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  1. Has anyone used the type of travel rod that breaks down into sdveral pieces snd fits into a carrying tube that you can bring on board a plane. I'm thinking about getting a rod for bass or trout. Recommendations?
  2. Yeah, yeah... nurses are great. Now give me another spooge bath.
  3. Hahahahahaha!
  4. Hunger & homelessness should not exist in America. Those who experience it are not all evil, lazy, drug addicted criminals. I don't have the answers, but I know that soaking them is not one of them. Maybe install a speaker that emits an annoying frequency of sound; not loud, just annoying.
  5. I didn't see your post b/4: I'll check the relay -- didn't think about that. Thanks
  6. Thanks. I initially used the higher fuse since the wiper stopped in the rain & that all I had. I really haven't given it another thought until this morning. The odd thing is that the previous time I changed the fuse the fuse didn't even look burned out. It not an issue of not wanting to fix the problem. I just can't run the car right in to the shop. I'll probably take it in in a few weeks for an overall look-around. The car is well maintained & has less than 40k miles. I just won't drive it in the rain.
  7. I have a 93' Mercedes Benz 300CE with a front wiper that has stopped working. I replaced the fuse (#16) even though it didn't look burned out. The wiper worked for awhile (couple of weeks --- this car is not used much) & stopped again. I switched the fuse out with a #24 fuse (since that's all I had). It works with no problem (again, a couple of weeks). Can I continue to use the higher rated fuse or do I risk damaging the wiper motor if there is some issue that has blown the fuse?
  8. That's very common --- a person in recovery returns to using heroin and ODs --- there's something about that dynamic, whether it's the body 's response that makes them susceptible to over dose
  9. I know dozens of these families and their heart wrenching tragic stories. The grip of Oxy & heroin is rarely broken. When I read this I immediately thought of two wonderful families who did everything possible for their horribly, chronically addicted daugthers. Both were raised by hard working, sucessful parents, in beautiful homes, in wealthy communities. I came to learn very intimate details of their lives --- they weren't abused children who lived tragic lives. Yet, one started using heroin at 14 & the other at 16. I searched the streets of Paterson throughtout tge night with one dad and a retired detective looking for his child. He spent a fortune trying to save her --- his company even built a wing on an in-patient facility where she had an open bed whenever needed. Countless trips to rehab, each filled with ^^^So much hope that always ended in dispair. Those parents would do anything to get her sober and keep her healthy and keep her out of prison. She came home from rehab and died that night. The parents have other kids, none addicted. They try to live for them, but are destroyed. The other family watched their daugther go in and out of rehab and eventually resigned themselves to believing that she was safer in prison then on the streets. She died from Aids. The only success that I have seen beating heroin addiction is with suboxone. Methadone is simply another addiction. The OP breaks my heart. I am sorry for you and your friend.
  10. I thought that you were all about the boxing? I mixed some boxing in for a 6 week period back around Xmass -- 2x a week w/ a guy. Do something good for yourself. If it's raining, still do something, I like running in the rain... Riding, not ^^^So much if the roads are oily. I live in NJ. I go elsewhere at times. It's has been Spring in the South for at least 2 weeks.
  11. Yes, raining where you are. I travel -- at 4:30 this morning it was 50 & clear. 81 yesterday... Looks like low 80's today. But even if it was raining... You fish in thur rain.
  12. Rode just over 40 after work. This morning: A quick 500 rep warm up, 3.5 mile run & then 7 mins of push ups, KB swings & goblet squats... Finished off with some AB stuff.
  13. Bald usually works well with fat. Fat & bald.
  14. Then it's clearly an accident, a mishap. Who would purposefully destroy their own drone? They just collided!