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  1. Got what I needed thanks everyone
  2. Looking for lines in good condition in 8wt and 9wt.
  3. Looking for 8wt Ticrx.
  4. I want to move up in my learning curve and attempt a more difficult pattern. One of my fishing goals for 2012 is to catch a pike on the fly. Anyone have any 6" to 8" baitfish patterns they would like to share? I can't promise I won't do a terrible job on it though! Thanks in advance Tony
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm going to try that flouro tip especially. Tony
  6. I'm trying to make a leader/bite tippet to chase some pike this spring. I bought myself some knot-able wire and am looking for tips on how to use it. Any knot suggestions? And yes, I do have cabin fever. Thanks! Tony
  7. Thread closed.
  8. Gently used, but good condition TFO 7wt BVK. Pics available upon request and priced to sell at $150 OBO
  9. I tried doing it by hand, but I kept fraying the thread. I bought a Dr. Slick tool and when I used it it seemed too wrap around but no knot was formed. I appreciate your close up pic and i'll try it again. Thanks again! Tony
  10. Tim, I have no idea why it's not working for me! I've watched like 10 different videos! As simple as it seems, i'm sure i'm over thinking it. I'm sure ill be fine as soon as I see someone do it in person. Thanks for the great close ups Fallen513. Excellent pics for sure. I had been putting wraps behind the eyes and was told that wasn't the right way. I also think i'm using too much material. I watched the Bob Clouser video and have learned the basic steps, but as I said the whip finish is an issue. I'll keep at it and as I said thanks for all the help!
  11. Once again thanks for the advice! I'm having some problems with the whip finish, but i'm trying to visit SlipnSlide this week for some lessons. I tried to add in some feathers today for my attempt at a half and half. I think it's fair for an amateur, but as I said the head and whip finish are my nemesis right now!
  12. Thanks for all the pointers everyone! For clarification, I should shorten the thread between the eyes and the hook eye, and make the wrapping more in the shape of a cone? I am having difficulty controlling the bucktail and using the whip finish tool. I watched Youtube videos on it over and over and I haven't figured out why it's not clicking yet. More practice today! Tony
  13. Tim, When you say cut the head length in half, do you mean the distance between eyes and hook eye?
  14. I took some advice and did more Youtube research and I think they're turning out much better! I added flash and didn't wrap past the eyes on the wing.
  15. Thanks everyone! I'll keep at it.