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  1. Dan, do you take very small orders? I want to get white smiling bills in 1/2 oz., 1 oz., and 1 1/2 oz. Just one of each weight (I'm just starting out with bucktails, want to try them a few times before I invest in more). If not, I totally understand. Thanks. Russ
  2. I'm trying to put together an order for a few of Dan Tinman's bucktails. Out front, Cape May. Which shape do you guys recommend? I was leaning toward bullet heads, is that right? I'm gonna start with a few white ones in different sizes and play around. Then I'll buy the Skinner book when I need something to do this cold winter, and then I'll figure out why I did not catch anything on my new BT's in the fall. Haha. As far as trailers, I'm going to grab some pork rind and the other recommended trailer types. Good info. in here to get started.
  3. Thanks for the input so far everyone. I've got a pretty good starting wishlist of new lures. It'll be fun, I haven't bought any in a while. With my son coming I am likely to target a lower wind day, but should I try to go just after we've had a good NE blow (like we're currently having), with the idea that the bait gets pushed in toward the beach? With the tides, I'd instinctively target the incoming. How much do these things matter, versus the fickle whims of the schools of bait?
  4. He's 8, pretty sure he could cast the tin, but maybe not far enough to catch. We'll see. might go armed with chunk just in case.
  5. Good stuff. Thanks, guys.
  6. Thanks, sudsy, tin and teaser for my son sounds like a good idea. Might forget about catching bait while we get our bearings this season. For someone who likes to keep it simple, I might have to get more into bucktails. Been reading about guys liking them, even from the beach. Smilin' Bill style seems well recommended. I'll probably lose less of them than I did fishing from the rocks in MA, too. Edited to add: never fished tin before, can you be more specific? I'll need to buy something.
  7. From the album Fish

  8. From the album Fish

  9. Hey all, I'm a transplant from MA, where I used to target the striped ones from the rocks, primarily using my blue mackerel Long A Bomber. Yeah, I fished other lures (poppers, sinking hard plastic, and white bucktails mostly when I wasn't throwing the bomber), and live-lined mackerel every now and then, but really, almost all of my fish were caught on the blue or green mackerel Bombers. So, now I live in South Jersey, and not close to the beach (>1 hour away from A.C., though I don't plan on fishing there), and I have 4 kids. so I might only have one or two fishing trips in me this fall, and I'll be bringing my 8-year old son. So I'd like to steer clear of jetties and just fish the beach for his first season. I'll probably fish from the first couple hours before dawn to a couple hours after dawn. I've been following the report thread, which has been great, and I see it's about time to take action. I'm looking for a couple of types of advice. 1. I'm guessing I shouldn't favor the mackerel patterns so much. Do you guys even like Bombers for fishing the front? I'm planning on picking up 1 or 2 mag darters, one probably will be the ghost black, and the other the bronze shiner pattern, maybe? I don't see the blurple people seem to love. I also might grab a SP Minnow, but maybe I should diversify and get some bucktails. I want to keep it really simple, so I'll probably fish hard plastics of a couple patterns and throw one other type of lure out there. I don't switch lures a whole lot. 2. For those of you who've introduced kids to surf fishing, how should I set my son up? Chunk bait? Can we bring a small rod and catch live bait? If so, how do you guys do that (or do you cast net; I've never done that, I've just caught mackerel with a diamond jig)? I don't want him to be bored (I hate fishing chink bait) but I don't want the level of difficulty to be too high either. I'll probably need to do his casting, though he does okay in fresh water. I can look some of this up, I'm sure. I don't mind the risk of him getting tangled up while live lining if that's a good option. I'll start there. Any advice you can give will be appreciated, and I'll keep searching the forum as well. I will welcome brief answers dealing with only a small part of my many questions. I'm just trying to get the plan together. And aminly for my son, since I can get out there and learn by trial and error which lures work.
  10. Deniz, Were you fishing from shore or boat? I haven't seen any stripers taken from shore the last few weekends when I've managed to get out. I got several strikes from blues this weekend, but I'm hoping the storm changes the striper fishing for the better up here in the Gloucester area. If anyone has a minute to write, I'd be interested to hear how your pre-storm fishing went on the North Shore, to compare with how things shape up over the next couple weeks.
  11. I went out for a few hours this morning (rocky location near Gloucester) and fished part of the incoming tide. I got skunked, although I got two light strikes on plugs. There was bait in the area (8-9" pollock), as I jigged a couple of them and livelined them. CBass, I'm thinking about heading there tomorrow morning, probably by five. I'm not entirely sold on it but it would be nice to fish once more before the storm.
  12. Rocky location near Gloucester from 4:30 a.m. to 8: 30 a.m. Three strikes, two bluefish landed, 25" and 32". CBass, I caught both fish within ten minutes of each other fishing right between those two guys who were next to you when you were there. All in all, pretty slow action today and no bass, but the 32" blue was fun to fight, and pretty tasty, too.
  13. Bombers (long a mostly) have been pretty good to me, although I use them atogether too much, and catch less fish than most on here, I believe (but then I fish less too). I don't know the pattern names, but I had a blue/white and a green/white mackerel mimic that produced best this year. I need some new tricks in my bag, so I was combing through the site looking for suggestions, and came across what I think was the same thread the OP was referring to which suggested that bombers were in many people's collecitons, but not used frequently (as compared with say the SP). I recently purchased a couple of bucktails to fish a bit deeper (even though I fish the rocky coastline of the North Shore pretty much exclusively I think there are a couple spots I can fish a bucktail and not snag the bottom). I catch mostly close to the rocks, so I'm not sure the casting distance has been an issue for me. We'll see once I try some longer casting plugs though, I guess. Since most are fishing the canal on here, I will say that in the past (10+ years ago) I fished the canal quite a bit with Bombers and caught plenty of fish with them.
  14. The breakwater is also no longer free parking when it is open. I think it costs $5 to park there now. When it is closed I have fished out there by parking at Niles Beach in Gloucester (I think you can park there without a resident sticker at night and early morning, the signs there make it clear), then riding a bike out to the breakwater. Just stay quiet and don't leave trash, nobody should mind you being out there. I agree with some of the other suggestions for the Rockport beaches you can fish at night, and you can also fish Gloucester Harbor, night or day, by parking on the Boulevard (e.g., near the fisherman's monument). I saw schoolies breaking in Blynman canal last weekend (1:30 a.m.).