Henik is
  14. Nice to see AND READ someone enjoying the thrill of using a Double in the Salt