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    Inspiring distain and disgust in my SOL brethren

    doing it the streets and frightening the horses
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    muckrake plant manager

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  1. lol.. mildly amusing
  2. I've seen some of your tools, I'm not impressed. Deleting posts, editing posts, stomping off like a little girl and locking the door thread. Stop talking about all these tools you have and just use them. Stop being a pus. *
  3. I understand. But I do mind her being here, very much so. We have more than enough of our own home-grown social justice warriorettes, critical theorist types.
  4. Good job. I hope your answer prompts her to return to her country of origin.
  5. Trial run. I just changed the answering message, "This cell no longer in service". Turned it off and tossed it in a drawer, I'll check it next week.
  6. What did we do before cell phones? I'm ready to find out, I don't really need one. I spend over half my time in areas with no service anyway.
  7. Just got my 5th, I've turned the phone off.
  8. +1 Mine are made to appear like local numbers.
  9. bye billy. I'll check in later, get some game and I'll be back
  10. I think you were successful. Thanks mm, but still nothing. I only get em with
  11. I for one will always check the list of sponsors before I post.
  12. Umm...kay. You can set up a kiosk in the pai gow parlor.
  13. I get notifications for thumbs up, none for thumbs down. Did you guys break the website again?
  14. Serious question for a minute billy- These wraps and grips and all the rest of this nerb gear are just for show and tell among some kinda fishing pole clubs, right? A bit like car clubs that just paint, polish, and repeat, no one ever drives anything on the street except for parades and the like. The folks who buy this stuff, they don't actually go out in public with it and use it, do they? I'm a sensitive guy billy. I wouldn't want to make anyone feel self-conscious about being seen out in public with this kind of stuff.