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  1. U can pass theses bags down to you grandchildren. They are indestructible and you can’t stick a hook in one.
  2. Those old bent SS needles are great.
  3. I would be interested in the 9 tube insert if you don’t sell the set.
  4. I’ve owned a rod for several years made from that blank trimmed 6” from the butt. It is set up for a VS200. It is a legitimate 1-4 rod that absolutely rockets 2-3oz plugs. It’s action is mod-fast on the cast but it really shines as a fish fighter. I use it from the beach mainly but it will do just fine on the rocks. All that said I would not take that much off this blank. Hope this helped.
  5. Hey Steve. I’ve never fished one of these. Could you give me the low down?
  6. I'll take it. Thanks
  7. I can offer $45.
  8. I'll take the one without the brand lettering.
  9. I'll take the Hab's
  10. I would give $35 to add it to my package.
  11. What’s the length and weight of this one?
  12. I’ll take # 3. White Giant
  13. Lou, Wanted to say it was a pleasure seeing you again to purchase the rod. It's a beauty, very well built and not a mark on it as you described. It's the GSB1321M old school blank which is exactly what I was after and your description of the casting action was spot on. Thanks again for working with me on a meet up spot and the excellent transaction. Good luck this fall! Dookiespop
  14. OMG this is worse than Abu Ghriab, I'll take'm.
  15. Would you take $50 for the bottom two, I don’t think I could bring myself to fish the rainbow.