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  1. Washington aspirations....
  2. We know what his solution repeal the only true ammendment that protects all of our freedoms. Ironic isn't it.. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.
  3. Feeling it out. So that was a drive by..
  4. Hillary
  5. OK where's your joke then?
  6. Lol
  7. I had a great group of guys. It was always a team effort..I'm doing good. Hope you are as well.
  8. Vlad I will always count you as a good friend. As years went by and I was given more and more responsibility, it seemed that I had much less time to chat with you. I always enjoyed our conversations no matter how short they became. When I left Efinger earlier this year to start a new career, I always thought I could stop in whenever I had the time to see everyone. Wish I came around more often to visit...
  9. Cool looking eyes.
  10. Glock Perfection. Try that with a Kimber Lol
  11. Get the M9. I hate the damn warning labels from Beretta's legal department on the 92FS. Plus the M9 has a better sight picture for me. Faster acquisition with the single rear dot.
  12. Very, very sad news. I have many fond memories of my time working there. I made many good friends over the years... I wish everyone the best.
  13. RTSP in Randolph carries them.
  14. No problem with that. CT is 10 rds for now...