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  1. Four Roses single barrel, tonight yummy,and a bargain at $38! drinking more higher proof, more flavorful.
  2. Parts are expensive. We had 2 of them years ago. toyota camry hybrid is a better choice. Lots of creature comforts. Nice ride. Reliable.
  3. Corruption is rampant in Italy. Book private tours that blow past lines and get into places before they are open. Guides will take you to little places where locals eat. Well worth the money spent. Just being in the sistine chapel an hour before it opened was worth any money paid. Learn some italian inthe next year. I liked the smaller towns. Do a day tour to Parma and see factories making cheese, wine, balsamic vinegar and out for pick pockets and grifters.
  4. Id be willing to bet he trying to hide the small amount of tax he paid, because of big loss carryfowards. the small charitable. contributions. the large debt. then there is 750k to Ivanka when she is an employee. Cant be a subcontractor and an employee. He never thought he would get elected, or he would have hid these things better.
  5. Done with Samsung. 65” top of the line lasted 5 years. Wife and kids had to have that stupid refrigerator that makes seltzer, nothing but trouble. Nursing it till we redo the kitchen next year. Bought an LG oled TV. So far, so good nice picture.
  6. There are too many very good bourbons at reasonable prices to get gouged by greedy store owners. Just depends on your taste.
  7. I like to roast my vegetables in my stews. I also like boneless beef ribs seared with salt and pepper before brazing. Good stock makes all the difference.
  8. Spent a lot on a Samsung because wife and kids had to have seltzer maker in the the door. Nothing but trouble. Water dispenser leaks, freezer and fridge constantly freezing, freezer handle broke off, ice maker not defrosting. Have repaired several times. only fix for freezer door handle is to replace whole front. worst appliiance I have ever owned. just trying to hold on till kitchen remodel. Sale of their refrigerators should be illegal as this has been going on for years. Didnt fair much better with Samsung TV. will.never buy another Samsung product.
  9. Stole the idea from Sam the cooking guy. Baby. Backs brined, rubbed, smoked and steamed till bones pull out. sauce, crispy onions and pickles.
  10. Blantons was $99 it would be good at $40 Not worth what I paid.
  11. Stumbled across some Blantons, good but over priced Same with weller 107 Have been able to find Buffalo trace and Eagle rare at good price. lockdown has me exploring.more bourbons,
  12. 1. Do you believe him. 2. Will he share it with his buddy Donald.
  13. Reed send me a pm ill send a care package. people suck
  14. Bump My more recent fav is 4 roses small batch select. As a treat. Been liking Makers 46 and 4 Roses single barrel too. More reasonably priced. Didnt like 1792
  15. Sounds good.