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  1. Missed this one!! Please put me on the list when you have open spot again. TY
  2. I'm heading over next week and hope to catch fall chopper blues.
  3. Chopper blues anywhere or extinct?
  4. I'm the owner of that revo. I had my cousin post it on snaggline for me.
  5. Nice one sharkman
  6. Puppy drum Jr now playing pretty good. His h/c at 1.6 and full of confidence. I never pressure him just loves the game.
  7. my son's swing at 10.. he's now 15 and still loves to practice
  8. puppy drum jr still golfing!! he is now 15 yrs old ready to play his biggest tournament at Pinehurst x'mas jr golf tournament. he had a great year this year and showed some toughness under pressure.
  9. i need the money to pay bills so the black 7500c3ct made in sweden has to go. in excellent conditioned no box or paper. i can email pics upon request
  10. it's not cheap not unless you drive a 50 mpg car.
  11. that will cut down mpg!!
  12. i'm thinking about of getting one for my revo. gas is $4 plus a gallon here in va
  13. new price $65 shipped or $55 pick up
  14. new price $22 shipped and $35 shipped.