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  1. One more time to the top.
  2. Thanks dude. Payment sent 

  3. Three stubby needles and the large all black left. All unused Habs Srs.
  4. Yes, I'll do that.
  5. You gott’em. PM coming.
  6. Yours. PM coming
  7. 9” 3.5 oz Sr needles. $45 ea shipped. Heavy, stubby needles and night'n gales. All Srs and unused. Stubbies are ~3 oz, night’n gales 2.5 oz $40 ea shipped. 9” 3.5oz Jr needles. $35 ea shipped. paypal preferred.
  8. I also have a box and bag for it that I would send with it.
  9. No grooves in the line roller and I did not wetsuit with it. The spool has new 40lb power pro on it. LMK if you Need more pics.
  10. I have a black one available, 3#,### serial. Very nice shape. Minor nicks, very smooth. No service required. I could ship it to you for $500. LMK if you are interested and I'll put up some pics.
  11. I know it's not part of the discussion but the Arra 1322 1 piece is, IMO, the best pencil rod I've used. In the GSB category a 1201L cut from the butt to around 9'3" makes a great all around rod and is a great medium pencil rod.
  12. From the wider public health perspective, stopping people from coming and going into NYC metro area, or any population center is the right move. What's happening in NYC will most likely occur in our other larger cities: Chicago, Detroit, etc. I believe it's how the Chinese limited the initial spread within their country; locking down the city of Wuhan. However, I doubt the our political leaders have the stomach for it.
  13. Sorry, the skin needle was purchased.
  14. I'll do that.
  15. All unused. Darters are the three hook, 3 oz variety. Eelskin is a Wadd. $80 shipped for the group.