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  1. Time is permitting me to fish the ocean beach next few afternoons untill sundown. It will be outgoing to low tide. Is this a decent condition to fish or are we wasting our time?
  2. I’ll be fishing the inlet area this weekend for the first time. Can anyone offer some advise as to what’s running, best tide, jetty or beach? Not looking for your secret spot, just general advise. Any good tackle shops in the area?
  3. Thanks to help from this forum I’m Having some success (no disaster) with my Penn 525. I’m looking to get its own rod. Thinking 11 ft. My equipment is 20lb. Mono or 65lb braid + - 6oz lead+ bait. Will be fishing for everything from Blues, striper in NJ and everything including sharks, snook and tarpon in Fla. Rods I’m considering Penn Prevail Okuma Solaris Tsunami Trophy Tsunami Airwave. Please comment on these or add anther rod in this price range
  4. Thank You Gentlemen ! I brought the 525 with the Airwave to the beach. Bearings lightly oiled, Mags on full, bearings slowly tightened just below “movement”. Concentration on fluid movement and thumb. Got some fluff on some casts but NO birds nest. Caught fish, now I’m hooked. Thank You to Yous Guys
  5. Thanks Guys In my working days, I lived far from a place to practice and didn’t have time at the beach to learn.... I wanted to fish. Now I have the time and a meadow (retention basin) behind my house to get I’d done. Back in the day I was swinging for Africa. Is a light firearm lubricating oil ok for the bearings? Or is a grease necessary?
  6. I just bought a like new 525 Mag that looks unused. It looks to have new +- 20lb mono on it. I had one years ago, failed at casting it and gave up quickly on it. I can devote more time to learning now (retired) and would like to try it again. How should I set this up as far as lubricating the bearings, spool tension, adding magnets, to eventually learn how to cast hard and far as possible. Rods are a 10 1/2' Ocean Master and 11' Tsunami Airwave and Trophy. Weights I generally use are 4-6 oz + bait. =
  7. Called Offshore Angler to Order, got the bad news. You might find one at the stores.
  8. Wow, OneLastCast, I did some research last night and others said the same about TICA rods breaking! Well people, what I need is a 10ft 2pc spinning rod, decently long handle to throw 4-6oz+chunk. Budjet is about $125 out the door. I've had kind people offering. Any other suggestions?
  9. Need to replace a couple old rods and was going to buy another Ocean Master but was told they are discontinued. Have a cousin whose been very gratious with his hunting land, I'm going to reciprocate with a surf trip next weekend and short a rod. Does anyone have a 10 footer to sell? If not what is a decent substitute in that price range? I'm thinking Tsunami airwave HVY action for up tp 6 and chunks
  10. For sale this SHA X20 casting reel. Bought as a demo model so NEVER USED condition but no box, no instructions no reel clamp. Sold as you see it. AS IS $85 + actual shipping or local pickup . can meet Lower Manhattan, Union NJ or Toms River NJ. $85 + actual shipping.[img=' alt='500'>
  11. Before you Gentlemen responded I bought a SLH20 cheap enough not to cry over it. The rod I have is a Daiwa Eliminator 11ft. The idea of the set up was to be able to throw 6oz+ bait as far as possible then be able to set the reel on free spool and use the clicker. Since I already have the reel on the way I'm guessing the thing to do is put the biggest brakes on the reel, the thickest grease in the bearings and find somebody to see help me get my head on straight. Short casts and learn proper technique.
  12. So nobody is recommending the Daiwa SLA 20 for 20-25lb mono, 6oz and bait? I already sold the 525 for a Emblem 5000 so starting from scratch, about $125-$150 limit
  13. Will be down those places in couple weeks. I'll be looking to do a little bottom fishing while there. Can anyone recomend a headboat (partyboat?)from the Vero and Jupiter area?
  14. I'll be there the week of the 4th. Anybody like to join me for shore or head boat fishing pm me or shout out here.