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  1. it does not matter , i always put the flatter side up ( the side with no curve to the edge)
  2. Check the line roller bearing / bushing it may be frozen so when pressure is put on it while retrieving plugs it will get hard to reel
  3. These clutch bearings sometimes have a small part number in one end of the clutch , the other option is to measure the inside dia , outside dia , and the thickness of the bearing and look those sizes up under one way bearings in the Boca Bearing site . The other option is to remove the bearing and give it a good cleaning . It all depends how bad the clutch is .
  4. Check the drag spring washers on the opposite side of the spool from the handle the washers are either in the wrong orientation ,or are flattened out ,l they should be cupped and be opposing each other or the concave facing each other .this gives the drag system spring back and releases the drag plate when you move the lever to free spool. Hope this helps TLD15 – Shimano.html
  5. YakDawg , remove the cover opposite the handle side and look for 2 Phillips heads screws as guide posts for the level wind , there may also be a screw behind the spool that screws into the back of the handle side cover .
  6. We have had good success re riveting the knob . pop the center cap off and mount a drift in a vise and sit the head of the arbor on the drift and peen the rivet carefully from the back side . the key is to make sure the knob still spins on the arbor if it does not then peening will not allow the knob to spin freely . hope this helps
  7. Hi Doug, I have seen a lot of reels where others tried to repair that unfortunately the material that is used is usually not the best quality so while JB weld my hold for a short time any pressure while fighting a fish will leave you with an issue when the foot breaks again , Try Mystic reel parts for a new body .
  8. Thank you guys !!! Keep the shirt ideas coming to . bail less arm for the 710 are in the works finally as the service side of the business has been insanely busy but as the season winds down so does the repairs so it is time to get those creative ideas flowing , stay tuned !!!
  9. Keith get well soon .
  10. Thank you guys for the the recommendations, I do service reels for many of the area shops here is the list . Quaker lane Bait and Tackle Crafty One Customs Breachway bait and Tackle Maridee Bait And tackle Elite Tackle (Plymouth Mass.) Sams Bait and tackle ( Sam refers guys to me ) Please support your local shops as it is a tough business to be in for them and every little bit helps . As for markup , each shop has there policy so i cannot comment on each shop . Bottom line is i do my very best to make sure every reel is serviced and returned as close to new as possible . Stop by our booth ( 622) this weekend and learn how we can help make your reels run like new for years to come .
  11. Hi Handi , I have thought about adding one to the Pinion as well need to find the right bearing 1st .
  12. Flytrooper , i think we had a conversation about this in the past but i can tell you i just serviced the very 1st 706 i did 5 years ago just to see what affects that the bearing has on the shaft and there is nothing wrong with the shaft no marks or nothing . I have found that Penn must have used different stainless through the years some shafts are tougher than others . on the Rockwell scale of hardness most shafts are about 40-45 some softer than others . I have a local heatreating shop i work with for my other work and he has tried everything to get the shafts harder but without knowing the exact material composition it is close to impossible to do and have it truly hardened .With that being said i am working on a new process for the shafts that i cannot let out yet but it will bring that hardness up closer to 80 -90 RC on the outside to make sure there is never a wear issue again . that will become part of the process to install the kit in anyone's reel . I will keep all posted
  13. I came up with a process and here it is , the body is cnc cut to accept the clutch bearing and a roller bearing for added support and smoothness
  14. Do yourself a favor and get the best stainless bearing you can get like an Abec 5 bearing , when you put it back together put some grease over and and under the bearing because most likely you may have to heat the old bearing to get it out of the cavity in the side cover , oh yea most likely the pinion bearing . I do about 100 Avets a year in my shop and i have tried all bearings out there it comes down to spending the extra money and get the best you can get. you probably know this but back the drag off when not in use for a long period of time i have dissected bearings and looked at the balls under a microscope and believe it or not the the balls have flat spots on the them form being locked down tight for long periods of time . Good Luck , they are good reels but these pinion bearings are the 1st to go .