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  1. Thanks. Landwatch is a good one I wouldn't have known. I've poked around on Redfin, which I assume has the same listings as Zillow, but I'll try Zillow too.
  2. Salem County, near Rt. 40 and 77
  3. While waiting for the Spring fishing to get here, I've been thinking. What's the feasibility of buying property in South Jersey that would provide access to forest land and wetland, with access to productive saltwater creek/tidal river habitat? Far-fetched? Cost-prohibitive? How would you go about searching? In my pipe dreams, purchasing property where development cannot occur (due to wetlands restrictions, for example), could be relatively cost effective. I'm likely still years away from being able to think seriously about this, but it's fun to dream.
  4. Hey that's awesome RC, thank you! Is it easier to meet somewhere, or send it? [And I'd be happy to pay shipping]. I have 5 kids, oldest is a boy (13), then three girls (11, 8, 5) and youngest is a boy (2 months) and I hope to get them all hooked. The 11-year old and 13-year old already love it. Working on making those good memories. I'll hit you on PM to follow up, so I don't keep bumping this thread to the top of the BST fourm. _______________________ UPDATE: Deal concluded, a pleasure as usual when dealing with folks from this site. Thanks @FISH BUCKET I'll now lock the thread.
  5. Great! Thanks! Will PM so we can arrange pickup or meetup. @RiverCommando215 thanks for your offer and the Christmas spirit! I know it was quite good, but I've now blown through my Christmas budget. We'll be busy haunting the sodbanks this Spring.
  6. For $125 can I take the MH rod too? I'm mildly intrigued to see if I can dig up a fitting reel for it, and then with these I'd have some options for back bay kayking.
  7. Okay, I'm in Salem County, 10 or so minutes from Route 40 and Route 55. If I throw in $20 will you give up the other combo? River Commando has good things to say about that setup, haha. No worries if not.
  8. Wow, what a lot, thanks! I definitely can't take on all of it. I already have a lot of tools and recreation gear that are "mostly functional but need attention". I'll get back to you here if that changes or if I need just a portion of what you've posted. Or are you only willing to part with the whole lot?
  9. I'd like to kick off our negotiation by offering $100 for the 7' rig.
  10. Got it, thanks. That's too small for how I'd want to use the rod, but I'm thinking about this.
  11. Thanks Walt, I'll pass. That rod looks nice but I'm looking for complete setups at $100 or less if possible.
  12. Thanks Cast Away. I'm going to pass on these. If possible I want to go a bit cheaper. And since I need to be able to hand these rigs off to my kids as needed, I'll shoot for spinning setups for now.
  13. Definitely considering this, that middle one is just about right for my purposes, as you said. And I could probably put the others to good use as well. I'm thinking the 6' medium heavy would be interesting with my 4000 sized shimano. And I'd definitely be willing to hand the other 6' combo to my 11-year old without worrying about it. We had our best success this year on a super cheap 6'6" medium (rated for 6-12 lb line) Shakespeare combo I picked up from Ollie's last year, with the reel swapped out for that Shimano 4000. We caught a bunch of fluke, up to 18", and a fat 22" striper, on this setup. So these you've posted are quite similarly rated. Curious, what size class is the other reel (combo on right)? Can you reasonably load it with 10 lb + line? or is it more of a lightweight freshwater reel?
  14. Hi Dan! I put a spreadsheet with my order together a bit back (then never pulled the trigger on it until now, cuz I'm a dunderhead), so can't be sure it's fully accurate still, but can you make sense of this? I can give it in a different format if needed. Also, uhh, I suppose it can't be guaranteed to get here by Christmas? Let me know if possible. Description Number Cost per Subtotal Total 1/2 oz. white bullet 3 4.25 12.75 70.5 1/2 oz. wine red bullet 1 4.25 4.25 1 oz. white bullet 3 4.75 14.25 1 oz. wine red bullet 1 4.75 4.75 5/8 oz. white peanuts 2 3.5 7 3/8 oz. jigheads w/tails 6 15 2 white 2 pink 2 blurple 3/8 oz. wobble jigs 4 1.25 5 2 whiite 2 chartreuse 1/2 oz. white sparkies 2 3.75 7.5 white