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  1. I might be able to help you. Any colors you looking for??
  2. Most likely wood bleed thru. Not epoxy
  3. Sorry Charlie totally my fault, screwed up your pp address. Funds resent
  4. I will take these please. pm me your paypal info Charlie Joe
  5. 33.00 each shipped I have two parrot. 2.6oz. 6.5"
  6. Let me look I might have a new one.... I have no use for it I dont catch big I have new one. 225.00 shipped
  7. All good here Mark! Have great fall run!
  9. Not sure I'm second owner think ive had it for 4yrs now. Used twice on Block Island trip. I haven't surf fished really last five years. I have bunch of medical issues. Never serviced by me just has been sitting waiting to be used.
  10. Thanks for understanding goes long way with me. I wasn't going to sell it for under 750.00 at one point. But the reel needs to be used n abused. If you can go 680.00 ill ship the reel and toss in something xtra in the box. If its a deal pm me your shipping info. Joe
  11. Can't give this reel away. I paid more then I'm asking. The reel is a 9.9/10 Wasn't used but twice as emergency back up on trips away from home. If your seriously need the reel give me a reel offer.. But thanks for the Offer! Joe
  12. Any Interest? Great reel for fall run!
  13. Info sent....... All sold as of now.
  14. Black vs 200 power arm SOLD black vs 100 Black Knob SOLD SILVER STILL AVAILABLE FOR VS 100 REEL
  15. Ill accept BOTH offers of 50.00 shipped...... Please PM me your shipping info