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  1. I am fascinated by the Neko rig,and will be fishing it this spring.Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice?Thanks.
  2. What would a gallon of water be worth in the desert?Is that what you mean?
  3. By far the nicest Spyderco I have ever seen.
  4. And perch too.For trout fishing I always used a slip sinker to a swivel to a leader with a tiny treble hook.Make a ball of the dough style bait around the treble and cast it out.If you don't want to use trebles use single hooks,but very small.And do bring a rod for yourself.When you get a bite hand it to your son.Power Bait was always a consistent producer.
  5. "Thank You Tim S and SOL"
  6. Perfect,I had a friend of mine give me an assortment of small screws and nails to play with.I have the O-rings already for wacky rigs.
  7. OK,I will avoid them like typhus.
  8. I guess if you limit this stuff to this forum only,then it's OK?I'm not convinced.
  9. What is this chick/guy thing?Really?How old are you now?How old are you now?
  10. I must be some kind of dumb.This is all going over my head.What is it that I am missing?
  11. 1/4 oz jighead with green pumpkin grub
  12. I'm pretty sure that Danny made that plug.
  13. How are the metal frames if it is 90 degrees out?Do they get hot?
  14. clinic
  15. Low recoil,shoots flat.What's not to like?
  16. How about the .260 Remington?
  17. 6mm/.243 is the minimum.
  18. Thanks,I found a shakey jighead with a flat bottom that I think will work with a floating worm nicely.
  19. BPS Micro-Lite is excellent for stocked trout.I've owned several.
  20. All's well that ends well.
  21. Where was Eric?Is he clear on which side to poison?
  22. K frame or L frame in .357 or .38 special with adjustable sights.Only shoot .38 specials out of it.Speed-loader gives her 12 rounds of self-defense.Practice with speed-loader until proficient.The important thing is that she is a good shot to begin with,and the S&W adjustable sights are excellent.Otherwise,a 20 gauge pump.Forget the auto pistol.Simplicity wins in a high stress situation.Pick up the revolver and shoot it.Simple.
  23. I also have a 3/8 -2 1/4 oz,maybe they made two versions.
  24. clams